High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 247

Chapter 247 At the Entrance of the Kingdom

The entrance to “Aviania” was a modified version of the entrance to the land.

Looking around again, you’ll notice that the “disnya” part of Diznyaland has been erased and everything has been overwritten with “unreal unreal”.

I looked up at the barely left [1-day passport 7,400 yen] on the ticket price list, and thought to myself, “Oh, well, I forgot my wallet,” or something stupid like that. I thought.

“Uh, well, uh…”

The entrance to the land now seemed to be barricaded with many layers to prevent “zombies”, as a matter of course.

I’ve heard that in order to create a sense of isolation from the outside world, Disneyland is designed so that the people inside don’t see any of the structures that exist outside.

“The Kingdom of the Unreal”.

What “unrealistic” things are going on here…

As I’m lost in thought, Migoto-san raises his voice, as if he can’t wait any longer.

Anybody? Hello? Is there Nyacky? Is Gonaldo here?

Migoto-chan shouted, probably from the speakers attached to the land,

[Yes. Wait a minute!]

He said yes.

Then we wait a few minutes.

A girl appears before our eyes through a three-meter-high wire fence with dancing, light footsteps.

She was probably a girl about my age. She was wearing a lame leotard in rhythmic gymnastics fashion. Around her waist was a belt with a silver buckle, and there were two daggers in it.


I wave and she leaps with a few steps.

He jumps over the wire fence, spins around three and a half times in the air, and lands softly as if his wings had fallen.

And the girl bowed with a graceful gesture.

“Whoa! Yikes! That’s amazing!”

I clap my hands.

This kind of unexpected spectacle somehow seemed to carry on the spirit of Diznya.

… But I can’t help noticing that her eyes were shining blue when she looked up.

Apparently, she’s a player.

They’ve just looked at us, so we can <skill assessment> them too.

Job: Dancer

Level: 44

Skills:<<Exercises(Advanced)>><<Natural Healing(Strong)>><<Skin Strengthening><<Bone Strengthening><<Hunger Resistance(Strong)>><<Skill Appraisal>& gt;<<Karma Appraisal>><<Refer to Achievement Conditions>><<Fire Magic I><<Healing Magic I-III>><<Dagger Handling (Super Grade)>><<Two Swords&gt ;><Trance Mode><<Sword Dance><<<Healing Dance><<Detoxification Dance><<Jubilation Dance><<Rejoice Dance><<Sleep Dance>&&. 


Dancer. Isn’t this casually the first job you’ve seen?

She smiled graciously,

“Good day to you! Vivian Girls!”

Hi. Hi…”

“I’m not feeling well! Again! Hello, girls! Girls!

“It’s a go-ki…”

“Until I feel better! I repeat! Have a good day, girls!”

“Good day to you.”

“No, no, no! You shy little minx… and your maid… Maid? Oh, well, the little maid, too! Cheer up, everybody!”

Apparently, I’m not allowed to proceed until I’ve answered the question.

That’s when Tsururi-san and Miyagoto-chan spoke up,

“””Have a nice day!””” “””


I know that one, I do. That’s it. Diznya’s inebriated attraction-guide routine.

“Wooooooooooooooo!!! It’s another beautiful day here in… Good? Normal? Cloudy! Oh well! Let’s get on with it!”

Oh, oh.

What can I do for you three today?

I, uh… I know someone in Aviania. I’d like to come in.

You mean you want to come here!

And then she suddenly got a serious look on her face,

“Then you would need a passport that is recognized by the government as a necessary document for your application for entry permit.”

“What? Passport?”

I didn’t come prepared with that…

I mean, if you needed something like that, you’d have heard it from everyone else.

I’m thinking,

“Oh, my God!”

The “dancer” who spins around and makes a droll show.

We’ve come this far in a rather serious mood.

“But, but, but… Two! Aviania, there are conditions for entry.

She held up two fingers,

“One thing! Being a girl.

Two! Be spiffy under the age of 20 .

Three!” People who want to make “fun” their job!

Then he looked curiously at the third finger, which he held up surreptitiously,

“What? There’s three…? Oh, well…”

And then he smiles.

Oh, my God. The best part is…

She’s trying to be funny, but her eyes aren’t smiling at all.

This is the work of a professional.

“Even if you don’t meet the requirements, it’s all right because we have Grandelinia! What about you three?”

I look at Tsururi-san for a moment.

She seemed to have a lot of guts.

On the contrary,

“What if someone who doesn’t meet the conditions enters the country? Will there be some kind of severe punishment?”

He asked such a dangerous question.

The answer to that is..,


And it’s all very random.

“If it’s not good enough, they’ll force you to go to Grandelinia. But I don’t recommend it, because people don’t like liars!”

“… With such a loose feeling, won’t there be a lot of people breaking the rules?”

“Well, yeah. But I’m allowed to falsify my age a little bit. You can age in the park… But the most important thing is to have fun!”

“Fun”… Hey.

But I think this is a rather helpful condition for people like us.

“However, if you’re going to live in the Kingdom of the Unreal for a long time, the best thing you can do is to be honest and innocent! That’s the shortest way to create ‘fun’!”

Tsururi-san’s eyebrows furrowed as if drawn with a brush, and she nodded quietly.

So I finally asked the question that had been bothering me.

What exactly is this “fun” you’re talking about? What are we supposed to do in here?

And the dancer, with a big smile on her face… She took out her three smart phones, where she had put them, and said a word that had never occurred to me before I came here.



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