I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 123


Chapter 123: Uninvited

“But it’s amazing that there are members who can use lightning magic.”

Tanaka looks on in amazement as he sees off the members of IBI Inc.

Yuma asked, “Is that so?” Tanaka answered happily, “Of course!” Tanaka answered happily.

“It’s rare for people to learn ‶thunder magic‶ at a small business. They usually go to the big companies. I can see why you’re so proud of yourself.”


–I’ve heard that the Yellow Jewel that can use lightning magic is quite expensive. I’d like to use it too…

As Yuma and the others were having this exchange a group of about ten people wearing uniformed battle suits approached them.

“Listen up everyone! My name is Mizunashi from Sakuraport. I’ve been asked by Honda-san of El-Seed to coordinate the Seekers in this first level.

A woman in her late twenties stepped forward and raised her voice.

Her long brown hair is tied back in a bun and she looks around with a dignified gaze. She holds a sheathed sword in one hand, and her slender limbs are like those of a model.

“According to Elseed, the target demons will rise in two hours from now! The goblins and orcs we’ll be dealing with seem to be increasing in number. Each of you should brace yourselves for the battle!”

After Mizunashi finished his brief explanation, he returned to his own explorer group clan and began meeting with the members.

I’d say he’s more of a liaison to El-Sheed.

Kanzaki makes a disgusted face as he picks at his ear canal with his pinky finger.

“There’s still more! Even if it’s goblins and orcs, we can’t handle too many of them!”

Ever since he talked to Okawara, Kanzaki’s been in a bad mood. In order not to irritate him, Yuma secretly talks to Tanaka.

“Is that Mizunazuki a famous Seeker Seeker?”

“Oh, Mr. Mizunashi? No, we’re not as famous as you think. Sakura Port is one of the larger companies among small businesses, but it’s practically a subcontractor of El-Seed.

“I see…”

I thought he was a strong Seeker from his resolute bearing… but he’s not.

With Kanzaki complaining, Yuma stares at the side of him as if to say, “We have to wait for two hours~…” while staring at the sun made of the ‘mirage of the labyrinth’.

But it wasn’t long after that that something unusual happened.

The rocky area where the caves for the lower levels were located had suddenly become noisy.

Yuma and the others, who are more than a hundred meters away, notice something unusual.


Kanzaki makes a shade with his hand and looks at the rocks with a doubtful look.

Then some Seekers rush out of the rocky cavern. Something is chasing them.

That’s strange. There should still be some time before the demons come up…”

Kanzaki agrees with Yuma’s words.

That’s definitely not right.

The earth trembled slightly as the Seekers left the cave.

Earthquake? Yuma turns his head and looks at the rocks. A faint earth tremor can be heard coming from the cave.

The next moment, a huge amount of something starts pouring out of the cave all at once.

It crawled on the ground and ran toward us in an avalanche. It looked like a lizard or a crocodile.


Kanzaki’s eyes widen and he shouts angrily. A large skalengeck with red, rugged scales and sharp claws, spewing flames from every part of its body, came towards him.

“Salamander? I’ve heard of it, but was it really that big?”

“They’re salamanders from the 40th to the 50th level. The deeper ones are bigger.”

Tanaka answers Yuma’s questions.

“Hey! This is no time for this! They’re coming this way!

Hundreds of Salamanders pour out of the caverns like a wave. The defending Seekers are in a panic, confused as to what to do.

“Calm down! It’s just some demons from a shallower level came out before the goblins. We’ll just have to destroy them one by one!

Mizunashi of Sakuraport gives the order loudly. He picks up his sword and heads for the Salamanders with the clan of explorers he leads.

She drew her sword and it was covered in shimmering blue water as it sliced through the onrushing salamanders.

The male and female Seekers who rush after them attack with swords and spears imbued with the power of water.

They seem to be a clan of explorers who all use water magic. They seem to be well coordinated and each of them appears to be skilled and competent.

But there are too many of them. The fire-breathing salamanders are slowly overpowering us.

Sir! We’ll join you.

Tanaka screams in distress, but Kanzaki shakes his head.

“No! It’s not a good idea to go head on! We’ll finish off the demons that are chasing us while running away!

“”Yes!”” “

The two of them turned their backs to the Salamander and started running as Kanzaki had instructed. Yuma calls out to Kanzaki, who is running alongside him.

Sir, we’re going to ‘metalize’ it!

Oh! Please.”

Yuma puts all his strength into his body and turns his body into steel. He pulls the hood of his hoodie over his eyes so that he doesn’t stand out, and turns around.

Dozens of salamanders were chasing us.

Eyes glazed over, flames leaking from their mouths.

Boss! Do these guys have regenerative powers?

Yuma asks as he runs and Kanzaki replies bluntly “No, no! Kanzaki replies bluntly.

–I don’t need to use water magic.

Tanaka is darting behind me. His legs aren’t fast enough, and he’s already catching up to you. Yuma grows liquid metal from his legs like shadows and makes them branch out in three directions.

The moment the shadow slips beneath the salamander, countless blades protrude from the liquid metal and pierce the demon’s body.

The skewered salamander let out a cry of pain and turned to sand. and then it explodes into sand.

Tanaka, who was watching this with gasping for breath, said, “What, how did you do that? and his eyes were black and white.

When Yuma was puzzled as to how to explain…


Screams can be heard coming from the group of people running away. Kanzaki and the others turn their heads to see Seeker and Okawara, two explorers from IBI Corporation, there.

He’s fighting desperately, surrounded by salamanders.

They seem to be defeating some of them using water magic and lightning magic, but they were in a tight spot because of the sheer number of demons.

“They… They were so confident they couldn’t get out of there in time!

Kanzaki grits his teeth.

The members of IBI Corp. were engulfed in flames, and Okawara’s fashionable hair was on fire. All of them were calling out for help, wielding their magic-granting armaments.

Yuma! Can you do it?”

“Yes, sir!”

Yuma jumps out and runs to Okawara and the others. In his right hand is the Cudgel of Water Veins. But he can’t use his water magic yet.

–I don’t have much water magic. I can’t waste it here.

“Bloody Bloody Ore Oa!”

Red veins flow throughout the body, and the muscles swell.

With his leg strength greatly increased, Yuma ran all the way to Okawara at once.


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