High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Tips

“What the… This…”

When we arrived, Maihama station was in a terrible state.

Some palm trees planted at equal intervals were snapped off at the root, and black smoke was rising from the bus terminal. Some of the buildings seemed to have collapsed.

Takashi-san, stop the bus!


Stop! Come on!”


Rinne jumps off the bus, which is slowing down, and lands with great athleticism, and… And then she runs away.

When I stopped at the site after her, I noticed that Yohisa, Rinne, and Sanae Houjouji had already arrived first, and that a number of small craters had formed in the vicinity.

The armored buses that seem to have been taken by the first group of passengers are the ones that are billowing black smoke.

“This is…”

I’ve seen this scene before.

It’s similar to the traces of the battle we just saw near Tsukishima Station.

“<<Weapon Creation>> must have produced a small bomb.”

But who…?

I don’t understand. -I can’t use telekinesis right now.

Tsururi-san looks around with a dark expression.

Sanae-san! What’s the situation?”

The woman who was asked kept her cheerful voice low for the moment,

Yes, sir. Well, I just got here myself. -I was out getting supplies.

“Who’s left?”

“Hibiya, Kosuke’s the only one… It was…”

What did he look like?

“I don’t know… But it looks like he fought one of those hunters we heard about.

Looking around, you can see that a fierce battle took place.

Looking closely at the crater, I found what I thought was a human body part stuck in the crater.

You don’t think that’s…

“Don’t you dare say that!”

Rinne, you’re screaming hysterically.

Which means it’s my turn to do what she always does.

“The bodies are two female and one male. The man’s body was obviously that of an old man, so it couldn’t be Kosuke’s.”

So you’re not back at the base, resting up?

When I ask the obvious question, people are at a loss for an answer.

It’s as if he’s refusing to go there, to face the truth.

Yagyu-san, may I ask you to follow me?

“Hmm… Yeah. But, sweetheart…”

“Yes, sir.”

“This is just a hunch I have, but… I’ve got a hunch…

I ignore them and enter the building on the ground floor of the station.

For some reason, the building was energized and the automatic doors were working.

Scramble across the smooth, well-cleaned floors to an area lined with gift shops.

And then… there it is.

A brave young man who crossed paths with three fearsome “Hungry Men.”

“… Fuck. I knew it.

Yagyu and I were the only ones who didn’t have a special relationship with him before he died.

We examined his body as if we were forensics examining a crime scene.

Kosuke Hibiya.

He is now lying on his back in front of us with a gaping hole in his chest. When we looked into the hole, we saw that his heart, which was supposed to be there, had been completely taken away.

“A stab to the heart… “would have saved him a lot of pain.”

“Oh. “Yeah. Happy way to die. I wish I could be like that.”

Yagyu’s palms are together.

I looked at him longingly… I’m still sad that I can’t feel any emotion.

Are you sure he’s Kosuke?

“I don’t know. But it fits the description I’ve heard.”

He was alive when I radioed in just 30 minutes ago.

Our late arrival was just a minor mix-up.

We were a little late because we ran into a bunch of “zombies” on the way.

Don’t think about the “ifs,” little girl.

I know.

I nodded my head and felt a strange emotion.

It’s always sad when someone dies, whether it’s someone you knew or not.

He’s, uh… he’s happy.

Kosuke’s contented death face minimizes the shock to our hearts.

“I bet he made a face like this so we wouldn’t feel sorry for him. He’s a good man for such a young man.”

Yohisa took in his spirit and let out a long sigh through her mask.

I’m gonna go get the guys.


Yagyu runs to the bus.

I was left alone, and I noticed a piece of paper clutched in Kosuke-kun’s palm.


That’s great. This must be what they call a dying message. I’ve never seen that before.

Kneel down and pull the note out of his hand.

The crumpled up lettering on it reads, “HITORAO” (human wax), which he wrote with a hastily run ballpoint pen.

“Jinro… Werewolf. Werewolves.

I understand immediately what that means.

I remember his ex-girlfriend Rika liked board games.

“Hungry men can pretend to be human.” -That’s what it means.

These tips… I’ll make sure they’re useful. Kosuke.

Good night.


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