High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 244

Chapter 244 The Fanged One

There’s a character on TV who is in a desperate situation.

He’s just an average guy.

The man is almost unarmed, surrounded by thugs and held at gunpoint.

You can’t win. You can’t run away.

And most unhelpfully of all, the man is not the hero of the story.

He’s going to die. For the writer’s convenience.” “It’s time to give this story some ups and downs.” Or something like that.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I always feel empty when I think of the supporting characters that Hibiya Kosuke lets die.

They had lives, too.

They have someone they love. They have friends.

I have my favorite food, I have my favorite hobbies.

On holidays, I go out for sweets, laugh at pandas at the zoo, suddenly start doing sit-ups to keep fit, redecorate my room, or take a walk on a whim on a nice morning after the rain.

That’s how it’s been. That’s how I’ve lived.

Bite down hard on your back teeth.

I’m not gonna lie, I was about to cry. You’re lucky you didn’t drink too much water. I wouldn’t have pissed myself.

Of course I wasn’t going to die for nothing.

The last thing you do is piss her off by cheating on her.

I don’t like that.

-At least take out one more of them…

I’m sure it’ll help your people.

It’s the proof of your life that you’ll live on in the hearts of your friends.

Kosuke desperately looks at the faces of the monsters that appear.

<Skill Appraisal>,


Level: ?

Skills:<<starving><<???? (Advanced)>>… ,

but it is not clear what it is.

-Well, I’m just gonna have to try and remember what they were like before they became…

I recognize four of the six faces that showed up.

Wakahito Matsumura: “Lore User” level 75

A man dressed like an Edo period chivalrous man.

Shigezo Umeda: “Archer” level 62

A balding old man with a beard as white as a cloud.

Kizuna Kono: “Wizard” level 28

A dark girl with a purple robe concealing her face.

These three were affiliated with the Guild.

In addition to them, there’s that old guy Sempai was talking about once [like Ryu from Stotyu].

Perhaps this is Mr. Ryuzume.

I’m told his job is “guardian knight.” I don’t know his level.

The other two men and women are only twenty-somethings with ordinary faces.

The only thing they have in common is their stony eyes that remind you of deep-sea fish and their reddish-black fingernails that look like they’ve been painted with nail polish. And their stalactite-white skin.

-Out of all these guys… The one I have the best chance of defeating… Kizuna Kono.

Kizuna is a short girl wearing a loose robe over her eyes.

I don’t remember her being the talkative type, at least not when she was human.

I think Senpai told me that she didn’t have many defensive skills or something…

[… I can’t let go. I won’t let you go.]

The young man looks up to the heavens and murmurs.

[Louis’ scars don’t heal. Like a melted popsicle… Oh, I feel so sorry for you.]

And yet he doesn’t even try to help her up as she struggles on the ground.

[What about this guy?]

[Let’s just take the heart and throw the rest away. Salmon head.]

Kosuke listens to the conversation between the young man and the unnamed man, waiting for his chance.

The gun– unfortunately, I dropped it when we were attacked earlier.

But that’s not really a problem. He now has the skill to throw projectiles. In fact, it’s much more powerful than shooting with a gun.

I always have a little less than four-millimeter bullet in my pocket.

This should be lethal enough for them.

[… You’re not gonna join us?]

[Idiot. This is not a “player”. It’s a tin soldier.]

You reach into a pocket in the enemy’s blind spot and place a bullet in the palm of your hand.

I can do it.

They’re not ready.

<Throwing> completely destroys Kono Kizuna’s head.

Whatever they are, they’ll probably die from it.

I clutched the bullet… A moment before that, I’m lost.

Are you sure bonding is the right way to go?

Isn’t that a bearish move?

I’m sure that’s what your “sensei” would say.

-Think of the best way to survive until the very last minute.

I bet you’re right.

At least when she went to save her family on “The Captain,” she wasn’t planning on dying. She chose the best of the worst and that’s what she got.

If that’s the case… It’s your turn to pull off the big upset.

-We’ll take care of all of them right here.

If you think so, it is certainly not the weakest piece you should aim for by surprise.

Lorebearer. Level 75. Level 75.

Matsumura, Wakato.

-I’m gonna drill a hole right through the middle of his face…

Watch me, guys! Rika, watch me.

-I’ll do it.

Hibiya Kosuke smiled to himself as he thought of this.

I think of Rika Asada at times like this.

You didn’t have to start from the beginning.

I’m still an idiot.


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