High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Dark Elf Woman



Even without Yagyu-san’s willingness to help me, my answer was already decided.

“Let’s help them. As they say, compassion is good for no one.”

“Okay. That’s the way to do it.”

Yagyu’s quickly removing the safety from the Thompson.

With this gun’s accuracy, I don’t think you can expect much in the way of annihilation, but at least it’ll help draw the enemy away.

But how do we attack? With that many of them, we can’t just go head-to-head.

What about the bus?

So I asked the driver,

“The car won’t last. It’s against the Highway Code.”

Takashi, on the second day, we seem to have gotten to know each other well enough to joke around.

“Then let’s each cover them from the safe zone as long as we don’t run out of magic.”

“That’s fine, but shouldn’t we find a supply base first?”

That’s true, too.

“Is there a convenience store around here… I think there’s a 7-Eleven a little further down the street and to the right.

Then let’s make that our supply point. Tsururi-san, Rinne-san… secure the area first.

Copy that. “Ui.” That’s what they said.

“Yagyu-san, keep the zombies away from the streets and reduce their numbers. Don’t overdo it and come back if you feel your magic running out.


Then, under Takashi-san’s leadership who knew the area well, we shared information on how to contact each other in case the nearby convenience stores were out of service and the location of possible backup supply points… The plan was decided in no time at all.

“… Am I?”

The one who interrupted at that moment was Aizuki Migoto.

I left her the sword that belonged to my grandfather,

You’re gonna protect this bus, where we’re going back.

“… Muuu.”

“Listen. This is a very important mission. If this place gets overrun by zombies, we’re gonna be screwed. Okay?”


The second “Mwah.” I believe the second “Mwah.” I believe it means “Acknowledged.

I stroked the top of her head and she didn’t seem to mind, so I’ll leave it at that.

At that moment, I heard the eerie typing sound of Yagyu-san, who had already started his action.

I follow suit and run out of the doorway of the bus.

▼ (e.g. when referring to a specific time and place)

My role, as we discussed earlier, is to contact the four men currently engaged with the zombies.

The easiest way to get there is to… Yeah.

I think we should follow the roof.

I used to be able to climb on the lowest box with a “yo-kase.” But now I only need to catch my toes on the top of the box.

With a “pi-pi-pi-“, we jump onto the two-story roof like ninjas, looking down at the packed Monja Street as we move on.

I saw a zombie on the way over,


And, greetings.

[Woah woah woah woah woah…]



Of course, they didn’t react, and they were left squirming.

I walk along the roof, feeling as if I were in an aquarium watching the mysterious life of sea fishes, and head for the place where the four men are.

All four of them were dressed in dark-green clothes reminiscent of military uniforms and wore caps with matching emblems.

One of them is a small girl with a saber in her hand, who is piercing the head of a zombie with a precise thrust.

One of them is a big guy, all tattered and bruised up.

One is a rather large brown-skinned woman with silver hair that dazzles even from a distance.

One of them is a boy with glasses who looks a little plain. He is flipping through a book and giving instructions to his companions.

“Ola, ola, ola, ola! More! Come on!

One of them, a big brother, shouted.

He seems to be a “fighter”, and he blows the heads off of the “zombies” with his bare hands, without any weapons of his own.

Hey! You’re too far ahead of us, Soohoo!”

“Ha ha ha ha! That was fun! That was fun! I’m so happy!”

“… Idiot! So stupid! So stupid!”

They are so excited that they don’t seem to notice my appearance on the roof.

Where I hate my thin presence.

Well, I thought I’d raise my voice for a change… That’s when I thought…

Yeah, yeah, it’s not the end of the world. It’s been a week or so.

He turns around.

There was a silver-haired, brown-skinned woman sitting there, the one who was supposed to be fighting the zombies earlier.


I only took my eyes off her for a second.

It sent chills down my spine. To be taken completely unnoticed from behind means you could have been assassinated.

“What? What kind of magic is that?”

It’s not magic, it’s just… What’s wrong? Did you get amnesia?

And now you’re getting to the point.

“Um… Are you…?”

“Oh, you really have amnesia. I’ve never forgotten someone I met once.

This woman certainly has quite an impressive figure.

Because she… She doesn’t look Japanese.

I mean, it’s not like he’s even from Earth.

My ear.

His ears are pointy.

Her skin is brown, her hair is silver, her breasts are big enough to pop the front buttons of her uniform, and her eyes are a deep purple that makes me feel unstable.

Her appearance made me think of the words “dark elf”.

Then she takes off a leather glove stained with the blood of a zombie and holds out her hand.

“Sonja, this is my second time.”

“… Hi.”

I squeezed his hand back and it was smooth and silky.

“I am Thor. Thor Vladimir or Vladimir. The correct pronunciation is Vladimirova. Russian immigrant.

“Uh… Burdoomi…?”


Suddenly, a foreign language pronunciation class starts, and I’m at a loss.

“Oh, just Toll.”

You know what?

“Toru is a boy’s name, but my dad gave it to me because ‘Toru’ is allowed as a girl’s name in Japan. I love it.”


“By the way, I’m from Finland. Slamapagi!”

“Uh…? Slippery…?”

“You’re Finnish, but you greet me in Indian! Deshawn?”

“Oh, oh…”

She’s dark-skinned, and she’s smiling a kind of goofy smile.

She’s certainly a character you won’t forget once you meet her.

But still,-.

She and I, we… I don’t know how we knew each other.


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