I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 112

Maybe I Can Fly

Chapter 112: Maybe I Can Fly

“This is the power of the Chimera… [The Chimera’s power of transformation.

I’ve tried opening my hands, holding them, touching my face. It’s amazing that I can be my mother, but it’s intensely uncomfortable.

The clothes are soft and elastic to the touch. It is like a metal ‘tin tin’ that can change its shape by hand.

“They can recreate the clothes… And the colors…

I’m impressed by your ability to transform so perfectly, but I don’t want to stay in my mother’s form forever.

How do we get back?

I tried everything, struggling to get back to normal. In the end, I focused on the glass bead in my left hand and said, “Come back! Back!” I was able to return to the “metallized” state.

“Thank God. I was afraid it was gonna be like that.”

Yuma leaves the room and goes down the stairs once the ‘metallization’ is released.

–Maybe the only reason I was able to turn into you was because your elbow touched me earlier. If that’s the case, then the Chimera’s magic ore has the ability to transform into any living thing it touches. If that’s the case…

Yuma goes out from the balcony and goes to Mametzou.

Mamezo! Let me touch you.”


After petting Mametzou for a while, Yuma returned to his room and activated his ‘metallization’ ability once more.

“If you turn metal in front of Mametzou, he’ll get angry.”

I check my left hand. There is something reflected in one of the glass beads. It’s a bean elephant with fuzzy brown fur.

“I knew it! It’s definitely the ability to transform into any creature you touch!”

Yuma touches the glass ball in his left hand and says, “Be a mamezou! Be a mamezou!” he thought to himself. His body gradually became smaller and smaller, and he transformed into a quadruped.

“Oh, my God!”

I looked down and saw two paws in front of me. I lifted up my right paw and looked at the palm of my hand, and I could clearly see the paw pads.

“Oh, wow! That’s amazing! I’m really a bean elephant.”

Yuma was so happy to be a little bean bush that he ran around the room.

I guess I made a lot of noise, or maybe it was the noise from downstairs. What are you doing?” her mother would scold her.

Yuma apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s nothing!” he apologized, but he was surprised at himself that he had made a sound while he was still in his dog form.

The next day, Yuma came to work and took Kanzaki alone to a warehouse on the second floor of the building.

“What’s wrong, Yuma?”

Kanzaki gives him a doubtful look and says, “Well, well, I have something to show you! he replies with a pretentious look.

Sir, can you shake my hand?

“Shake hands? Why not?”

I’ll explain later, please.

Kanzaki is puzzled, but holds out his right hand. Yuma shakes his hand firmly and says “Watch me. and activated his ‘metallization’ ability.

Touch the glass ball on the back of your left hand and concentrate your attention.

The metal gray surface of his body undulated in waves. After only a few seconds, Yuma’s body changed.

Large, stern build. Shaggy hair and stubble. He looks just like Kanzaki in his blue biker jeans and black jacket.

The actuality that Yuma had become himself caused Kanzaki to roll his eyes and his mouth to gape open.

“How do you like it boss? This is the ability of the magic ore the Chimera dropped…”

“Chimera? Why do you have a Chimera’s Demon Ore?”

Kanzaki stares at Yuuma without understanding why.

“Aisha was picking it up.”


“I went to the lab yesterday. He didn’t seem well, but he told me all he knew about Decathlon and my abilities. When I was about to leave, he told me to take the magic ore with me.”

“So you tried it?”

“Yes. I wasn’t sure, but I decided to give it a try.”

Kanzaki said, “I see…” But he’s not comfortable with the fact that there’s one more person in the room. He asked Yuma to go back to the way things were.

“But that’s an amazing ability! Can you transform into anyone?”

Yes, if you can touch them.

“So you shook his hand… Can non-humans do that?”

“I tried it on my dog and he got along fine.”

“Okay… So, how do we make the most of our abilities…”

Kanzaki closed his eyelids and thought for a moment, “Oh! Yes.” and his eyes widen.

“What about a bird? If I can turn into a bird, I can fly!”

“Oh, yeah! Let’s do it.”

Kanzaki’s proposal got Yuma into the mood and they decided to go outside together. As they were walking around the office, Kanzaki shouted out.

“Hey! Isn’t that a crow over there?”


Yuma looked up and saw a crow perched on the power line.

But I can’t touch that thing. Should we go to the park and look for pigeons? They’re easier to touch.”

Yuma says to Kanzaki who blurts out that, “No, it’s okay.” and smiles.

What are we gonna do?

Well, you’ll see.

Yuma pulls the hood of his hoodie over his eyes, and then he turns his whole body into metal. His skin turns black, but it’s not so noticeable with the hood up.

When you point the index finger of your right hand at the raven, the raven stretches its fingers long and thin.

The tip of my finger reached the crow in a flash, and touched it lightly. The crow does not know what he has done, and looks around curiously.

Yuma puts his fingers back on the table and checks his left hand.

“You did it, boss! Now I can turn into a crow.

“Really? Let’s give it a try. Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s go back to the office. We’ll stand out here.


They walked quickly back to the office.

Kanzaki and Yuma enter the company warehouse and decide to see if they can become crows.

Yuma focuses his attention on the back of his left hand from the ‘metallized’ state and visualizes a crow. His body gradually shrinks and he turns into a black bird.

“Oh! You really are a crow. Well, a little bigger… But a crow!”

Yuma looks around his bird body. It does seem a little big. Maybe there’s a limit to how small I can get, since I have to take my clothes into the liquid metal.

“Okay, let’s fly!”

Yes! Yes.”

Yuma spreads his wings and flaps them. He struggles because he is not used to this movement, but he tries his best with the desire to fly in the sky.

But no matter how much I try, it never seems to fly.

“Huh… Huh… I can’t do it, sir. I can’t fly at all.

“Hmm, why is that? You’re not a bird, so you don’t know what it feels like?”

We tried and tried, but we couldn’t fly at all.


Yuma sits down on the ground as a crow and hangs his head.

“Hmm? Wait, could it be…?

Kanzaki notices something and grabs Yuma’s body and tries to lift him up.

“Oh! It’s heavy. It’s so heavy!”


“I haven’t changed my weight! That’s why I can’t fly.”

It makes sense. Even if you have the ability to turn mana into mass, you can’t turn mass into mana. Being smaller doesn’t mean that you can lose weight.

I thought I might be able to fly.

Yuma’s shoulders slumped and he returned to his original form. Kanzaki and Yuma tried to see if there was anything else they could do, but they couldn’t turn him into a small animal.

And even if he becomes Kanzaki, he will not be able to use [Water Magic], so it seems that he will only change his appearance.

“It doesn’t help much.”

Yuma blurts out, and Kanzaki groans “Hmmm…” Kanzaki groaned.

“I thought I could use it on my expedition to Ibaraki. It’s no use.”

Kanzaki and Yuma decided to leave the verification and return to their offices on the third floor.

Maika was there and said, “Hey! Where have you been?” she says grumpily. The two of them apologize to Maika and go over the final preparations for tomorrow with Tanaka.

“Well then, Yuma, tomorrow we’ll meet at 7:00 a.m. Don’t be late!”

Yes, sir.

Yuma promised Tanaka that he would not be late, and he left the office.


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