I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 111

Five Glass Beads

Chapter 111: Five Glass Beads

When Yuma came home near evening, he placed the palladium magic ore on his desk and looked at it with his arms crossed.

“Well… I got this, but should I use it?”

I might be willing to sell it for more than platinum, but it’s going to be a pain in the ass if they ask where it came from again.

I can prove that I got it from the Black Dungeon, so I guess I can sell it as magic ore instead of precious metal…

“I can’t sell a magic ore that I don’t understand.”

We can’t sell them because they might be bad for you.

“Even if it’s a 15,000 Demon Ore, I can still use it. If I use it in its ‘metallized’ state, it might not affect my body…”

Yuma started to worry. He’s starting to wonder. I want to use it. If it’s Chimera’s Demon Ore, I might be able to get the Transformation ability or the Regeneration ability.

Both are powerful abilities. If you can use them, you’ll be even stronger than you are now.

But I don’t know what it’ll do to you.

Yuma got up, picked up the magic ore, left the room, and went down the stairs. He walked through the living room to the balcony, put on his sandals, and went out into the backyard.

There was a bean elephant wagging its tail in front of the kennel.

“Hey, there, Mamezo! Let’s go for a walk.


Seeing Mamezou so happy and excited, all my worries seem to vanish.

“Mamezo. I’m trying to decide whether or not to take that weird rock right now, what do you think I should do?”

Yuma says, “What’s this?” and pulls out a palladium magic ore from his pocket.

I put it on my hand and held it out in front of Mametzou. He looked a little strange and tilted his head.

“I don’t understand this rock, but do you think I should eat it?”


Mametzou sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed.

“Ah? You idiot! Let me out, Mametzou!

Yuma hurriedly reached for the magic ore and forcefully took it from Mametzou.

“Oh, no! If you swallow it, you could die.

When Yuma scolds him, Mamezo sits down and wags his tail and looks at him with dull eyes.

“Uh… Well, it’s my fault for carelessly showing you the rock, but…”

Yuma apologized to Mametzou and took him out for a walk.

“Oh, no… I don’t know what to do.”

When Yuma came back from his walk he plopped down on the desk in his room and was still wondering whether he should eat the magic ore or not. He picks up the magic ore in front of him and looks at it from various angles.

A beautiful metal that reflects light like a mirror, with a faint relief pattern on the surface.

It looks somewhat like the magic ore from Decathlon. Is there any relation between them?

“Ugh! There’s no point in thinking about it. I’ve eaten before, I’m sure I can manage this time too.”

Yuma stands up and puts on a powerful whoosh.

His body turns black, and his whole body turns to steel. You wipe the magic ore in your hand with a tissue and put it in your mouth.

The liquid metal’s power allows me to open my throat wide so I can swallow the magic ore without drinking water. I gulp down the magic ore and send it into my stomach.

How about…?

After a while, my stomach started to heat up.

It’s not just normal magic ore heat. It’s a violent change, like when you swallow a decathlon’s magic ore.

But it’s ‘metalized’ now, so it should be okay.

As I endured it with this thought, the seething heat gradually subsided.

“Hmm, looks like we’re gonna be okay.”

Yuma looks around his body. But from his past experiences, he must have gained some abilities.

Try some light movement, some full-body exertion. [If you’re a shape-shifter, you might be able to change. That’s what I thought.

If it is, I’d have to hurt myself to see it.

But if I’m wrong, I’ll just get hurt, which is something I’d rather not do…

As I was thinking about this, I looked at the back of my left hand and noticed that there was something on it.

“Hmm? What the hell is this?”

On the back of his left hand were five translucent glass balls, each about one centimeter in diameter, arranged in a circle.

All the glass balls were cloudy and looked for a moment like pearls.

I don’t remember anything like this. Maybe it’s the magic ore.

I mean, I get that some parts of you are changing, but I’m wondering, “so what?” I wonder, “So what?

After that, I waved my hands, poked at the glass ball, and tried to solve the ‘metallization’ once, but in the end I couldn’t understand anything.

“No. Give up.”

As Yuma sits down tiredly in his chair, a voice calls out to him from below.

“Yuma, dinner is ready!”

It was her mother. I got up and went to the kitchen, thinking it was almost dinner.

Dinner was laid out on the dining room table, and his father was already seated.

Yuma took his seat and waited for his mother who was busy in the kitchen dividing the dishes. His father was sitting across from him, pouring sake into a cup as usual.

He wears serious-looking black-rimmed glasses and his hair is parted into seven thirds. His hair is parted into seven thirds. It seems to represent his father’s honest character.

“… How’s work? You getting used to it?

His father spoke to him casually.

“Hmm? Yeah, well, I’m getting used to it.

How are you getting along with the people at the company?

“Don’t worry, they’re good people.”


His father said nothing more. The food came and the mother said, “Come on, let’s eat.” And the mother said, “Come on, let’s eat. She sat down next to him and clasped her hands together.

“”””Bon appétit.”” “””

The three of us sat around the table and enjoyed a purely Japanese dinner of simmered mackerel, miso soup, natto with raw egg yolk, and other dishes.

When the meal is over and Yuma is putting away the dishes, his mother approaches him.

“Yuma. Dad, I know you don’t say this often. But I’m really worried about your job. The other day, you didn’t come home for a month. He kept asking me if I’d heard from you.


“Yes! So tell me more about your job so I don’t worry.”

“Surprising. I thought you didn’t care much.”

What are you talking about?

His mother pokes him with her elbow.

“There isn’t a parent in the world who isn’t worried about their child. Even moms are always worried when they hear about dungeon-related businesses. I wonder if they’re doing anything dangerous… or if they’re hurt…”

“It’s okay. But, uh, I’ll try to keep you posted.”

Yuma finishes washing the cups and goes back to his room to get ready for bed.

You ‘metallize’ one last time and look at the five glass balls on the back of your left hand. I still don’t know what this will do…


I thought it looked the same, but when I looked closer, I noticed that one of the glass balls was colored.

He brings his left hand in front of his eyes and stares at it. It seems that something is reflected rather than a color. He moves the glass ball closer and stares at it.

“Is this… Mom?”

The image of his mother was projected onto a glass ball. I touch it, puzzled, and my vision is distorted.


You fall to your knees, dizzy and dizzy, as if you’ve had a vertigo attack.

He did not get up for a while and looked up slowly after the palpitations in his chest stopped.

What the hell was that?

Yuma stands up, leaning against the wall. He looks down at his hands and sees that they have been unmetallized and are now flesh and blood.

But soon you’ll realize. It’s not my hand. The clothes I was wearing are different, too.

Yuma goes to the mirror hanging in his room. When he sees his reflection in the mirror, he is startled.

“Mother… Three?”

It’s a mother figure, no doubt about it.


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