I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 161

The Strongest Siege

Chapter 161: The Strongest Siege

I haven’t seen Louis since we met again in the Red Dungeon, but he seems to have matured a lot.

He shook his head and thought that it wasn’t that long ago and that now was not the time. Yuma tried to run away in a hurry.

There he is! Taizen!”


 The lightning-quick shells exploded at Yuma’s feet.


A cloud of smoke rises up, and you can no longer see what is around you. He tries to get out of the smoke, but something flies up and wraps itself around him.


Chains entangled his hands and feet, restricting his movement. When the smoke clears, I can see what’s going on.

The Seekers of the ‶Raybeast’s Roar‶ are standing on all sides, holding chains.

I tried to tear it apart, but it seems stronger than I expected. It’s probably a magic-enhancing weapon that channels mana into the body.

–If we pull it too hard, the person holding it might get hurt…

Just as I was wondering what to do, there was a woman screaming and slashing at me.

–Misaki Brewell!

A burning sword will be thrown down.

Yuma raised his left arm to block the slash. A violent burst of fire erupts from his arm, but he still doesn’t feel the heat from the burning sword.

It doesn’t mean you’re immune to fire.

Misaki flicks her sword and flies backwards. At the same time Yasumae’s cannon roars into action. She tries to dodge, but the chain gets in the way and she can’t move properly.

The lightning shell struck Yuma in the stomach and exploded with a flash.

I almost blow backwards, but the chain clanks and I stop dead in my tracks. The Seekers with the chain are holding it down desperately.

Yuma looks at his stomach. The shell explodes, but it doesn’t hurt.

I’m not sure if Alberto’s magic is special after all. Tennoji’s coming. This isn’t the time for idle musing.

Yuma’s body melts. The chains all come off as he turns into liquid metal, and he becomes a puddle of black water.

Tennoji was about to step in, but he was stunned and stopped.

Yuma moves on the road surface in the liquid metal.

That black puddle! He’s going to change and run away!”

They’re going down the road. I think we’re gonna get away. That’s when I thought,

Don’t worry. I won’t let you go.

A flaming sword slices through the road. “Aaaaaaah!” Yuuma said as he dodged the slash and changed his form back into a humanoid metal armour.

Before him was Louis with a burning sword in his hand.

He held his sword in the middle position and slashed at me in a straight line.

You dodge a number of fire slashes. Is it my imagination that I feel my skill is better than before?

The moment you try to catch the sword Louis swung at you with your left arm,louis vuitton handbags, his eyes light up. The flame that hit his arm bursts out and explodes. He is startled and quickly withdraws his arm, but his arm is left with a burning heat.


They move away from each other and face each other. Yuma is startled when he sees his red, fevered arm.

–It’s the same magic as Albert’s. Why Louis?


Tennoji and the others rush in. Louis glared at me and held his sword in the lower position.

“It seems this sword is working after all. I’ll keep going!”

Louis stepped forward and attacked with arcing slashes of flame. I dodge him, trying not to get hit, but each strike gets sharper and sharper.

He raises his left hand, unable to parry the downward blow. A violent explosion occurs just as he collides with the sword.

Louis jumps back and looks around to see what’s going on.

The area is shrouded in smoke and the black armour has disappeared.

–I mean, it was a good response, but… What is it? I don’t feel right.

Louis stares intently as he readies his sword. The smoke gradually clears and the figure of the black armour appears.

He is standing with his left arm shining blue, as if nothing is wrong.

While he hesitates to attack, the black armor flees. Louis stands there in a daze.

Louie! You okay?”

Tennoji rushes over to him and asks if he’s hurt. Louis opened his mouth as he looked at the burning sword.

“The last hit… It was a weird response.

What? What does that mean?

Tennoji raises an eyebrow.

“Magic… I think he used some kind of water magic. It felt like the flames were being pushed back.”

Oh, come on!

Yasumae walks up to him and says… with a mortified look on his face.

“It’s a terrifyingly powerful demon, and on top of that it’s using magic? You’ve got to be kidding! Tennoji, did you feel something?

“… No, my sensing ability can’t tell the difference between magic and power. Let’s just focus on chasing him for now!”

Louis answered “Yes!” Louis replied, but he was still worried about the blue light that the black armor used. If that was Water Magic…

I followed Tennoji and the others with a trace of apprehension.

As Yuma is running between buildings, a person jumps down from above.

“Whoa! What the hell?

There are more than ten of them. They throw something at me and I twist to dodge, but some of them hit me.

If you look, you’ll see the chains you saw earlier wrapped around your hands and your feet.

“What the fuck? Is this a fad? This chain?”

Yuma turns some of his hands and feet into ‘liquid metal’ and shakes off the chain.

“Oh! It’s off!”

Don’t let him get away! After him, after him!

They seem to be in a hurry. But once they’re separated from the others, it’s unlikely any ordinary Seeker will be able to catch up with them. I tried to get away…

He’s heading your way, Tennoji! Stop him for sure!

Yuma reacted to the call of the Seeker he had left behind.

Tennoji? He must’ve swept past us earlier. I don’t think he’s caught up with us. I recognize the Seekers’ battle suits…

I think that was Famail.

Then a voice came down from overhead.

“Oh, well… I guess I’ll have to do it myself.”

Someone falls in front of you. He lands with a thud and stands up as if nothing happened.

A male seeker in a battlesuit, a hooded cloak and a large white bag.

I’ve seen her distinctive poofy bangs many times. Her narrow eyes catch Yuma’s.

“That was… Akito. Is he one of the top Seekers?

Yuma stopped in surprise. Akito grins at him.

“Hey, black armor. Come play with me this time. Hey, I won’t bore you.

Akito puts down the white bag he is carrying and takes out a spear from inside.

It was longer than a human being’s height, and the tip and the mouthpiece were made to be extraordinarily large.

Hold the hilt of the spear with both hands and point the tip toward you.

Akito raised the corner of his mouth and looked at Yuuma.

“This is the most powerful magic-imparting weapon in history [Thunder Spear Gey Borg]! I’m going to pierce through your proud body!”


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