High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Rumor’s Place

… In .

We keep discussing and discussing and discussing, and before we know it, we realize that the sun is setting.

The “strategy meeting” was reaching a boiling point.


It has a tremendous impact.

The only equipment is a smartphone and a low-spec laptop.

Because we cannot find a proposal that satisfies these only two conditions.

“After all, we should have a collaboration with Momoka-san, who’s already popular…”

That’s one thing, but it’s not enough.

“I don’t know.”

Collaboration is not good if it doesn’t have the appearance of being beneficial to both parties, even if it’s just a formality. It’s meaningless if they’re not on the same level. No one will like you if you’re dependent on someone else’s popularity, right? You have to establish your own style first.


You talk so fast…

However, for the first time since the apocalypse, I feel like I’m telling a coming-of-age story.

It’s fun to have this kind of cloud-catching chat.

While I’m talking, I can see a girl riding a unicycle on the side of the room, making a video of her failed attempts.

Asuka-san says, “That kind of thing is aimed to be accepted by your family perfectly, so you shouldn’t refer to it too much.” She said.


It’s harder than you think, the popularity business.

So we decided to change the subject for once.

I felt that it would be a waste of time to dwell on it any longer.

“By the way, I’m supposed to meet up with Momoka-san…”

“I’ve arranged to receive an email from Mr. Rakudo as soon as he returns.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to wait at the entrance?”

“Momoka-san, it looks like she left here secretly because she didn’t want her account deleted. There must be some kind of secret way out.”

I remember Dancing Girl saying that.

Once you leave the country, your account will be deleted.

I… At the time, I thought, “Oh, no…” But now I think it’s a messed up law that says you have to leave the country to get all your money.

She’s bored out of her mind and finally starts to drift off to sleep,

We’ve got a little extra time… I think we should check out the bunks first.

Asuka will take care of it.

“Speaking of which, where do all the people here stay?”


What? Where’s what?”

You’ll see when you get here.

She smiles meaningfully and leads me and Tsururi-san, with Migoto-chan on our backs, to a place where normal Disneyland guests would never go.

It’s a private entrance titled [for the cast].

It was a behind-the-scenes look at dreamland.

▼ (e.g. when referring to a specific time and place)

This way.

Asuka leads us through the fantastic world of the front of the building and into the employee’s space, a place that is just a peel of its skin.

A little further down the passageway, where a huge pipe is exposed, you can see what it’s used for,

“… Ugh.”

She smells like a little girl… I don’t know if I should describe it that way. There was a kind of sweet smell on my nose that almost made me gag.

Is the ventilation good in here?

“I think…”


You’ll get used to it.

I heard an urban legend that Disneyland has an underground passageway… I heard an urban legend.

The passageway is connected to a warehouse from which supplies are sent to the stores so that they rarely run out of stock.

But I didn’t know they had accommodations.

However, there was no doubt that it was hastily made after the “apocalypse”.

The road is about 7 meters wide and is a long passageway for transporting goods.

The lane on one side of the road, about three meters long, is lined with simple partitions, like those often seen in Internet cafes.

It seems that this partitioned space is our new home for the time being.

Looking inside, there is a sofa that can be used as a cot. Next to it is a laptop computer (for video editing) connected to the power supply, and a locker with a key.

… Yeah. I knew it. It’s a cafe.

“Privacy is… Well, it’s the bare minimum.”

“I’m just waiting for Vivien to get her ratings up. The basement of this building is connected to the Diznya Hotel.”

Oh, yeah? I hear it’s always overbooked.

“… But life here isn’t so bad after all.”

By the way, where’s the bathroom?

You can use the employee version, but you’ll have to pay.

Oh, my God.

“Yeah. That’s why low ratings Vivien seems to be using plastic bottles or something.”

It’s dark.

So, this whole sweltering girl smell is part… or…

I stopped thinking so quickly. Faster than light.

And the shower room.

“There aren’t many, but there’s one that used to be used by the people in Nyacky. There’s a fee for this one too, but it’s rather spacious and easy to use.”

Then Migoto-chan asked me with sleepy eyes, “Are you the one in Nyacky?” she asks, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“It’s nothing…?”

“… Umiu.”

We took her to the room that had been allocated for her “national registration”, laid her on the bed, and covered her with a toweling blanket.

“… Thanks.”


She can say thank you. Maybe only when she’s sleepy.

I don’t think that’s the same girl who stabbed the “Hungry Man” with a knife.

After making sure she is sound asleep, we leave the bunk where we will be spending some time.

This is because I received an email from Mr. Kurakudo just now.

The contents are as follows.

[Hundred Flowers, Return.

However, there is an emergency requirement.

Migratory feathers. If you don’t have it, write back immediately.

Located in the center of the park, on the highest roof of the “Aviania Castle”].


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