I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 136

The Paranormal Existence

Chapter 136: The Paranormal Existence

What’s going on?

Tennoji was puzzled. He entered the battle to stop the demon from moving, but the demon remained upright and didn’t move.

For some reason, he’s standing on a stick with his eyes fixed on Louis.

Louis himself looks confused as he stares at her, but this is his chance.

Tennoji looks around and the seeker with the mana-measuring device is holding the device towards the black monster.

While the creature was still moving… I radiated electromagnetic waves from three directions. The radio waves intersect as they strike the black creature’s body.

The automatically calculated figures were immediately transferred to the PC of the task force.

Central Control Center, Task Force–

The female operator, who was monitoring the instrument counts, looks at the figures on the monitor and her eyes widen.

“Measurements have been taken! The manna index is out!”

Honda responds to the woman’s words with, “How old are you?” and he immediately responds.


“What? What’s wrong?”

“We’re running out of meter! The mana index is over 10,000! He’s estimated to be a Monarch Lord level!”

“Lords Road…? Monarch Road?

Honda stood up with a start and looked at the large monitor at the front of the conference room.

The figure of a black monster is projected on the screen. It is a humanoid monster with sharp fangs and horns, clad in jet-black armor.

–That’s the monarch lord… The International Dungeon Research Institute reports a supernatural creature that could wreak havoc if it ever set foot above ground. Such a thing has been seen here in Japan…

Sweat is pouring out of Honda’s temples. If he misses, he’s in big trouble.

At the moment of maximum crisis, another female operator reports in.

“Sir! We’ve got the results of the analysis of the ‶Black Demon‶.”

Honda was startled. He had his subordinate check for similar demons. There’s a chance that we can find some demons that haven’t been reported very often in the international database.

So? What did you find out?

“There have been no reports of the exact same creature. It’s just…”


Honda gulps and clears his throat, urging him on.

“The AI has determined that the black demon’s outer skin resembles the skin of the ‶Seventh Color Jade Beetle‶!”

“The seven-colored jade beetle?”

It’s a demon said to be resistant to magic and known to reduce the effects of fire, water, wind, and lightning magic. However…

“That’s the demon in the ‘Black Dungeon’, isn’t it?”

Honda frowns and the female operator replies with a downcast look.

“Yes, sir. The AI thinks it’s most likely a demon from the ‘Black Dungeon’.”

Honda’s crestfallen. That’s impossible. This is the red dungeon and the only ‘black dungeon’ in Japan is confirmed to have disappeared recently.

But with such a monstrous strength and an exoskeleton that won’t accept attacks. And if it has the same magic resistance as the Seven-colored Jade Beetle, it’s reasonable to assume that it’s a demon from the Black Dungeon.

Honda looks at the demon on the monitor again.

“The Black Monarch Lord…”

Honda pressed the keys of his computer with trembling fingers and connected the line to Tennoji.

The battlefield against the red ogre–

Yuma was surprised when Louis and the others suddenly attacked him but now they’re all pulling back and keeping their distance. They look like demons after all?

With these thoughts in mind, Yuma approaches the collapsed building.

Flames erupt from beneath his feet and a red demon leaps out from under the rubble. He strikes Yuuma with his back right fist.


Yuma guards with his right hand as quickly as he can, but the impact knocks him out of position and he involuntarily takes a few steps back.

The demon puts ‶Flame Magic‶ in its left hand and fires a fist at Yuuma.

It’s not within my reach. Yuma thought so, but a swirling flame erupted from the demon’s fist and came at him in a straight line.

You defend with both arms and meet the fire attack head on.

–Oh, my God… I can’t feel the heat, but it’s going strong.

Yuma manages to hold out and looks at the demon. He is breathing on his shoulder and has stopped moving, perhaps because he used a big move.

I’ll settle this here. Yuma extends his sword from the back of his right hand.

You step forward and close the distance between you and the demon. You draw your sword to the side and swing it at once.

