I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 118


Chapter 118: Departure

Sir, we did it!

“Oh! You’re doing great.”

Wait a minute! We’re outside the dungeon. How can you use magic?

Kanzaki and Yuma go, “Ah!” and they freeze.

“That’s right~ that’s it! I heard the dungeon’s full of mana. There’s mana around here too!”

Kanzaki replies in a dazed manner, “Oh, you could say that…” Tanaka nodded in agreement.

Seeing this, the two of them patted their chests in relief.

“Yuma, the Water Magic you just used will be stored in the Cudgel of Water Veins. It won’t go to waste, so don’t worry.

“I see…”

Even with the magic gems in it, it’s mana quotient is only about 300. If you waste it, you’ll run out in no time.

I’d appreciate it if you’d leave some magic in the cudgel.

“If you’re a company waiting on the ground, please come this way! We’ll give you the information about the schedule.”

A few SDF officers were talking to the people who had gathered there. It seemed that the Self-Defense Forces were in charge of the operation on the ground.

Yuma and the other Seekers from the other corporations made their way to the front of the dome.

Inside the facility – a large room with a dungeon entrance. Louis was lined up as a member of the Roar of the Thunder Beast.

The barrier door was breached by demons… but it’s been repaired.

–Still, it’s a hell of a bunch of people here.

Louis looks around nervously. There, lined up in a row, were some of the best explorers in the country.

The number two clan of the Isas Corporation, ‘Aqua Blade’, the strongest clan of Farmer, ‘Rosario’, the large clan of Kagurazaka Pharmaceuticals, ‘Asura’, and other semi-major clans were all lined up. Asura’, and many other clans from companies that are considered semi-major players were lined up.

Crossing in front of the crowd of people in attendance was Honda of the El-Seed Corporation, who climbed up on the prepared command platform.

“Thank you for your patience. The clan of explorers from each company has assembled and will be leaving now. The materials to be transported have already been unloaded at the first level of the dungeon and the Seekers are waiting at the second level to protect them.”

Louis straightened his posture. There are probably more than a hundred searchers in this place and in the next layer.

And on the ground, there are over 500 SDF personnel and searchers.

I’ve never heard of an operation of this scale. Louis was humbled to be a part of it.

“I’ve entrusted the security up to the 50th level to B-rank companies. A-rank companies will take care of the security after that, so please keep your magic power consumption low. Once you reach the hundredth level there are many things to do such as securing the supply route to the surface and setting up a simple safety zone. But since this is a situation, we also need to be quick.”

Although we knew it would be a difficult mission. The assembled Seekers were all staring at Honda with tense expressions on their faces.

“I’m sorry to have caused you so much anxiety, but all of you here are top-notch Seekers and I have no doubt that you will accomplish your work goals. I trust that you will all return safely!”

After Honda’s speech, the leaders of the clans give their orders and descend to the first level of the dungeon.

The joint operation by the Clan, a large group of explorers, has finally begun.

The twelfth level of the Red Dungeon. The group was advancing through the scorching earth, keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.

At the front of the train is a small material carrier modified for running in dungeons, its caterpillars rattling and roaring.

The speed is the same as that of human legs, but it can carry heavy materials in one piece.

The middle-ranked Seekers were standing guard around the truck, and the higher-ranked Seekers were walking in formation behind them.

It’s still a young level, so there aren’t many strong demons, but you’ll still see many demons that you wouldn’t normally see.

It seems a deeper level of evil is rising.

The B-rank Seekers are killing demons one after another and clearing the way for the material carriers to pass.

You know that guy I was telling you about?

Tennoji, who was walking at the rear of the group, calls out to Ishikawa who is walking next to him.

“Hmm? Yeah, yeah. It’s like we’ve been friends for a long time.

“Well… There was a young guy. About Louis’ age.

“Oh, it’s the new guy over there. What’s up? You’re worried about him?”


Tennoji puts his hand on his chin and looks as if he is thinking about something.

“The young one seems to be very talented. I think he’s got a high mana quotient.”

Tennoji shakes his head.

“I didn’t feel any mana, but I did feel something strange.”


Ishikawa asked back, but Tennoji didn’t seem to be able to explain well.

“… No, it’s nothing. It’s probably just my imagination. Forget it.”

“Well, I don’t know much about the young employee, but I’ve worked with the boss for a long time. He doesn’t have a high mana quotient, but he’s a good man.”

“If Ishikawa says so, then they must be pretty good. What company is it, by the way?”

Yeah, a little company called D-Minor.

D-Minor? So they’re the ones…

Tennoji looks surprised and Ishikawa raises an eyebrow.

What, you know about this?

“No… Actually–“

The group reached the 50th level in one day and spent the night in the accommodation called the ‘safety zone’ there.

Seekers take turns guarding the materials outside the facility.

The sun has set and it is getting darker and darker. Here and there, twigs and firewood are lit by campfires.

The higher level group of explorers, the ‶Rod of Thunder Beast‶, didn’t need to be on guard, but Louis was out there alone, sitting on a rock close at hand.

I look at the fire that I built and watch it flickering.

“It’s a strange thing. You’re in a dungeon and it’s night.”

Suddenly a voice called out to me, and I turned around to see Ishikawa there.

Mr. Ishikawa…

Can’t sleep?

Yeah, I’m just nervous.

Ishikawa sits down next to Louis and watches the fire crackle in front of him.

“Didn’t you sleep in dungeons in the Green Dungeon? It’s no different.”

Louis shakes his head, smiling.

“It’s not the same. The strength of the demons in the ‘green dungeon’ and the ‘red dungeon’ are different, and above all, this is an emergency situation.”

Well, yeah, that’s true.

Ishikawa picks up a dead branch that has fallen by his feet and throws it on the fire.

For a moment the fire grows bigger, but soon returns to its original size. They watched the fire together, and after a while Ishikawa opened his mouth.

“Your friend you were talking to in front of the dome, how well do you know him?”

“… Are you Yuma? Yes, we’ve known each other since childhood. We’ve played together since we were kids.”

“Well… I actually heard something interesting earlier.

“Funny story?”

“Tennoji told me. You know the dungeon in Yokohama has been invaded, right?”

“Of course. The Black Dungeon. There was quite a commotion.

Louis didn’t know what Ishikawa meant. But his next words shocked him.

“The Black Dungeon. The one you invaded was run by your childhood friend D-Minor.



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