High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Doors of the Otherworld

“Hey, Toru! Stop slacking off!

Despite his timid appearance, the boy with glasses raises his voice.

“Hey, come on, I’m meeting someone I know.”

“Fuck you, man! We’re not in the middle of street corner shopping!

But Thor doesn’t care and just waves his hand.

I don’t want to keep her here too long, so I speak as quickly as I can.

Well, let’s put our circumstances aside for the moment and help you.

“Wow. Tuskarimasu.”

We’re going to cover you now, so watch out for each other.


By the way, do you plan on killing all the zombies here?

“Yeah. We’ve been trying to get rid of the water.


Before he can ask what the word means, Thor leaps into the air and leaps down into the crowd of “zombies” like a band member diving for the audience.


My eyes widen in surprise. A few moments later, I had a mental image of her, covered in “zombie” blood and slobber.

But of course, that didn’t happen.

She’s about 6 feet tall, and before the zombies can touch her,

Tenshinhan! I’m borrowing a technique! -<<Holy Light!

His whole body emits an intense light.

I thought it was some kind of a distraction, but no. The zombies are bathed in the holy light… and in an instant they turn to ashes.


I couldn’t help muttering to myself. <<Not even <Fire Magic V> can do this.

I mean, it wouldn’t be hard to wipe out all the zombies in the city with her.

“Idiot! You idiot! The plan was to save you for a while!

“I’m a little tense. I’m a little tense.”

I’ll do her <skills appraisal> while I’m at it.

Job: Paladin

Level: Level 79

Skills:<<<Japanese(Beginner)>><<Fighting Technique(Advanced)>><<Self-Renewal(Intermediate)>><<Skin Strengthening><<Bone Strengthening><<Infinite Organ&gt Karma><<<Fire Magic I~V><<Water Magic I~V><<Lightning Magic I~V><<Healing Magic I~V V><<Light Magic I-X><<Attack V><<Durandal><<Defense VIII><<Mithril Silver Equipment><<Riding III&gt Summon Heavenly Horses V><Shrunken Ground V><<Summon Heavenly Horses

… Hmm, level 79.

I’m pretty sure I’m only at level 85 right now, so I’m not sure if he’s really that strong.

While I keep my eyes peeled, the four of them are furiously killing the “zombies”.

“Hey, hey, hey! That’s a level 85… Level 85? That’s really bad… I don’t care! If you want to help me, can you focus on the zombies in the middle of the street?


I moved along the roof as I was told, aiming at the middle of the tightly packed “zombies”,

“-<<Pillar of Fire>>!”

You cast the now-familiar fire magic V.

As usual, the flame rises and the “zombies” in the area are instantly scorched to black.

Okay. Keep it up… ,

You think to yourself, and another shot of <Fire Magic V> comes in to assist you.

I see Amamiya Tsururi waving at us.

Good work.

Tsururi-san greets him in a somewhat businesslike manner.

What happened to the convenience store?

After the supplies had already been taken.

“Well, then…”

“Instead, out of nowhere, people from the Guardians appeared and promised to help us. That’s why I’m here now.”


“Yes… They’re wearing the same uniforms as the four fighting just over there. Though I don’t think they’re the players we’ve met.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yes. I’ve never heard of it before, but “guardian” refers to all the government officials who’ve been dispatched to the city center.

Oh, wow.

For now, let’s just focus on getting rid of the zombies. The goal seems to be to get the Paladin to come here and use <<Light Magic X>>.”


I nodded, and that’s when I first noticed it.

There’s a herd of zombies gathering in the middle of nowhere.

There’s some kind of door that’s been left open directly on the ground there.

“It’s a…”

The Guardians call it the Otherworldly Gate. Apparently, that’s where all the zombies are coming from.


I’ve been wondering how exactly these “endless springs” come into being, but I didn’t realize that’s what they were like.

… I was just about to say that,

Wait a minute. Another world? Does that door lead to another world?

I’m afraid so.

That’s not a fact you can just blurt out, is it?

“Does that mean that… You’re saying that there’s some kind of parallel universe out there?”

I don’t know if this is a parallel universe or not. Anyway, we’ll talk more about it when this mission is complete.

“… I see.”

We certainly don’t have time for a leisurely chat right now.

Even as we speak, we can see zombies appearing from the doorway to the Otherworld.

“But the Guardians described the door as…” “It’s already an abandoned world.”


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