High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Regrets and Differences

Amamiya Tsururi was extremely angry.

This kind of outrage should not be tolerated.

You’re going to put a spell on her with no explanation.

And according to Koi Kawachi Momoka,

-The next time she wakes up, she’ll be the same girl she was before.

. called .

This means that all of her memories from last week until now will be wiped clean.

The reason why Momoka used <Space-Time Magic> without question was because there was a possibility that she would run away if I explained it to her.

But I can assure you.

I’m sure she wouldn’t have run away no matter what the truth was.

That’s why ,

-I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

I can’t help regretting it.

Looking back, I wonder if I might have hurt her with my casual words.

And yet she’s managed to walk this far without a care in the world.

Because it’s the right thing for her to do.

I realize now. How proud they were of their actions.

You should have at least listened to her one last time. I was probably the only one who could.

That opportunity is lost forever.


You sit on the edge of the bed decorated with Nyacky’s clothes and hold your head up.

Half the time, though, he was also angry at his own carelessness.

I’m getting into the habit of trusting others unconditionally these days. -The refugees in Gagaoka, the community in Nerima, my friends in Aviation Park… I’ve had too much contact with good people.

-People are capable of trampling others with their sneers.

You knew that was the essence of it.

I haven’t seen much of the ugly side of humanity since I became a player after the apocalypse. The world has become a much kinder place since I turned into an overwhelmingly powerful man.

If anything, the world seems to have been more discriminatory and prejudiced before the outbreak of “zombies”.

-You need to change your mind. You can’t trust anyone. I’m the man I used to be.

▼ (e.g. when referring to a specific time and place)

Amamiya Tsururi and Kimino Asuka are now being kept in a room of a high-class hotel reserved for celebrities in the Disneyland park.

The hotel, which only the “upper class” Vivienne is allowed to enter, has been meticulously maintained with all the furnishings, and not a speck of dust has fallen.

The hotel, which common people like Tsururi would never have stayed in in their lives, was built as a small theme park in itself.

The hotel is run by the same staff as before the “apocalypse”, and it seems that this is the only place where you can get almost the same service as before.


Asuka Kimino is busily searching around the room, searching for the hidden Nyakkies here and there in the hotel.

“Oh! This pattern on the carpet! It’s the third hidden Nyacky!”

She seems to trust Momoka a hundred percent.

That doesn’t sit well with Amamiya.

The way we feel… The reason for their difference is whether or not they’ve spent time with her on the road.

For Amamiya Tsururi, between the “girlfriend” before and the “girlfriend” after she lost her memory, the latter has spent more time with her.

Tsururi stood up, looking slightly annoyed,

Hey Asuka… I’m still worried about you, so why don’t we go see the Warrior?”

“Hmm. You want to do that? But there’s nothing an amateur can do about it now.

“… Even if you don’t, shouldn’t you talk to Momoka-san?”

“Oh, yeah, of course. We should talk about the future. Maybe a collaboration.”

So Tsururi and the others leave the room they’ve been given.

I open the door and there’s an old hotelier with a radio on his hip,

Oh, hey. Are you going out?”

“Yes… I’m here to see Momoka Koi Kawachi.

Please wait a moment.

The guy made a couple of calls somewhere,

“Momoka-sama is said to be in the middle of taking a bath in the hotel’s indoor Thermae.”

Thermae, is that a public bathhouse?

Then we’ll have to. We’ll come back this time…

That’s what I was about to say.

That’s that ancient Roman bath, isn’t it?


“Wow! I’ve seen this on TV! I want to go in! Can I come in?”

“If you’re a resident of the hotel, your stay is free.”


Asuka bounced up and down on the spot,

“Well then, let’s go, Tsururi-san!”


“Let’s just get naked and play with each other!”


“Well, we’ve never really chatted before!”


Amamiya Tsururi rolls her eyes in surprise.

A completely different kind of impatience was being born in my heart.

-I thought so when she rolled up her jacket and showed me her lower tits, but I didn’t think…

You think you’re a woman?

Well, I’m glad you feel that way, to be honest, but things are different now.

But I can’t tell the truth with a third party present.

I’ll show you around.

I can only slowly follow the hotelier’s back as he tells me smilingly, “I’ll be right back.


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