I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 115

Missions by Rank

Chapter 115: Missions by Rank

Tanaka, who was sitting next to Yuma, muttered, “Is that Mr. Honda?” So Yuma asked him, “Do you know him?” Yuma asked him.

Yeah, he’s famous. He’s credited with helping El-Seed make his breakthrough.

“Oh, I see.”

Yuma turned his gaze to the front again and looked at Honda’s face. Honda dropped his gaze to the materials he had placed in front of him and began to explain about the work that would be done in the dungeon.

“As you all know, the dungeon’s interior cannot be destroyed. No, to be precise, even if you destroy it, it will be restored to its original state the next day.

His low, calm voice echoes throughout the hall through the microphone. It’s true what they say about dungeons: no matter how much you destroy, it’s meaningless.

A fact known to all Seekers. So what to do with a dungeon in trouble was a serious matter.

“On the other hand, it also has the feature of not eliminating new things that are set up. So we are thinking of building shelters in the lower levels of the dungeon to prevent the demons in the deeper levels from coming up.”

The people around him gasp in surprise at his comment.

“Wait a minute! Does that mean you’re going to seal off the dungeon?!”

A man in the middle of the hall stands up and shouts.

Yeah, that’s right.

Honda replied very calmly. The young woman sitting in the row behind him now stood up.

“If we shut down the dungeon… We’re going to lose our lives!

“Yes! What the fuck are you talking about?

“Don’t let the big companies decide for themselves!”

“Don’t you think about us small and medium sized guys?!”

A woman curses, and a burst of discontent erupts from the hall. Most of the people gathered here are small to medium sized Seekers who work in the ‘Red Dungeon’.

Kanzaki’s also “That’s right, I’m angry…” He laughs with an indescribable expression.

Honda looked around at the audience who were yelling, “Please calm down. He said with both hands.

“Of course, we understand your concerns. The shelter will be located at a deeper level where it will not interfere with your work.”

“Deep level? How deep is deep?

Honda smiles at the words of the man with the blue streak.

“One hundred levels.”

“Hundred levels?”

The man was frightened. Kanzaki said, “You came out big!” he said, laughing.

Boss, is it really so strange to build on 100 levels?

When Yuma asks the question, Kanzaki says, “Oh…” and rubbed his chin.

“There have been many times before when facilities have been built in dungeons. Most of them are ‘safety zones’ where explorers can rest or take emergency shelter.”

Yuma had heard of it too, so he nodded silently.

“But they’re all built low or mid-rise. I’ve never heard of building a facility a hundred stories deep.”

Just as Kanzaki was surprised, the Seekers in the hall seemed to find it hard to believe.

“You can’t do it!” and “You’re talking nonsense!” and “You can’t do it!” from all over the place.

“Ladies and gentlemen! This is a difficult mission. But we must complete it. If we fail, we’ll have no choice but to build shelters at lower levels. Your jobs will be severely affected. We’re going to do everything we can to make this work. Please help us!”

Honda bowed deeply.

The Seeker Seekers see this and their voices become quieter, as if their momentum has been sapped. Honda looks up when he sees that the room has quieted down and says, “I’m glad you understand. He smiles brightly.

I will now explain the procedure in detail.

A large screen was set up on the stage in the conference room, and a projector projected images on it.

It’s a sheet of metal with blue gems on it in places.

“This is the [Magically Granted Fireproof Plate] developed by the El-Seed Corporation. By incorporating water magic gems, its fire resistance has been greatly improved, and it will be used in the construction of this protective shelter.”

Kanzaki clicks his tongue as he looks at the screen.

“You were running out of [Water Demon Jewel] because you were making that thing!”

Tanaka, on the other hand, nodded, impressed.

“But it’s amazing! Ordinary fireproof material won’t be able to withstand the flames of a strong demon. It means that Elucid has found a way to utilize the Demon Jewel without using human magic, hasn’t he? Isn’t this a groundbreaking thing!”

With an excited Tanaka at his side, Kanzaki said “Indeed…” Kanzaki agrees with Tanaka.

“A technology that works by simply incorporating magical gems… I’ve heard rumors… but I’ve never seen it work. But there’s research on magical gems all over the world. I’m sure similar technology will turn up sooner or later.”

“I see…”

Yuuma, who didn’t know that the research of the Demon Jewel was that advanced, rolled his eyes.

“Well, only a few people with magic power can use the magic gems now, but soon ordinary people will be able to use them. That’s why it’s called the dream resource.”

“I see…”

While the participants showed interest in the refractory plate, Honda continued his talk.

“Now, as for the division of work, we’ve divided it according to the ranks of the businesses. We ‘El-Seed’, ‘Isas’, ‘Farmer’, and ‘Kagurazaka Pharmaceutical’. Companies of rank B will be asked to guard the transportation of materials up to the 50th layer. Once you reach the fifty layer, we’d like you to provide support after that.”

“What exactly do I have to do?”

A rather fat man sitting in the middle row shouts out.

You’re a B- rated company man.

“There are accommodations made of fireproof materials on the 50th level, known as ‘safety zones’, where we’d like you to stay in case of an emergency.”

Honda’s words ruffled the crowd.

What is the contingency? Is there a problem…

The fat man asks worriedly. Honda waves his hand and denies it.

Just in case. We expect to be finished in three days, but there may be delays. In that case, we’ll need to replenish our supplies and food supplies, so I’m asking you all to do that. Besides–“

Honda’s soft smile fades from his face as he breaks off.

“We’re planning to defeat the powerful demons in A rank companies, but there’s a possibility that some of them will escape to the upper levels. In that case, we would like you to hold them off at the 50th level.”

The hall fell silent. After a few moments, a small, fat, sweaty man opened his mouth.

“You mean… [You’re saying that the demons of the deep might be coming up?”

The Red Dungeon is currently in an abnormal state and demons that should normally be deep in the hierarchy have risen to the upper levels. Everyone here knew that.

Honda smiles at the uneasiness that is spreading through the crowd.

“Yes, the mana concentration in the dungeon has increased significantly. We estimate that the [deep level monsters] that only exist after the 150th level have already risen to the 100th level. I believe that our forces are sufficient to deal with them, but we still need to be prepared…”

Honda smiled fearlessly and everyone present gaped at him. In the tense atmosphere, a loud voice came from behind.

“What about the C-rated small businesses?”

It was Kanzaki. He seemed to have lost his patience when he didn’t hear anything about his small business. Honda apologized and continued. Honda apologized and continued.

“All C Company members please stay on the upper floors or on the ground. If any demons try to go above ground I want you to stop them. Also please assist us when we supply the 50th level.

Kanzaki leans back against the back of his pipe chair after hearing Honda’s story and lets out a puff of air.

“Hey, I told you, we were just logistics, remember? There’s no danger.”

Yuma and Tanaka look at each other. And “You’re right…” and they both let out a sigh of relief.


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