I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 124


Chapter 124: Rescue

–If we get too loud, it’ll look suspicious. We need to keep it low.

Yuma saves his strength and enters the battle. He stomps the head of the salamander in front of him, and clubs both of them to death. He kicks, punches, and clubs another salamander that leaps at him.

In just three seconds, six demons turned to sand and disappeared.

Okawara and the others are stunned by what has just happened.

Hey! You okay?”

As Kanzaki comes up behind him and tries to approach Okawara, two salamanders attack him from the side.

You son of a bitch!

He smashes one of them and cracks the head of the other with a thick hexagonal club filled with the magic of water.

Tanaka, who was screaming behind me, managed to kill the demon that had come to his feet with his Water Vein Dagger. Tanaka, who was screaming behind me, had also managed to defeat a demon that had come to his feet with the dagger of the water vein.

Kanzaki calls out to the frightened Okawara with a pitiful look on his face.

“Hey, if you’re in danger, I’ll save you! You’re the one being rescued.

“What the hell? Who asked you to help me?

Okawara stares at Kanzaki with his butt on the ground.

Smoke was still rising from his head.

“Don’t be a pussy. Your entire clan of explorers is dying!

Okawara turned around to see the members with their battle suits blacked out sitting there with tired expressions on their faces.

Hey! You guys–“

Just as Okawara was about to yell at him, a salamander darted past Yuma and pounced on him.


Okawara screams pitifully and tries to run away. Kanzaki says “Good grief!” and smashes the salamander’s head with the hilt of his hexagonal club.

We’ll hold them off here, you guys get the hell out of here!

What’s a small business like that doing…

He glared at Kanzaki, but the IBI Corp. explorers behind him said, “Is that so?” Well then, I’ll take your word for it…” and then quickly begin to flee.

Okawara said, “Hey! You guys? but no one comes back.

You turn around, red-faced, and there he is, the newcomer to the D-Minors, doing his lion’s share of work by himself.

“Isn’t our new guy awesome? I don’t think you’ve got one of those.”

Okawara frowned when he heard those words. and ran toward the exit on unsteady legs.

Kanzaki sniffs and goes to join Yuma.

Sir! It’s going to be more difficult there.

When Kanzaki turns his head to look at Yuma’s words, he sees the Sacraport Clan, a group of explorers fighting a battered and bruised battle.

They’re trying to buy time until the other explorers can escape from the dungeon.

But they are surrounded on all sides by a swarm of Salamanders and are unable to move. Their leader, Mizunashi, is wounded in the left arm, but he still fights with his right hand.

Yuuma, let’s go!


Tanaka saw the two of them running into the crowd of salamanders and said “Hey, wait a minute! Tanaka chased after them, sweating.

I’ll take this side! You guys clear a path to the exit!”

Mizunashi tries to find a way out of the situation while cutting down the attacking salamanders with her [Sword of Waterfall].

But the situation is hopeless. The area is surrounded by demons and more demons are coming.

–If we don’t do something…

Mizunashi tried to escape at least the members of the explorer group Clan, but it was extremely difficult. Just when he was thinking that…

Hey! You okay?”

A large man approaches, kicking aside a few demons.

–There were still Seeker Seekers who hadn’t evacuated?

The man smashes the salamander with a club thick with water magic. A great arm attack… and a magic-enhancing weapon unlike any you’ve ever seen.

–Probably custom made. Then he’s a veteran… Looks like a pretty good Seeker-Seeker to me.

But what she was more interested in was the hooded man who came with the large man. No, she couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman since she couldn’t see his face at all.

But Mizunashi judged him to be a man from his physique and movements.

His movements are not those of an ordinary Seeker. He moves with terrifying speed and strikes down monsters one by one with his club.

You are holding the Cudgel of the Water Veins, but it does not glow blue.

So you’re not using magic. and it dies.

–He’s moving like Tennoji-san from El Seed…

But Mizunashi rejects that idea. The Seekers gathered here are all rank-B or lower from small businesses.

There’s no such thing as a strong Seeker-Seeker.

We’ll take this place. You guys get the hell out of here!”

“I can’t be that irresponsible! My company is entrusted by El-Seed with the entire hierarchy. You’re the ones who need to evacuate!”

“I don’t have time for this!”

While Kanzaki and Minazuki are arguing with each other, Kanzaki kicks the Salamander that crawls toward him from the side.

“Hiccup!” and shrugged.

You guys are just getting in the way! We’ll take care of the guards, so get the hell out of here!”

Kanzaki then looks at Tanaka who is struggling to defeat the Salamanders.

“Mr. Tanaka. Me and Yuma will make the breakthrough, so take these guys upstairs!”

“Okay, okay!”

Tanaka’s forehead was sweating, “Come on, let’s go!” and pulls Mizunashi’s arm.

Come on, Yuma!

“Yes, sir!”

The two of them focus their attacks on the demons blocking the way to the doorway.

Seeker of the Sakura Port Company followed suit and managed to reach the exit while using water magic to intimidate the demons.

Mr. Tanaka, take care of these guys.

Yeah, yeah. What about the presidents?

Me and Yuuma will stay here and hold off the Salamanders.


If we don’t, they’ll be on the ground too. Call in the SDF while we hold them! The Salamanders can take a bullet…

“But, but…”

Kanzaki laughs at Tanaka’s confusion and calls out to him.

“Don’t worry, Tanaka-san! Me and Yuma won’t lose to these guys. Come on! Let’s go!

Tanaka went up to the ground with Mizunazuki and the others, though he was worried.

“Well… And.”

Kanzaki stands in front of the cave that leads to the surface and looks around.

The first level of the ‘Red Dungeon’ is a vast expanse of dry plains and rocky terrain. It is swarming with an endless horde of salamanders.

Where the hell did these guys come from?

Kanzaki looks fed up and holds up his hex club as he asks Yuuma, “Can you go? He asks Yuma, holding up the hexagonal staff.

I think… I think we’re gonna be okay.

It may sound unreliable, but Kanzaki sensed a certain confidence in Yuma’s words.

The salamanders attacked in packs, flames billowing from their heads and backs. Yuma crouches down and puts his right hand on the ground.

The liquid metal flows out at once, spreading out like a thin puddle all over the area. The moment the Salamander passes over it, Yuma puts his power into it.

Hundreds of blades thrust out from the liquid metal like a sword mountain, piercing through the demon’s body.

More than thirty salamanders turned to sand and vanished in an instant.


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