I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 157

Water Magic and Shoken Tsuki

Chapter 157: Water Magic and Shoken Tsuki

U.S. Army Akasaka Press Center.

Alberto’s eyelids open as he sleeps in the Osprey.

“I’m here.”

Alberto raises his upper body and calls out to Mia, who is outside the Osprey.

Mia, I’ll be right out.

Mia’s eyes widen when she hears those words.

“So, the Black Armor?

Yeah, that’s him.

Mia calls out to the ‶Prometheus‛ members and the Osprey pilot, who are working outside the plane, and they immediately prepare to launch.

Where is this place?

Ten o’clock, about 15 kilometers out.

The Osprey takes off in less than a minute.


What’s so funny? Alberto.

Mia looked doubtfully at Alberto who was smiling happily.

“No, I’m sorry. I’ve never felt so much mana before. It’s more than I expected.

“You’re fighting the Monarch Lord, aren’t you?”

I don’t know. I don’t think they’re quite the same level of evil…”

The V-22 Osprey with the Prometheus on board changed the angle of its rotary wing axis, increased its flight speed, and headed for its destination.

A multi-purpose helicopter UH-1H takes off from Nerima Camp of the Ground Self-Defense Force.

“Hey, hey, hey! Are you sure about this, Charlotte? The black armor?

Michael asks in confusion. The helicopter is full of members of the British explorer clan Ophanim.

“Yes, this sense of mana. It’s definitely the Black Lord the Japanese government is after. But…”

Charlotte’s face is all cloudy. What’s wrong?” Michael asked and she opened her mouth gravely.

“I’ve never seen mana this horrifying. Maybe even triple-A dangerous…”

According to the IDR (International Dungeon Research Organization), the Lord of the Lords should have a double-A danger rating. The only triple-A is the Chimera, which wiped out a large clan of explorers in Australia!”

“I know. But I don’t think this evil, evil mana is a double-A. I’m not sure if it’s the same as the Chimera, or if it’s…”

“I’ve got to go anyway!”

Michael looks out the window of the helicopter. The city of Tokyo spreads out below him, and here is a monster the size of the Chimera.

Michael’s stomach churned just thinking about it.

The Clan, Britain’s most powerful explorers, have flown to the source of the mana…

“This mana…”

What’s wrong, Tennoji?

Yasumae notices Tennoji frowning. They had followed Hel-Garm to Nerima Ward.

“I can faintly feel the mana of the Black Armor. It’s the same as what I felt in the ‘City of Explorers’.”

Taizen and Louis are surprised at his words.

Are you sure? Which way?

Louis asked as he leaned forward and Tennoji turned to face him.

That’s where we’re headed. They’ve probably made contact with Hel-Garm.

Well, then…

Yeah, the mission worked!

Tennoji and the others received word that the mission was to be canceled due to Hel-Garm’s rampage.

Just when he was feeling dejected, the Black Armor appeared. Louis was relieved that he had cleared one of his goals for the time being.

It’s finally happening.

Tennoji nodded his head.

“Yeah, we’ll be the first ones there. We’ll take down the black armor before the foreigners do! Louis! Taizen!


“Yes, sir!”

The car carrying Tennoji and the others rushed to the spot where the black armor had been seen.

–I’ve done it.

Yuma was frozen with his right arm outstretched. He had planned to run far away with Tanaka, but he was so anxious that he left Tanaka in a safe place and came to check on him.

Then he sees a father and son being attacked.

I found myself ‘metallized’. I’m sure the boss will be furious with me later.

As Yuma’s head is in his hands in remorse, Helu Galm, who had collided with the wall of the building and fallen down, gets up shaking his head.

In the meantime, we need to take this guy down.

As Yuma was about to go, he heard a voice behind him say… came from behind him.

I turn around and there’s a little girl looking at me with wide eyes.

“Oh… Thanks.”

It sounded like it was about to disappear. But Yuma could hear it clearly. He can’t reply, so he gives a small nod and runs towards the Demon Dog.

The little girl looks away from the black monster’s back with her orchid eyes, and her mother stands there in horror.

Yuma activates ‶Bloody Orr‶ and lets a vein of red blood run through his body.

We don’t have much time.

We know there are Seeker Seekers everywhere. We need to take this thing down and hide.

Hel-Garm had been crushed in half, and was bleeding out, but was rapidly regenerating, smoking.

“I’ll settle this right now!”

Yuma notices that Helu Galm is approaching and he’s on his way too.

The flames pool in his mouth, and when he gets close enough he spits them out in a single bound. The burning fire takes away his vision, but Yuma doesn’t care as he throws a straight right hand.

The black fist slams into the dog’s face with a resounding thud.

Your mouth will be ripped open, your bones will shatter, and your head will explode from the exertion. But you will not die.

Not a moment too soon, he lands a left hook that crushes Dog’s ribs. Before he could blow up, he landed another right uppercut, this time to the gut.

He hits a short rush from there.

The dog flew several dozen meters away and fell in a heap in the middle of the road.

He jerked and twitched, but still flames erupted from all over his body, and he slowly stood up. The large wound is healing rapidly.

–Your wounds are healing faster than before. Is it because there’s more mana on the ground?

Hell-Galm has regenerated and is heading towards you again. Yuma puts his right fist on his hip.

Concentrate your mind and transform your mana into ‶magic power″.

I’ve practiced water magic. But I can’t unleash magic powerful enough to defeat Hell-Garm. Then maybe if I could cast it on my body…

A number of blue streaks run down Yuma’s right hand.

At the same time, Bloody Orr is activated. He glares at Hell Garm as it approaches.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!”

A full fist thrust. The blue vein of his fist caught the dog in the throat.

One blow, one kill. The demon dog is blown to pieces. Pieces of its flesh scatter as if it exploded and turned to sand without regenerating.


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