High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Strategy Meeting

The sun was shining and we found a bench and a table in the shade of a tree.

Even though it’s been remodeled a bit, it’s still Disneyland.

It’s like being in a theme park. I’m so excited.

We take a break while drinking bottled water that Asuka has prepared for us.

Ever since I became a freed slave, I’ve been able to get by without eating or drinking.

Asuka-san said with a wry smile.

She’s got her jacket rolled up a little too low,

“Look at this belly. I’m totally ripped. I wish I could show you how I used to weigh myself every day.”

Even though there are only girls here, it’s still a little immodest.

See, Tsururi’s all red up to her ears.

Some people are new at this.

“… Well… I’ll get right down to it.

Asuka snapped her hand and changed the subject.

First, let me tell you about the progress we’ve made.


“In the meantime, I’ve been in contact with Mr. Rakudo. He said he’s willing to restore Senpai’s memory. But the important thing is that Momoka-san isn’t here right now…”

“Is he there?”

“Yes. Momoka-san uploaded the video last night and sneaked out to look for her senpai at Masagaoka. She’ll be back tonight.

Oh, my God. We must’ve gotten mixed up.

I’m kind of relieved, I guess. It’s complicated.

Like the execution’s been pushed back, just a little bit.

“However, this may be a minor issue… Compared to our mission.

“Yes, sir.”

“Whatever it takes, let’s revive Kosuke. And Ayaha Hagui too.

So, Ms. Spellman, without missing a beat..,

“And Yuuki-chan… And Yuuki Kamizono…”

Yes. Let’s take this opportunity to bring everyone back to life. Takenaka-kun, Kanzaka-kun, Takada-kun… Get a list of all the dead Masa High School students… all of them!

Asuka, you sound like you’re saying that everyone who was killed can be restored with the Dragon Balls. Don’t worry about it.

“Can you bring back the dead that quickly and conveniently?”

“Yes. The item Reika has, the Soul Replicator, is really amazing. I haven’t seen it in person though.


She seems to have complete trust in this Soul Repair Machine Soul Replicator.

It doesn’t seem that convenient to me. I can’t help but feel there’s more to it.

Perhaps it’s just my naturally backward-looking nature that makes me think so, but – I don’t think humanity will be able to escape so easily from the hand of death, which we’ve tried to solve so many times before and haven’t even found a clue to it.

“If possible, I’d like to talk to Reika-san and convince her to let everyone use that <Soul Repair Machine Soul Replicator> alone…”

“Oh, that’s impossible, probably.”


I’m not that well-informed myself… If I could do that, I think Momoka Koi Kawachi would’ve done it in the first place. Momoka-san is stronger than Senpai-san and less yo-sha than Senpai-san…”


Oh, I see what you’re saying.

“So, in the end, I think the only thing we can do right now is to take the right approach.”

“The right way…”

“Yes… So,.”

Asuka, smile,

“Let’s do it. Post a video.”


Seriously, that’s all you got?

I don’t have it.

▼ (e.g. when referring to a specific time and place)

The total number of citizens in the unreal kingdom is more than 100,000!

It doesn’t seem to be so in Aviania, where there are age and gender restrictions on entry, but it seems to be quite crowded in Grandelinia.

“So we have to make a video that will amuse a hundred thousand people?”

Yes… By the way, are you good at singing?

No, no, no.

Where’s Spellbound?

And the girl in the maid’s outfit looked a little uncomfortable,

“… I like to go to karaoke by myself, but… To be honest, it’s a little difficult to reach a level where I can attract a lot of people.”

I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect you to be a hitokara player.

“I see~.”

As she says this, Asuka-san dots the “I tried singing it” on her notepad.

And ,

“So, what about live video games…”

“I’m pretty good at games, but… I’m not so good at talking. It requires a lot of multitasking. And when you’re cracking jokes and controlling a character… I get lightheaded in a rather short time.”

“Oh? Oh, my God. Have you ever tried it?”

I looked away and whistled a beep-beep-beep.

Asuka immediately writes “△” in the “Game Live” column.

“So, I guess it’s going to be the ‘I tried it’ type videos that conquer the high road…”

“What about making a video of all the magic and skill stuff, you know, the flashy stuff?”

Tsururi-san is surprisingly in a good mood.

“Unfortunately, most of the top Viviennes are ‘players’, so they’re getting tired of that kind of thing…”

… Seriously, are we going to explore our possibilities like this?

Hey, Asuka-san.


“We’ve been working steadily on that… Making funny videos is one thing, but we don’t have an infinite amount of time either.”

Raising the dead is one of the few ways to settle our own screw-ups, but we mustn’t allow it to distract us from the future.

We, the players, have the power to save many people who are still suffering.

“I know, I know… But I’m kind of enjoying it… Because being with you is something I would have done in college if the world was peaceful. It’s like real youth…”

Asuka… a hint of a shadow in her smile.

… Well, if it’s fun and helps people, I think it’s great.

▼ (e.g. when referring to a specific time and place)

The “strategy meeting” continued for several hours.

“Anyway, I wanted my debut video to have a big impact. I wanted to make a video with a big impact.”

“Can’t you just be a normal introductory type?”

“In those cases, I usually end up slipping because I don’t have a clear direction for my character. And then they look back on it and they’re like, “Oh my god, that’s so embarrassing! It’s a standard practice.”

“Oh. The market.

“And those early videos of me wearing that catsuit will haunt me like a curse… -“Oh, the horror, the horror…”

… Asuka, you seem like the experienced one.

Is it my imagination?

But you seem like you’d be popular with the otaku crowd. She’s a dark-rooted girl who’s surprisingly fun to talk to. [It’s like all the guys think I’m the only one in the class who likes her. Like a secret idol type…”


Did I just get insulted to my face? Is it my imagination?

“So I’m sure it’ll go well, as long as you don’t miss any of the material.”


I mean, isn’t she giving off the vibe that she’s producing me?

I think I’m more of a behind-the-scenes type.


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