High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 229

Chapter 229 People to be Fearful Of

“What the… What the fuck are you… What the fuck…?”

Yoshida-san stands up, shouting what most people would think or say if they were beaten up by a masked pervert.

The damage doesn’t seem to be so bad.

At the same time, all the cronies around him braced themselves.

The city at night is filled with a sweltering atmosphere.

I’m sorry. I just think it’s okay to beat the shit out of people who shoot kids.”

He’s not just a kid! He’s…

And just so you know, I’m not a player.

What the…? What?”

And Yoshida-san, please check Migoto-chan’s skills and see if she’s up to the task,

“I’m a normal person…”

I peeled my eyes off.

It’s true that you could be forgiven for thinking that Migoto is a player.

“You’re lucky. If you’d have killed him, we wouldn’t have gotten off scot-free.

Mr. Yoshida, you mumble incoherently and spit to cover your bad looks.

“But, but! That kid killed one of our own.

He had already mutated into a monster.

You have no proof of that!


We don’t really know who the enemy is.

Whether she made the right decision or not will become clear. It’s not something to be decided in haste.

“But! It’s no use killing Toba for nothing. It’s no use showing our friends… Right?

I don’t know. That’s your problem.

… It would have been so much easier to just say that and walk away.

“Uh, I’m sorry. Can I ask you to tell me what’s going on?

The person who intervened was the king, Mr. Nakamichi.

As for why he’s here, Mr. Asada says, “I thought it would be faster to have Mr. En wake them up with his power than to ring the chimes one by one.” He said.

In fact, Migoto might have died if she hadn’t been so tactful, so it was a good call.

“Well, uh…”

I’ll tell you what it’s all about.

“… I mean…”

When I finished explaining the situation to him, he nodded his head. He nodded his head.

After he felt a little sad that Ryouma Kotoshiro had turned into a monster,

“… A new kind of hostile life form?

“Yes. -<<I’ve run a skill check and all I see is the word “starved”. It’s “hunger” as in “starved”.

Not a freak, not a demi-god, not a demon.

“Hungry man…?”

Do you have any idea?

No, not at all.

I know, right?

But from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t sound like the Warrior is to blame.


Yoshida-san, open your eyes wide,

“You, you… You fat fuck. Whose side are you on?

Which one? – The side of justice.

“Huh? I don’t understand. Don’t use that fucking language!”


There it is. The difference between nerds and DQNs.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help it.

We’re still running a tight rotation. We’re gonna have to replenish supplies or manpower for every man we lose. That’s what I’m thinking.

This time I couldn’t take it anymore,

“Isn’t that your problem and none of ours?”

“No. That’s not right. Your friend did this to you, and you have to take responsibility.

“Normal”… In what universe is that normal? -If we’d let him live, there could’ve been a second or third victim. Worst case scenario, we could’ve had a pandemic and everyone would be dead.

“So what?”

Mr. Yoshida, you set an example for all extortionists with your intimidating tone,

“That’s your opinion… You guys are players from another community, right? So I’ll contact your community and get you some supplies. Is that okay?”

I think for a second I’m okay with that, but then I think…

If we terminate the game with that, it will definitely cause a lot of trouble for everyone in the Masagaoka community.

I’m at a loss. Then I guess it can’t be helped…” Mr. Eda took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

“I didn’t really want to do this, but…” – Yoshida-san. But for now…

“What? What the hell is this?”

It was the moment he looked at what was written on the paper.


His face turned blue…

He crumples the piece of paper into a ball and burns it with <<Fire Magic I>> as if in a panic.

You… Where did you… Where did you…

“Oh, no, I’m not trying to scare you.”

You’re threatening me.

His tone is harsh, but his voice is low.

It seems their positions have already been reversed, but En-san is staying low,

Well, you can assume that… I’d advise you to keep that kind of thing out of sight.

Mind your own business!

“And one more thing. I’d like to build a more respectful relationship with you from now on… Is that okay?”

“Ha… Huh…”

Yoshida-san, put your hand on his chest to stop his heart from palpitating,

“Okay, okay…”

Eventually, he accepted the request.

Thank you. -I forgot to mention we owe these guys for letting Akiba go. So we don’t owe them anything this time.

“Shut up. You don’t have to make up excuses.

Mr. Yoshida said that and left with his friends.

Looks like the Toba-san case is closed.

I’m relieved.

I thought now that I’m Superman, I wouldn’t be afraid of a bully like him… I guess not. I’m scared.

“Whew. I’m glad we didn’t get into a fight…”

He took his fifth handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the sweat from his face.

“What did you show him?”



Like the ones that are good with cucumbers in them?

Mr. Eden chuckled a little,

“He’s a typical guy. There’s A-chan, the rightful wife, B-chan, the second wife, and C-chan, the third wife, and if A-chan hears about it, she’ll stab him to death in his sleep.”

Oh, yeah, that’s…

I’m not a man of violence. I’m going to hold the city this way for a while… As you know, I’m rather good at gathering information.


You’re so scary.

But perhaps you can’t be a king if you’re not feared.

It’s not a simple thing to be a leader.

“Come on, let’s just go back downstairs. We got an early start tomorrow morning… Isn’t that right, Warrior? Warrior.


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