High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Four Princesses

On the first floor of the hotel, past the now-sealed front desk and the outside entrance, Tsururi and Asuka stand in front of the public bathhouse, which is somewhat of an attraction (though that’s the way everything is done in this hotel).

“We have complimentary bath towels and capes in different sizes for your use. Mineral water is free of charge.”


Tsururi hoped that the hotelier would leave immediately, but this man seemed to have been assigned to keep an eye on him. He was standing erect and immobile with a gentle but watchful expression on his face and showed no sign of moving.

“Um, I’m having a bit of a stomach ache… I have to go to the bathroom…”

The restrooms are in Thermae, if you’d like to use them.

He has a tone of voice that says nothing of the sort.

Calm down. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t have time to think,

“Come on, Tsururi-san, let’s get going!”

Asuka, who is supposed to be his friend, has put him in a tight spot.

I found myself pushed into the vermilion curtain of [woman].

-Don’t. This is wrong. This is going to end up like one of those sexy boys’ manga…

I thought so, but I had reached a point where I couldn’t back down any longer.

This is because I saw four women changing their clothes in the changing room just outside the entrance.



“Oh, no.”

“…? Huh?”

The girls are looking at me curiously, as if I had been an unexpected intruder.

I’ve seen that face before.

I just saw these girls on a broadcast called “Coo-chan’s Daily Ranking” or something like that.

To use the language of this country,

“We’ve got all the top-ranked Viviennes here… !”

Asuka’s ear and Tsururi nodded.

“Diva”, Mizuki Senda.

Her golden hair reminds me of a large flower. She is the most plump of the four and is probably just short of twenty years old.

“Tale-Telling Princess” by Kazuha Tohmine.

She has shiny black hair like wet raven feathers and her slightly upturned eyes give off the scent of a shrewd person. She looks very serious and is the most “finished” beauty of the four.

“Laughing Princess”, Nanami Nezu.

She was a girl with fox-like eyes, and always seemed to be wearing a mask of a smile.

If you look closely, you can see some bruises here and there, which is a little unfortunate, but they are more than compensated for by the healthy figure.

“JIKKYOUHIME”, Torayama Torako.

At first glance, she looked like a little girl of about 130 centimeters tall. However, her intelligent face was definitely that of an adult, and I could tell that she was not an ordinary person.

Although there are different types of girls, all of them are well-groomed and good-looking, so much so that they can be called “princesses.

But there was another thing they had in common.

All four of them have been trained to the limit.

A player. -That’s probably also a trait of those who have attained advanced level in the <<Fighting Skills>> system.


Amamiya Tsururi was about to call out to one of the four, whom she had met long before she entered Abienia, but stopped herself.

I thought that I would not want to complicate things any further.

But still… ,

-Oh, man. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

At this point, I’m not the only one who’s embarrassed to say, “Yes, I’m actually a guy…” I’m not the only one who’s in trouble. It’ll affect the future activities of my friends.

That was something we had to avoid in order to revive Yuuki Kamizono.

-Now I’m gonna have to lie my way out of this one.

The word “reckless” appeared and disappeared in the corner of my mind, but I had no choice but to do it.

But the odds were not against us.

My body is very feminine, except for one part.

I was confident that I could do it.


The “Storyteller Princess” is sitting on a wicker chair with only a bath towel on her waist, her legs crossed in a bewitching manner. In Amamiya’s mind, the scene of Sharon Stone being interrogated in the movie “The Ice Smile” flashed through her mind.

“… You guys were also summoned by Hyakka?”

Amamiya Tsururi had one thought in her mind. About the field trip in the fall of her first year of high school when her friend Ryohei Sakimitsu defecated by mistake.

Fortunately, Asuka Kimino is in charge of the chatting.

I wasn’t invited…

“Well, I just came to soak in the tub.”

No. We just have a few questions for Ms. Momoka.

“Ha ha… But things aren’t looking good right now. If you go to the baths now you’ll hear about other things. If you want to get ahead in this world, you’ll have to live a lean life.”


The cartoon-voiced fellow shakes his head a little,

“But if it concerns you, we have the right to ask.”

“Sempai”? -Oh, that girl in the sailor suit… huh? Everyone’s talking about her. Is she really that great a girl?

At least, that’s what I owe him.


The Talebearer looks away a little bored.

“Well, it’s okay. If it’s too dangerous for them to hear, we can just move to another room… The bathtub here’s huge…”

Then she grabbed a bath towel and disappeared into the bathroom with leisurely steps.

“… Oh, wait… Kazuha…

The diva follows with her footsteps.


The “Laughing Princess” seemed to have something to say, but she didn’t let her smile fade like a mask, just gave a little nod and headed for the bathroom.

All that’s left is the “real-life princess,” Asuka and Tsururi, who haven’t taken off their clothes yet.

Finally, the boy calls out to her.

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long.

Torako Torayama… To the girl with the ridiculous alias…

“Live action princess…” No, Mr. Gambler.


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