I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 155

The Chaser

Chapter 155: The Chaser

The British explorer clan Ophanim…

“Hey, hey, you sure you don’t want to come? The red dog. He could be anywhere.

Michael shrugs his muscular shoulders and motions to Charlotte, who is sitting in an outdoor high-style chair.

“You don’t understand. No one’s ever done anything crazy like using demons to find black armor!”

Charlotte looks a little annoyed as she stands up and looks at the road with her arms crossed.

They’re at the JGSDF Nerima Camp in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward. They were camped in one of the warehouses.

There is a multi-purpose helicopter UH-1H in front of the warehouse.

The Ministry of Defense has prepared this for Charlotte and the other Offanim. The pilot is waiting in the cockpit, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Wherever Hel-Garm was headed, we were ready to respond.

If the dogs get into Tokyo and find the black armor… we’ll take this chopper and we’ll fly in from the sky. We won’t let them escape.

Come on, anytime, pilot. Lead us to the target.

Charlotte’s eyes were looking far off into the distance.

The American explorer clan Prometheus…

Prometheus, led by Albert, had gathered at the U.S. Army Akasaka Press Center in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The site area is 31,670 square meters and there is even a helipad.

A single V-22 (Osprey) has landed at the helipad. The aft hatch is open, and the Seekers, the explorers of Prometheus, are entering and leaving.

Mia Inez, deputy leader of the Clan of Explorers, enters the cabin and sees a large man sprawled out on a seat.

He sleeps carefree with a Japanese magazine on his face and snores.

Mia sighs in exasperation at how unenthusiastic he’s being.

“Alberto… You should be more nervous, even though today might be the biggest climax of the day!”

Alberto shifts the magazine on his face and looks at Mia with narrowed eyes.

“Wuh-oh, Mia. Today’s mission was led by the Japanese government. There’s nothing we can do.

Alberto yawns and talks to Mia. Mia says, “Oh my God!

As usual, you sigh and wonder if you can’t be a little more like the leader of the Clan of Explorers, when a voice calls out to you from behind.

Everybody’s ready!

I turned around and saw a line of strong male and female Seekers dressed in black battle suits. They are unmistakably the most powerful men and women in the world.

There is no way we can lose with this group.

The Black Armor will be taken care of by us, Prometheus! Don’t let the other nations get to it before us!

“”””Yes!”” “””

The Seeker Seekers, who looked like a group of disciplined soldiers, their faces tightened in unison.

While the explorer clans such as ‶Ray of Thunder‶, ‶Ophanim‶, and ‶Prometheus‶ prepare, the other foreign clans in Japan also get into position.

The major and semi-major Japanese explorer clans were also placed at a distance from each other.

We need to be able to respond wherever we find ‶Black Armor‛.

At last Hell-Galm enters the crowded streets of Tokyo. Now that they’ve made it this far, they’re starting to be noticed.

Hey, what the hell was that?

“A dog? It’s not that big.

“What? What’s on fire?”

The red devil dog has crossed the driveway and is heading straight for somewhere through the buildings.

Some cars panicked and slammed on their brakes as they were about to collide. But there was no sign of Hell-Galm attacking anyone.

The Seekers who have been watching from afar keep in touch with each other and remain vigilant.

Hel-Galm was heading toward Nerima from Itabashi, spewing sparks of fire from his mouth.

The Ministry of Defense Ichigaya Office Building in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo–

Minister of Defense Takakura, Defense Adviser Serizawa. Honda of El-Seed, and others from the private sector.

The 350-square-meter conference room is equipped with a number of monitors showing images of various locations.

I was ready for the Black Armor to appear at any moment.

Are you sure you’re okay? You can’t afford to make a mistake.

I didn’t expect the Prime Minister to be so positive about this. Perhaps he meant that even if there are some civilian casualties, the Black Armor should be defeated.”

Takakura smiles and shakes his head.

“Some… I will be held responsible if too many casualties occur or if we miss the black armor. Serizawa. You won’t get away with this.

I know what I’m doing.

The monitor in the conference room where the two men were staring at the still peaceful cityscape.

“Oh, I’m so tired. I didn’t get much today either.”

Yuma calls out to a sweaty Tanaka in the entrance room of the Blue Dungeon.

“Yeah, but I think it’s enough to get this much. The purchase price of the magic jewelry has gone up since before.

They leave the domed facility and decide to return to their office.

“Hold on, I’ll call the boss.”

Tanaka gets into his car, a red R50 Mini Cooper, parked in the parking lot, and he takes out his smartphone and makes a phone call.

Yuma, who was in the passenger seat, was waiting for the phone call to end and thinking about the future in a daze.

–What’s going to happen now? The boss told me not to go metal, but in the flesh I’m just a clunker as an explorer seeker…

Yuma sighs. Then he heard a surprised voice next to him say, “What?” A startled voice said.

What do you mean? What do you mean? Okay, for Yuma? Yes, I understand.

Tanaka hung up the phone and was stunned.

“What’s wrong?” Yuma asked, “Ah, ah…” Tanaka came back to himself.

“The President’s office… There’s been reports of strange activity among the foreign Seekers and the major explorer clans.”

You’re acting weird. What do you mean?

“I don’t know the details either, but I was wondering if maybe the Black Armor… I think it might have found out Yuma’s whereabouts…”


“It’s just a guess. It’s not a done deal. But the boss wants me back at the office right away, just in case.

“I see.”

Tanaka starts the engine and pulls the car out of the parking lot. Yuma is getting anxious as the car drives on Highway 311.

–If they really find out…

“Ah! That’s right, Yuma. The boss told me to make Yuma eat all the ‘magic gems’ we got today. He told me to make him eat all of them.


Yuma looks at him. Tanaka stopped at a red light and held out the black case with the magic jewel in it. and held it out to him.

Are you sure?

“Yeah, it might come in handy in case of an emergency. I think the mana index will be around 120 in total.”

I received the case from Tanaka and opened the lid. Inside were several aquamarines and iolites, which are magic gems.

If the president says so, it must be a pretty dire situation.

Well, then, be my guest.

Yuma takes the magic jewel in his hand and throws the whole thing into his mouth. He swallows it down with a gulp of the bottled water that Tanaka gave him.

My stomach is burning.

“Yeah, let’s get it in…”

The moment Yuma sees Tanaka in the driver’s seat. He realizes that something is running from the other side of the window.

The big red dog. How could I forget a dog I’ve seen so many times?


A terrible crash. The car is blown off the road and rolls over two or three times. All the glass shatters, and the car rolls over and hits the side of the building.


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