I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 133

The Impact of Red and Black

Chapter 133: The Impact of Red and Black


Kanzaki looked doubtful. Yuma has already used up all his magic. It would be dangerous to go into battle now.

And also the hexagonal club that Yuuma gave me back, the blue glow is rapidly fading. It seems that Kanzaki’s own magic power has also run out.

“Do you understand, Yuma? You don’t know how strong that humanoid demon might be!”

“… Yes.”

They understood. The red creature that came up with Hel-Garm.

I can’t even imagine how powerful they are.

“Okay… But we’re on the ground. We don’t have a lot of mana… and we can’t use it like we did against the Chimera! Are you sure you want to do this?

“… I don’t know how far I can go. But–“

Yuma gazes into Kanzaki’s eyes.

“Louis is… He’s my friend. We can’t just leave him!

I don’t blame you.

Kanzaki then turns his gaze skyward.

There’s a couple of recon drones flying around. They’re probably transmitting the footage somewhere. Go around them from the left so they don’t see us.

Okay. Thank you!”

The moment Yuma thanked her and was about to run out… “Hey, Yuma! Kanzaki stops him.

Yes, what is it?

Blow ’em all to hell!

Yuma smiled and said “Yes!” and rushed out to the battlefield.

I look up at the sky. Just as Kanzaki said, there were several drones in the sky.

They’re probably filming the area around the dome, but there might be other cameras there. Thinking of this, Yuma goes around from the left and enters the shadows of the abandoned fighting vehicles.

You put all your strength into your body and use your ‘liquid metal’ ability.

Your clothes are taken into your body and the black liquid that has melted into sludge turns into armor.

Yuma grows two sizes. He opens his mouth, which is full of vicious, sharp fangs, and white steam is released.

–Metal armor.

In this state, you won’t be able to tell who you are by sight. And your larger body will have more muscle mass, which will give you more strength.

Yuma jumped out from behind the car and ran straight for the dome.

There’s some Seekers fighting Hell-Garm. I’d cover you, but it’s Louis.

Louis is sweating like a ball and breathing on his shoulders. A demon dog leaps at him from directly in front of him.

He pours a mouthful of fire into his mouth and attacks Louis.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion to Yuma. He intervenes between Louis and the demon dog.

He had already removed his muscle limiters and activated the bloody Bloody Ore Ore.

You can always fight with all your might. Yuma puts all his strength into his left arm and looks at the demon dog approaching before him.

“Get out of the way.”

A swinging back fist catches Hel-Garm in the body. You can feel the bone cracking and the flesh crushing through your arms.

A popping sound. The dog is slammed to the ground, and rolls on the ground without stopping.

It slams into an adjacent building at a tremendous speed. There are holes in the walls and blood and flesh everywhere.

–Okay! He’s not dead yet, but it’s gonna take a while for him to regenerate. While we’re still…

Yuma runs towards the demon-like demon in front of the dome.

I don’t know how strong he is. But I’m the only one who can fight him. Yuma thinks so and puts all his strength into his right fist.

–Even if we can’t win, we’ll buy enough time for everyone to escape!

In front of you is a muscular red ogre.

Two horns grow from its head and white fangs can be seen in its mouth. Its body is larger than Yuma’s metal armor.

The demon was smiling with a relaxed smile on his face but when he saw Yuma his face suddenly tightened up.

Yuma guards himself with two thick arms. Yuma is surprised to see the demon take a defensive stance like a boxer, but he steps to his left and throws an all-out straight right hand.

Your fist slices through the air and bounces off the demon’s guard. The fist slams into the demon’s face without stopping.

Its fangs snap and its skull shatters. The impact spreads and the demon’s head lurches backwards.

But the demon refused to fall and stopped seven steps back. He put his upturned upper body back on its feet and glared at you.

His face was covered in blood and crushed, and only his left eye was barely open.

Yuma closes the gap between you and the enemy without a moment’s delay. The demon cannot react to his lightning-quick speed.

He slams a left hook into the side of the ogre, this time in a flowing motion.

The spiked fist snaps several ribs and digs deep into his torso. The demon screams in agony and bends over.

The demon’s eyes widened and were filled with anguish and astonishment.

Yuma puts all his strength into his right fist, and now he fires an uppercut right at Oni’s jaw. He does exactly as Kanzaki taught him, keeping his arms out of the way and using the power of his knees to land a perfect uppercut.

He caught his opponent completely on the chin.

Bones shattered, heads leapt up, and the demon’s body was thrown back.

Yushin doesn’t let up on his attack. When he sees that his opponent is out of position, he jumps up and spins him around.

–Backward kick.

It’s not an easy move to use because of its large motion, but now you can be sure that it will hit you.

His powerful right foot struck the demon directly in the chest. His thick chest plate crumples, and he is blown away as if he had exploded.

It crashes into the building across from the dome, breaking the wall and disappearing inside.

A huge hole opened up in the building and a cloud of smoke rose up. Yuma landed quietly and exhaled.

“We had a good response.”

Yuma looks at the crumbling outer wall as if it had been hit by a bomb and pats his chest in relief.

–They’ll regenerate again, but for now, my attack worked.

Yuma is on his guard and holds his fists in front of his chest.

Come on, let’s keep going.

What– what happened?

Louis froze, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

A black shadow suddenly jumps out. It struck Hel-Garm and blew him to the building diagonally across from us.

The evil dog was slammed into a wall and buried in the rubble of a broken building. After a while it crept out.

Mouth ripped open, legs bent, blood everywhere.

It seems to be regenerating, but it’s definitely taken a lot of damage. Louis looks at him.

A black figure was there. At first I thought it was a Seeker in a battle suit… but it’s not.

It looks as if it were clad in dull, shining black armor. He has beetle-like horns on his head, and his height is as great as or greater than Taizen, the largest of the El-Seed.

He easily knocked out the red ogre that even Tennoji couldn’t hold back.

It’s hard to believe it’s human.

“A demon? Where did it come from?

Louis looks at the demon again. What he finds most frightening is that they don’t seem to be using magic.

You overpowered the red ogre with your strength alone?

“What the… What the hell is that?


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