I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 150

The Dungeon of Niigata

Chapter 150: The Dungeon of Niigata

Yuma came home from his office in Chiba and was searching the news on the Internet.

Of course it is about ‶Black Armor‶.

“What, a vicious demon on the loose, a government blunder, and even El-Sheed and Fameel can’t handle it…”

All of them are negative. I checked the comment section of the online article and this one was even harsher.

“You’re a completely evil demon. And it seems like your bad feelings are growing by the day…”

The world seems to be under increasing stress over the fact that the black monster is hard to find.

Some say find him and kill him quickly.

“The boss told me not to metalize it. I’ll just sit tight until things cool down.”

The next day–Yuma and Tanaka had come to the ‘Blue Dungeon’.

He told Tanaka the details of the situation and said, “I’ll do my best to protect you and the president!” He told me.

From Yuma’s point of view, he’s a reassuring ally.

“Let’s advance to the fifteenth level today. Yuma, you should be able to use ‶Water Magic‶ a little more.”

Yes, sir.

The two of you will have to go down to the fifteenth level and kill a lot of monsters, both amphibians and reptiles, to retrieve the Demon Jewel.

“Hi, Fuu, Mi… Seven. That’s about right. Shall we go home for the day?

“Yes, it was. I got all sticky from the frogs’ bodily fluids.

It was still before four o’clock in the afternoon, but they decided to leave the dungeon. They arrive at the company by six o’clock and report to Kanzaki.

“Seven today… Put four in the stock, Yuuma, you can have three.

Are you sure? I’ll take three.

Yuma looks surprised, but Kanzaki flicks his hand and says, “I don’t mind.” and looked down at the newspaper he was reading. The company’s income is low right now.

Even though it’s cheap, the ‘Water Demon Jewel’ should be an important source of income.

I glanced at Maika with that thought in my mind and she said cheerfully, “It’s okay, it’s okay…” She said cheerfully and brought me some water to make it easier to drink.

Well, be my guest.

The three were less than 0.5 carat ‶Iolite″ so Yuma threw them all into his mouth and swallowed them with a mouthful of water.

After a few moments his stomach heats up and he confirms that the magic gem has been captured.

I’m fine. Thank you.”

Maika received the cup from Yuma and asked, “How much magic does the water have now?” She asked.

“If I’m not mistaken, the last one you gave me is about 420…”

“Well, I guess that’s enough to get us into the ‘Red Dungeon’… It’s just bad timing.”

Maika takes the cup to the sink with a disappointed look on her face.

Since the red dungeon is off-limits, there’s no use for any amount of Water Magic.

–I hope they build a shelter soon so we can get in.

Gather around, everyone.

Yuma and Maika walk up to him and Tanaka, who has been sitting down, gets up and comes over to Kanzaki.

“I’ve asked Mr. Tanaka to apply for the dungeon in Niigata, and it looks like I’ll be allowed to enter it this weekend. I’m planning to go to Niigata next Monday.”

“It’s finally happening.”

Yuma was excited to go to the new dungeon. Tanaka smiles at him.

“But you have to be careful, Yuma. It’s said that the ‘Green Dungeon’ is more dangerous than the Blue Dungeon.”

Tanaka’s story made Yuma frown, “Is that so?” and frowned.

Seeing this, Kanzaki opened his mouth.

“Well, it’s not as dangerous as the Red Dungeon. It’s just a bit creepy with all the bugs and there’s a demon that uses wind magic in the deeper levels.”

“Wind magic… It’s hard to imagine…”

Since there are only a few Wind Magic users among the Seeker Seekers, Yuma is not quite sure what to expect. Tanaka was happy to explain it to Yuma.

“Wind magic is amazing! If you become a high-level wielder you can unleash a blade of wind that can cut through steel and even create a tornado that blows your opponent away.”

Yuma smiles at Tanaka as he talks happily.

“Well, even so, there are only demons that can use such strong ‶Wind Magic‶ in a very deep level, so I don‛t think we‛ll ever meet them.

“I see… But the Green Demon Jewel isn’t that expensive, right?”

Yuma asks… and Kanzaki nods. Kanzaki nodded.

“There are no yellow dungeons in Japan. They don’t need wind magic, which is effective against lightning demons. That’s why the price of green magic gems is low.

Unlike in Japan, in countries with many yellow dungeons, green gems are sold at a high price, but in Japan, they are cheaper.

But they still want to take it, probably because D-Minor is in bad shape.

While he was thinking about that, Yuma suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

“Oh! Then why don’t you export it? If we take it to a country that uses a lot of ‘Green Demon Jewel’, wouldn’t we make a lot of money?

Kanzaki laughs and shakes his head.

“The import and export of magical gems is heavily regulated. It’s not easy.”

“Are there regulations?”

Yuma looks disappointed, but Kanzaki speaks cheerfully.

“What are you talking about? The price is lower, but it’s deeper than the blue dungeon. Anyway, I’m going to take a few to make some money!”

Hearing those words, Maika said, “That’s right. Let’s make as much money as we can in one trip!” And Tanaka said, “We can see a lot of different monsters. Tanaka said “It’ll be fun to see all kinds of monsters!” Tanaka encourages them from a different angle.

“Right… I’ll do my best and take a lot of Demon Jewels too!”

“Oh, that’s the spirit. I’ll be in Niigata on Monday and stay there for a week. Make sure you’re ready.”

“”Yes!”” “

Yuma is full of motivation and is ready for Monday’s expedition.


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