I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 126

The Demon Army

Chapter 126: The Demon Army

The three D-Miners then respond to the call of the SDF, along with Seeker, an explorer from the Sacraport Corporation.

Next to the hall where the entrance to the dungeon is located, a white hall with about fifty Seekers standing in a row. Many of them were wounded and looked somewhat uneasy.

In the middle of the crowd, at the far end of the room, staring at me, was Okawara of IBI Corporation.

He looks resentful, but Kanzaki ignores him and looks ahead.

Seeker Seekers! I’m General Kakitani of the Ground Self-Defense Force. I’m in command of ground operations. The Salamanders that attacked you have not been confirmed on the first level.

The searchers begin to panic at his words. It’s impossible for a salamander to suddenly disappear.

Everyone please calm down! I don’t know the cause but there are definitely no demons in the first level.

Everyone seemed unconvinced, but Yuma and Kanzaki were the only ones who thought, “I guess…” I guess.

“As for the future… I’ve received reports that the progress of the monsters ascending the mountain is accelerating. They will reach the first level in thirty minutes from now. I ask you all to descend to the first level once more and join the first platoon of the SDF in clearing out the goblins and orcs! And then–“

Kakitani wrinkles his brow and looks around seriously.

“In case of emergency, we’ll intercept the demons on the ground. So we’ll have a Ground Self-Defense Force battalion on the ground and all the bulkheads and doors will be open to keep the line of fire clear. If it’s a low-ranked monster, you can send it to the ground. The above is the outline of this operation. If there are any questions…”

A few people raise their hands to ask questions, but generally the Seekers are satisfied, and we descend to the first level.

The first level of the dungeon. Against the cave that leads to the surface, fifty-two Seekers and forty Self-Defense Forces personnel are waiting for the monsters that will soon be coming.

Boss… can’t you send more Self-Defense Forces over here? That way we can defeat the demons…

Kanzaki sighs as he listens to Yuma’s story.

“Listen, Yuma… The SDF’s guns and the Seeker-Seeker’s fighting style are a terrible match.


“That’s right! If a Seeker Seeker is fighting demons and gets hit by a stray bullet from behind, he’s going to die!

Yeah, sure.

The SDF can defeat low-tier demons. In fact, we have defeated demons in the past. But it’s a different story when [deep level demons] and [low level demons] appear together as they did this time.”

Kanzaki took a cigarette out of his pocket, put it in his mouth and lit it.

You take a sip and puff deliciously on the smoke. This will be the last cigarette in time… Thinking about this, Kanzaki opens his mouth.

“The demons of the deep can only be defeated by the Seeker’s magic. If the Seeker is killed by mistake, the SDF will be wiped out. That’s why they’re being so careful in this battle.

“I see… But if you’re a high ranking Seeker Seeker, you can prevent bullets…”

“It’s true that if it’s a magical barrier used by Seekers with high magical power even bullets can be repelled. But it’s not always deployed. It won’t be able to defend against a surprise attack. Well, the only one who can respond on the spur of the moment is El-Seed’s Tennouji.”

But are you sure you want to open the bulkhead doors on the ground?

“Well… I heard the flames from the demons in the deeper levels can melt down bulkhead doors too. They probably chose a form that’s easier to attack than defend. I won’t know if it’s the right choice or not until I try it.

Kanzaki throws the cigarette he has in his mouth down at his feet and crushes it with his toes.

He’s here.

Hearing those words, Yuma looked far ahead. There were dozens of Seekers running towards them.

It’s a clan of B-ranked explorers who’ve made it to the middle tier.

A group of Seekers in full battlesuits also arrived at a quick pace from ahead. They must be from a major clan of explorers such as El-Seed.


A cloud of smoke rose up. The air is stagnant, and we can hear a variety of noises that could be either cries or screams.

Tension spreads among the Seeker Seekers who are waiting.

The first thing I saw was a small green monster, a goblin. There were many of them, and they came running at once.

The next thing he saw was a large, pig-like demon. Yuma thought it must be an orc.

They come in swarms, but there are clearly more of them than we were told at first. And then a white plume of smoke rises up.

Beyond the steam, a quadrupedal monster appears.

The earth dissolved under his footsteps and the air shimmered as he walked. Yuma recognized the reddish-black monster.

That’s the dog!

Nearly 30 of them are coming towards us.

The Seekers gulp at the sight of so many demons from the depths rising to the surface.

But what was even more disturbing was the humanoid creature coming up behind Helgarum. It was red and large.

Her hair stood on end like a flame, and flames shot up from her shoulders and arms.

The air of mischief emanating from the demon was felt even by Yuuma and Kanzaki who could not sense Mana.

“What the hell is that? Is that one of the demons in the depths too?”

Kanzaki muttered as he stared at the demon. Tanaka opens his mouth to answer.

“Is that… It’s an ogre.

“”Ogre?”” “

Kanzaki and Yuma’s voices are together. Those were names you never heard in the Red Dungeon.

“I have a [Dungeon Demon Book] that has a lot of different demons in it, and the ‶Ogre‶ listed in it looks a lot like a demon!”

“But that’s–“

Kanzaki raises one eyebrow.

“Yes, I’m talking about the ‘white dungeon’. There’s no example of an ogre being in a red dungeon, so maybe it’s a mutant demon!”

Tanaka sniffed and spoke proudly. Yuma was once again impressed by his knowledge of demons.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure he’s the boss.

Kanzaki holds the hexagonal club with both hands and exerts himself.

Everybody, get to your fighting positions and spread out!

Mizunashi of Sakura Port shouted. The C rank Seekers fanned out and the B rank Seeker Clan lined up in front of them.

The top-ranked explorers take up positions in the center and are ready to attack the demons.

Tennoji, standing at the front, glared at the enemy in front of him.

Come on, let’s get started.


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