The demon guards with both arms… but the sword cuts off both arms. –Yes! Yuma felt a response, but his arms weren’t cut off, only the wounds burned.


Don’t tell me it healed in an instant? Yuma was astonished. He can’t believe it out of the blue, so he decides to try again. He dodges the demon’s fists and dives into its bosom.

“How about this!”

This time it slices his torso in half. It’ll do a lot of damage.

But that thought was short-lived. The torso did not split in two… and the wound healed with a flash of flame.

So slashes don’t work after all?

The demon spits fire from its mouth and you step back and dodge it.


Now you extend your sword from the back of your left hand and close the distance between you and the demon. Before he has time to defend himself, you slash at his neck with an arc-shaped slash.

But it still bursts into flames and regenerates rapidly. Yuma puts away the sword in his right hand and clenches his fist.

If this attack…

You strike the demon in the face. The still-regenerating wound rips open and separates from the body, leaving only the head flying away.

“Yes!” Yuma was confident of his victory… but then he saw an unbelievable sight.

Flames rise from the neck of the headless body, undulating like a serpent and connecting with the flying head.

The flames quickly turn his head back to his torso and heal his neck in an instant.

“Oh, no, no. It’s got more regenerative powers than a flaming dog!”

I was surprised, but at the same time I was convinced that wounds inflicted by slashing are easily regenerated.

Then I’ll beat you to a pulp!

Yuma stops fighting with his sword and strikes a fighting pose with his fists clenched. The demon also smiles a vile smile and spews flames from his body.

The evil demon took up a posture and came closer and closer to Yuuma.

“The Black… The Lord of the Black… That demon?

Tennoji’s brow wrinkles as he hears Honda’s story. Louie and the others, who were also listening to the radio through their ear monitors, can’t hide their confusion.

Are you sure? Honda-san.

‘Oh, I’m afraid I’d have to say the worst is over.’

Tennoji looked up and saw the demon. The red ogre had risen again and was crashing into the black demon.

The black monster shows no sign of slowing under the onslaught of the ogre.

It’s definitely stronger than ‘Duke of the Red Duke’.

–That’s a big problem. The Lord of Lords was supposed to have been defeated by the American clan of explorers led by Albert the Fire Emperor. But they lost half of their members and Albert, who was considered the strongest at the time, nearly died.

Is such a demon right in front of me… Tennoji bites his navel.

The Red Duke Duke’ is already giving us a hard time and now the ‘Black Lord’ is here too.

As I’m thinking that, Honda’s serious voice comes into my earpiece.

‘Tennouji… Change the top priority target for defeat to ‘Black Monarch Lord”’

Honda-san, that’s–

‘I know. The harder part is… But if we let him go he could cause a catastrophe of epic proportions in Japan. We have to stop him.


but don’t let the Lord in Black get away! Please, Tennoji!

“… I understand.”

Tennoji exhales and looks at Ishikawa and Rui and the others.

You heard the man. It’s not looking good, but it’s what we got to do.

“But… But how? We’re dealing with a monarch lord. Can’t we at least wait till he defeats the Duke?

Ishikawa gives him a stern look but Tennoji denies it.

“If he defeats the Duke, all attention will be on us. Then we won’t stand a chance. We’ll have to take him out while the demons are fighting each other!”

“… The enemy of my enemy is my friend. You’re using the Duke.”

“Yes. Certainly more difficult than defeating the Red Duke. But there is one thing in our favor.

What’s the advantage?

Taizen asked with a forward look. Tennoji answered the question as he watched the demons clash violently with each other.

If he’s a Black Dungeon demon, there’s a good chance he can’t regenerate.

“But… but… Tennoji. Even the demons in the Black Dungeon regenerate!”

Ishikawa denies it, but Tennoji shakes his head.

A demon with a shell that big wouldn’t have the ability to regenerate. Its defenses are too strong. It doesn’t need them.”

Okay, well…Ishikawa gulps and spits.”Oh, if we can destroy it, we’ll win! That’s our trump card. Liberate!


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