High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Locations

The base of the advance team, including Kosuke Hibiya, was on the first floor of the building once called “Maihama Station. It was a space where a gift shop was located.

Kosuke finds a strange rest in the shop, which somehow reminds him of an empty gift box.

-This is a good place.

No zombies, no monsters.

It’s pretty well cleaned up for a building of this kind.

All the supplies have been dredged up by the “Realms of the Unreal”, but the wallpaper, the little monuments… I could feel the remnants of a peaceful time.


However, it is sure to be boring.

I was tired of making origami with a piece of paper with Fukuzawa Yukichi printed on it.

The radio, reminiscent of an old VCR, remains silent for a moment.

Asuka Kimino’s in Aviania and her father’s hiding out in Grandelinia.

Sanae-san, who was also in the detention group, was looking for supplies, partly because she had no one to talk to.


I think this group of people is rather fortunate in that we don’t have to talk.

Asuka hates me because of that incident and Sanae doesn’t talk to me much anymore.

My father, who sometimes talks to me exceptionally, has always been a pain in the ass.


These days, I think I’m more stressed about relationships than killing zombies.

I can’t imagine how helpful it would be to have someone like Rintaro Konno to talk to in times like these without worrying.

That’s not the only reason I’m so nervous.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to look like to you.

She’s lost her memory, so she won’t be complaining or lecturing you.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t be awkward.

… The thought of the newborn’s life is a bit of a shock to the system, but it’s not a bad thing to have a child.

-Maybe the seppuku was just a surgical procedure to get rid of the foggy feeling.

And then I had a crazy thought like…

▼ (e.g. when referring to a specific time and place)

As it turns out, the reason Asada and Rika broke up was because he cheated on her.

“Because of the influence of the slave’s sexual skills…” That’s no excuse.

As for the other guy, I… I didn’t want to talk about it, to be honest.

Now that I think about it, I can’t help but wonder… I can’t help but wonder. She was a college girl, two years older than me. But she had big breasts. That was very important to an adolescent. It’s hard to hold back when you know two boobs can do what they want.

The first time, she invited me to sleep with her.

The second and third time.

The fourth time outside. A drizzly night. In the warm air, covered in mud.

Fifth time, I’m stuck in the car near the barricade.

The sixth time was in the girls’ restroom in the school building… and the acts gradually escalated… ,

And then it all came out.

And in the worst way imaginable. The two of us were naked and covered in a mess of sweat like cockroaches on the tile of the girls’ restroom when Rika and a few other students saw us.

Strange moaning noises echoed through the corridor night after night… and it was rumored by everyone that even Hanako-san had appeared in the toilet.

No matter how well-spoken he was, I don’t think he had an excuse.

A timeless and beloved source of laughter is a funny joke about other people’s lower body parts.

Since then, Kosuke has been scorned by all the girls in the community.

The only one who was sympathetic was a friend of mine named Hidetoshi Nakata who hated me because I used to have relations with several girls.

“… Ugggghhhh…”

Fukuzawa Yukichi is watching me with cold eyes.

[While crumpling it up into a ball.

That’s when it happened.

“Oh… Oh, here it comes…

I sensed that you had a visitor.

This is a new power given to the “freed slaves” (Kosuke and the others call themselves “soldiers”).

The skills that Kosuke and the others have now are ,

<<Fighting Technique>>,<<High marksmanship>><<Natural Healing>>,<<Skin Strengthening>>,<<Bone Strengthening>>,<<Hunger Resistance>>,<<Skill Appraisal>>,<<Skill Appraisal>>,<<Skill Appraisal>>,<<Skill Appraisal>>,<<Skill Appraisal>>,<<Skill Appraisal>>,<<Skill Appraisal Strengthening of Bones>>,<<Strengthening of Bones>>,<<Strengthening of Hunger>>,<<Skill Appraisal>>

<<Base Creation II>>,<<Weapon Creation (Lower Grade)>>,<<Auto Maintenance>>,<<Throwing V>>,<<Attack Power I>>,<<Defensive Power I&gt Magic Resistance I

And it looks like this.

It was only after I decided to make Maihama Station my home for the time being that I realized that there was a power called <<Base Creation II>> in this power, which would allow me to “base” a limited area.

Kosuke and his friends can gain some characteristics in the “base” land.

If you stay at the base, your “magic power” will be recovered slowly.

Two, it can detect intruders in the base.

Three, the location information can be shared among those who are in the base.

The base is energized.

etc., etc.

All of this information came to us recently from that strange cross-dresser.

He’s in the habit of withholding information, and now he’s decided to tell us about the characteristics of his skills.

-There’s five of us. They’re a little late, but I think they’re my superiors.

Get up off your heavy back and stand up.

I volunteered for this journey almost as if I were running away from Masagaoka.

I’ll have to settle this myself sooner or later.

Tell Ewha I’m sorry.

And if you refuse to get back together… I can only respect that.

And then it occurred to me.

-Kosuke… I think you deserve a girlfriend in a red jersey more than that little girl.

I remember my father’s insensitive words that he told me one day.

You idiot. Now is not the time to be thinking about this.

We have to get her, uh… We have to get to her.


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