I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 103

Traces of Battle

Chapter 103: Traces of Battle

“Oh, man! You’re all sticky with blood.”

Yuma, now in his ‶Metal Armor‶ form, looked at his hands and body and grumbled. He turns around and the dog stands up, dizzy.

–Are you kidding me? He attacked me from the inside and ripped me open!

The dog’s wounds appear to be healing. If so, it has the same regenerative powers as the chimera.

“Can you beat this guy?”

The dog glared at Yuuma, scratched the ground with its paws and jumped at him at once.

–We’re gonna have to do this!

Yuma uses the power of Bloody Bloody Ore Ore. It’s the third time today, but he can use it twenty more times.

A vein of red blood runs through your metal body.

First we’ll see what happens with five times the muscle power and the limiter release. Yuma steps forward with his right foot and slams a straight left into the head of the oncoming dog.

The dog cannot react to Yushin’s speed and his fist shatters the dog’s skull.

He crushed its brain and smashed its head into its torso. The dog slams into the concrete of the parking lot and rolls away as Yuma pulls out his fist.

The response was more than he expected. Yuma looks at his fist.

“What the…” It’s a lot softer than the demons in the Black Dungeon. It seems like a simple attack is working.”

He is relieved that his power has worked, but his blood runs cold when he sees the dog get up with a start. The dog’s crushed head was regenerating with a rumbling sound.

The scene is the grotesque scene in a zombie movie.

“Oh, no, no! You can’t do that outside the dungeon!

When his head was completely back in place, the dog attacked again.

You click your tongue and extend your telescopic sword from the back of your left hand. The dog’s movements don’t seem so fast as long as you’re using Bloody Bloody Ore Oa.

You dodge the demon’s fangs and slash off two of its paws with your sword.

He then kicked the dog in the chest with his right foot. The dog’s chest is crushed and blown away with a terrible force as it is kicked with a foot reinforced with bloody bloody ore.

When the car hit a utility pole behind him, the pole snapped in the middle and came crashing down, tearing wires and sending sparks flying.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no! This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!”

Yuma rushes to support the pole, but it is too late. The pole collapses completely with a loud noise.

Yuma held his head.

–Does this mean it’s my fault? Property damage? How much would you charge me for it?

As I’m struggling to find a way out, a dog with a regenerating body gets up behind me.

When Yuma turned around the dog took a deep breath and let out a burning flame.


He quickly guards his face with his arms. Your whole body is engulfed in flames, and the concrete beneath your feet is melting from the heat.

“It’s hot… Isn’t it hot?”

No matter how much fire I was exposed to, I never felt the heat.

“I was. I was resistant.”

Just as he was relieved, the dog, which had finished spitting flames, came at him, leaking fire from its mouth and drooling. Just as it leapt at him, Yuma struck it down with his back fist.

When the fist hits the dog’s face, bones are broken, flesh is torn, and one eye falls out.

The dog manages to land on the ground, but it is bleeding profusely from its mouth and head. It still regenerates its wounds and glares at you.

“This guy… He’s regenerative, but he’s not that strong.

Yuma shakes his right hand fully to remove the dog’s blood.

I was very wary of it, but it’s not as powerful as the Chimera. But it’s not as powerful as a chimera, and it still managed to break a telephone pole.

Yuma is getting angrier and angrier at the dog for getting him into unnecessary trouble.

“The cops might arrest me because of you! What are you gonna do about it, asshole?

The dog attacked again after the wound had finished regenerating. Yuma decides to beat the dog as much as he can without destroying the buildings around him.

“Bloody Bloody Ore Oa, full throttle!”

They hit the dog’s face and body with a furious rush. The dog was beaten and crushed, and finally kicked as hard as he could.

It blasts over 20 meters above you and falls down, spattering blood.

Yuma thrusts two swords out of his hands and holds them there.

Can you play this?

The sword that Yuma wielded became a dazzling slash that tore through the dog’s body.

They cut off his head and shredded his torso and legs. Pieces of the body were scattered around. The dog’s head rolls to and fro at my feet.

Yushin retracts his sword and stomps on the dog’s head.

It’s over.

I put my foot down. There’s a crack, and the concrete and the head cracks.

The next moment, the dog’s head turns to sand, and all the pieces of its dismembered body and blood disappear into the sand.

It’s as if it can’t regenerate if it’s been destroyed this badly.

After the bloody Bloody Ore Oa and the ‘metallization’ ability are released, Yuma looks around the area. Even in the parking lot, there are broken and scorched parts everywhere.

“Oh, no… If they find this, we’re in big trouble.

Yuma quickly walked away.

As Yuma had predicted, this incident would cause a ripple effect in various places.

The next day, the quiet residential area was filled with a strange atmosphere from the morning.

The parking lot of the construction company is blocked off by police lines, and a number of police officers and Self-Defense Forces personnel surround the area.

Neighborhood homes were being canvassed by plainclothes police officers.

“Yeah, I’m sure I heard something loud, but…”

“What time was that?”

Suddenly, the housewife was asked about last night. She couldn’t hide her confusion. Such questioning was going on in all the surrounding houses.

And in the parking lot, two men, neither police nor SDF personnel, are talking.

A slender man with short hair crouches down and runs his fingers over a darkened spot where the concrete has melted.

The man with the stout physique who was watching him puts his hand on his chin and asks the slender man.

“What do you think, Tennoji? Did Hel-Garm die here?”

“I think… I think…”

The two people who came to the scene were the two employees of El-Seed. Tennoji and Ishikawa, the head of the Red Dungeon.

Tennoji had been on a long expedition to the ‘White Dungeon’ in Hokkaido, but had been recalled due to an emergency.

“Why did Hel-Garm come here?”

I don’t get it. I followed the footage from the security cameras around here, but I never thought I’d end up in the suburbs of Tokyo, far from Ibaraki… You think he ran out of steam and died here?

Tennoji thought about Ishikawa’s words. After a while, he opens his mouth.

No, these are battle scars. Looks like he was fighting someone.

“Fight”? Fight who? What, you happen to have an explorer seeker?”

Tennoji shakes his head.

“Even if there are Seekers out there, they’re outside the dungeon. There’s no way they could fight Hell-Garm if they can’t use magic.”

So you’re a cop?

“That’s not true either. A handgun would have no effect on Hell-Galm at all. That hasn’t been reported anywhere.”

“Then who did you fight? Tennouji, don’t you think you can tell something from the fluctuation of the mana?”

Ishikawa was right. A Seeker of Tennoji’s rank could sense the ‶mana‶ that remained on the spot. Tennoji looks around again.

Heat-melted asphalt, broken telephone poles, cracks dotting the parking lot.

Traces of ‘red mana’ remained here and there. But Tennoji sensed the presence of another ‘strange mana’ even more than that.”I don’t know for sure. But there was definitely something with mana.


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