High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Coo-chan’s Daily Video Ranking

Good morning! I’m Kudryavka!

How’s it going? How are you? Did you pee? Did you say a prayer for our viewers? Are you ready to deliver the spicy ramen game while shivering in the corner of the room?

Well, well, well, here we are!

For two days! It’s time for the video ranking!

Today, we’re going to introduce you to a bunch of videos that the hilarious Vivienne and her friends have been grinding their souls out to make!

As usual, the ranking starts from 11th place!

Why did you start at number 11?

Because I want to stay one step ahead of everyone else!

So, first of all, 11th place!

In the Tiger Mountain Torako, [RTA to get the most powerful equipment in the first casino of Dracula V]!

The rare gambler and “live action princess”! Torachi has done it again!

I can’t believe it! The record is 33 minutes and 28 seconds from the start at Oracle Berry Church! I’m sure they must have been messing with the internal data! However, the cassette was miraculously found brand new! She’s challenging herself in full view of the public! Is there nothing impossible for this woman?

And number 10!

The same Tiger Mountain! [Tetris 100 Match! ~If you lose, I’ll give you a week’s worth of VP Vivian points…]

She’s the strongest Tetris player in the history of the game! She’s the best in the history of play-by-play, and she’s the best in the history of the game.

Next, 9th!

Kazuha Tohmine! [Cthulhu TRPG Replay – Prove That Murder III]

The essence of “The Tale-Telling Princess” is here! She is the modern Scheherazade!

The story is full of mysteries, and the player is so clumsy that he can’t seem to solve the mysteries even though it’s a real mystery. You’re familiar with the “I can’t seem to solve the mystery because I’m a lousy player in a real mystery”! Will we have to wait for the solution version to find out the real culprit?

And 8th place!

Nanami Nezu! [What happens when you remove a zombie’s limbs and mandible?]

The “Laughing Princess” is back! She’s back with her first crazy video!

How did the poor zombies end up here?


Nanami Nezu again! [I went around in a “zombie” costume].

I mean, seriously… it’s time to cut the crap, Nanamy! You’re gonna get us all killed!

My personal highlight is the scene where he gets one-punched by the gatekeeper, Rikchan!


The Wand of the Wind Wing] at the Animation Study Group!

Continuing on from yesterday, we’ve made it to the top of the list!

Don’t miss the climax of the game’s super beautiful battle scene!

It’s an open secret that the former professionals who live in Grandelinia are involved in the production of the game!

Fifth place!

Monoshimasu-kei shojo no kai [Dialogue: The state and future of this country PART45].

This is a very serious video, and if it lasts this long, it’s a good thing! The fact that I’ve been updating this almost every day since the Kingdom was established is no mean feat! The familiar, boring thoughts have now become a realistic reality!

I’m getting a little tired of yelling 4th place!

Ayaka Rando [“Monster” meat alone for a month, and the result is awwwww].

Ayaka, who was supposed to be a monster of some kind! Surprisingly, she’s in good health. In fact, she’s become so smart that I’m afraid there’s going to be a “monster” meat diet boom!

… Seriously, can you share your meat with me sometime?

And yeah!

From now on ahhh!

I’m announcing the top! Before!

Kudryavka will show you some of the funniest videos he’s picked up from the bottom of the rankings.

First of all ah… ,

Yuka Kiryu & Her Delightful Friends! [Ikebukuro production before the actual Micra situation breaks down!]

It took over a month to make!

This is a video that accurately recreates the streets of Ikebukuro, which is now a shadow of its former self!

Once I saw that scene… I can’t stop crying!

The team’s friendly talk with each other is also a highlight of the show!


Nakanan nono! [I painted my boyfriend’s nails with nail polish…]

It’s a rare couple video nowadays!

I’m so proud of your love, Nono, for taking the time and effort to go to Grandelinia to film it!

The last scene where her boyfriend’s nail polish gets ruined in a day due to the construction work is also very funny… I told you the end! Sorry! Explode!

So, here we go… (drumroll)… Up, up, up, up, up, up!

Ezumaki Chi. The Ao Oni: The Blue Devil’s Quest

Now the boilerplate live action is growing! This is a live performance using software that I reprogrammed and modified myself to sound natural!

I don’t know… I mean, if you’re going to go to all this trouble, wouldn’t it be faster to use your own voice? Chii-chan, you’ve got such a cute voice. Oh, I just got a message from her at the speed of light that it’s none of my business! I’m so proud of you, Dennou Shoujo Chii-chan!

Second place!

Senda Mizuki! [White Belly “Natsu Matsuri. I tried to sing it]

The “Diva”, Mizuki’s singing video!

Seriously, this… This is really… I’m gonna cry…

Because, you know…” “In a Distant Dream”… You’re right.

That’s what’s going on right now, isn’t it?



The #1 daily ranking is aaaaaaahhh!

(loud fanfare playing)

Love! River! Inside! Momokaa!

[The case of recreating the Strike 2 bonus stage in a brand new 40 million yen Lamborghini]!

It’s out! It’s Momochan’s new one!

The Lamborghini Countach that was found in a mass operation by the fans in Grandelinia has been scrapped!

This is a scene that can only be seen at the end of the world! Cars are fine as long as they move!

Watch out for the bonus video where he throws away a bottle of Chateau Le Pain, which has an average price of 300,000 yen, saying “It’s bitter. The average price of a bottle of “Chateau Le Pain” is 300,000 yen.

… Yes!

That’s it for today!

Thanks for all your videos, Vivienne Girls!

Today was fun. But tomorrow’s gonna be even better, right, homo Taro?

“Heh.” (strange, thick male voice)

Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow at this time.

Shiyu Nekusutto Taimu


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