High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 231

Chapter 231 A Promise to the Three Daughters

I opened my eyelids to the sound of my alarm clock beeping. I open my eyelids to the sound of my alarm clock,

“… I don’t know what the ceiling is.”

I’m the only one who mutters Eva stuff like that.

I got up with a start, took a shower in the morning, brushed my teeth with a portable toothbrush I had brought with me, ate a loaf of bread (baked after the “apocalypse”) and a canned coffee with a big mouthful.

… It’d be great if we could get the morning news in here.

I changed into my school uniform and opened the door fifteen minutes before the scheduled meeting.

And then..,

“Oh.” Oh, my… Whoa, whoa.

Blonde, black hair, brown hair.

Three girls are waiting for you in front of the room.

I’m… Who’s there?

I almost asked him reflexively, but he interrupted me.

Maybe he knew her before she lost her memory.

Hey. It’s been a while. Well, it’s been less than a month.

It turns out I was right. I think we know each other.

The one who talked to me was a gal (blonde hair) who seemed to be the representative among the three of us.

Do you remember me? We met on the first basement floor of the dungeon. I was with Ryoma.

“Dungeon.” “First basement.”

Before I lost my memory, I don’t seem to have told my story to everyone, so there are a lot of mysteries…

“Well… Well, I don’t know.

“Dimly” is a terrible thing to say. We’ll never forget you. It’s like the strongest impact.”

“Uh… Huh.”

I can’t. This is going to come out.

However, they seemed to think that I was such a character, and didn’t seem to think it strange.

“… Enishi told me about Ryoma. He’s dead.”

“I see.”

How did he die?

I let my gaze wander for a moment,

“It was magnificent.”

I’ll answer.

“Ryoma-san seemed to have lost his mind for some reason, but even so, he still gave me hints.”

“… So …”

Then two of the gals, one with dark hair and the other with brown hair, break down in tears.

“Ryoma-kun, you were a great guy right up until the end…”


I then proceeded to explain in turn what had happened last night.

The three of them are listening to me with mysterious faces, trying not to miss a single word of what I say.

When I’m finished,

“He’s always working for us in the dungeon… It’s rare to find a handsome guy with a good personality.

He’s handsome… I don’t know if he’s good-looking.

I don’t really have that impression, though.

“Did you like Ryoma-san?”

“…. Hmm…”

The gal (blonde) nodded her head,

“We were all three of us in love with him.”

Now that’s a sad admission.

Well, Ryoma chose Ushiozaki, but… Remember him? That guy with the Kansai accent?

“… I’m sorry. I don’t remember.

I guess that’s understandable. When we battled to keep you here, he was the only one who didn’t want to go. He was an honorable man. Ryoma, you were born to be popular… so maybe you were attracted to that kind of pure-hearted person.


“We’ll spend the rest of our lives taking care of Ushiozaki-san and Ryoma’s child. I think it’s the only way we can repay him.

That’s a good thing.

I’m aware that my words are oozing an air of aloofness.

Maybe we should just get out of here.

Hey, Warrior. Can I ask you something else?


You do remember Itchi, don’t you? Kobayashi Kazuki. The little dark-natured chubby who used to love you.

Uh… Well…”

“I haven’t seen you for a while now. Do you think he’s the same way, Ryoma?”


I looked away.

I don’t know what process makes it look so monstrous,

“If this is the case, I think we should assume that every player who disappears after phase 3… I think it’s better to assume that they’ve mutated into something like a “starving person”.”

“I see. Ryo.”


I… Uh, short for “Copy.” Short for, uh…?

As I ponder this, the gals pull one of the furoshiki wrappings out of each pocket.

Hey, Warrior. Will you take this and give it to us?


I think it’s the reward item for the achievement we got last night when Ryoma died. It’s called “Team Dismissed. I think it requires that someone in a subordinate relationship dies. We each got one of these. Take it.

What she was holding in her hand was a glass bottle about the size of a 500-milliliter PET bottle.

It’s called an elixir. You have to drink it completely, but it can completely heal your injuries and your magic for once.”

The other one is, uh… I don’t know what it is, but it looks like a palm-sized gold bar. I don’t know what it is, but it looks like…

“…” The MacGuffin.” When you offer it in barter, it’s more attractive to the other side than anything else. But be careful, it loses its power the moment it’s in the other person’s hands.”

And the last one is a wooden doll which looks like a goat.

Scapegoat. It’ll only last a few days, but it should keep hostile life forms occupied for a while.

I received those items from a gal with each hair color,

“… Are you sure?”

“Listen. You’re probably better off with it than we are with it.

I don’t know.

These items seem to me to be more of a remedy for “players” with low combat power.

So, Warrior… Make sure you avenge Ryoma’s death.

However, even I, who have a reputation for not being able to read the air, couldn’t help but respond to this.

Yes… You must.”


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