High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Decapitation

“Hey, are you kidding me?

Everyone’s eyes peel off at the sight.

All the while, the man who had been bitten by Ryoma continued to scream pitifully for the world to hear.

Toba! Toba! Don’t… Don’t move!

Yoshida-san pulls a large revolver pistol from his pocket.

Oh, he must be the archer.

Destroy the head, completely!

“You don’t have to tell me…!”

And Mr. Yoshida squeezes the trigger.

At the same time, a bullet surrounded by an orange aura is fired.

The bullet hits Ryoma squarely in the forehead, shattering his already nearly charred skull.

He’s dead… This time.

But that didn’t solve the problem.

The wound of a man named Toba must be covered with Ryoma’s saliva and brain plasma.

I’m gonna take a few steps back and see what happens.

“Oh, hey… Hey! Are you okay, Toba?

Mr. Yoshida also expressed his concern for him, but he never approached him.

“Ugh… Uhhh… Uhh… Yoshida-san… What’s going on, I… My skin, it’s burning…”

The man is in agony as he kneels in the center of the crater.

Anyone with an ounce of imagination could see that he was in danger.

“But who! <<Is there anyone who can use <Healing Magic>?

Mr. Yoshida calls out to his friends, but they all remain silent and do not respond.

All we could do was watch.

I saw him turn into the same thing as Ryouma-san, the thing called a “hunter” from what I gather from the results of the skill assessment.

At first glance, his appearance didn’t change much.

But you can see the skin is turning a bloodless color as it erodes away from the large missing shoulder area.

[gasp, gasp, gasp] A, a…]

I feel compelled to say this to Mr. Yoshida.

Let’s kill him. He’s not gonna make it.

That’s what Ryoma meant when he said, “Behead them.” That’s what he meant.

I couldn’t let the information he passed on to me go to waste, even though he’d turned into a monster.

“Say something stupid… Toba’s my little brother…”

The man you extinguished was an acquaintance of mine.

Yoshida-san’s eyes were wide open like a startled doll,

What the hell is that thing? I don’t think it’s a zombie.

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a new species of hostile life form.

“A new species…”

Toba-san is crouched down on his knees, not moving a muscle.

I can’t think of a way to take him out with one shot.

A long-range attack isn’t enough to kill a starved man.

“Everyone, let’s work together here and cast Fire Magic V once more…”

“Hey, asshole. We can wait and see.”

But it’s more dangerous to leave him like this.

“Listen! Anybody hurts him! I won’t let you!

Oh, shit. We’ve had a perfect disagreement.

All the “players” around you are upset.

There is nothing more fragile than an unruly group.

I’m afraid we won’t be able to handle it if Toba-san and the others start attacking us.

Then the shadow of a small girl jumps out from the crowd.

In the girl’s hand is a Japanese sword.

That looks familiar, it’s a memento of my grandfather’s that I just tossed down an alleyway.

She threw away her scabbard as she ran with a low posture as if she were licking the ground, and without any hesitation she decapitated Toba-san.

Mr. Toba’s head leaps like an arc in the moonlit sky.

“What the…”

Oh, no.

The head rolls around in the crater and flaps its mouth open and closed for a while before it stops moving.

“Nah ah ah?”

Mr. Yoshida screams in surprise rather than anger.

The girl was Aizuki Migoto, the girl I left behind in the alley.

She’s been following me.

“Hey, hey! Hey…! You little…!

Oh, no.

Yoshida-san, you’re probably not in the right frame of mind to have a proper discussion.

“What the fuck are you doing, you little fucker!”

And he points the muzzle of his revolver at Migoto.

By the time you think it’s bad, it’s too late.

Mr. Yoshida became furious and fired three bullets into Migoto-chan.

I can’t protect Migoto-chan until I catch up with the bullet.

It seems to me that no creature in this world deserves death more than children.

I can look at most things, but I couldn’t look at that.

I closed my eyes,

“By the way, I can make the shield of the Holy Knight appear where I want it to.”

I know that baritone voice you’ve heard so much about.

You open your eyes and see an irregularly shaped shield shimmering like mercury just in front of Migoto-chan.

All three of Mr. Yoshida’s bullets were perfectly deflected.


Sorry, I’m late.

And then a masked man walks right in front of him and punches Yoshida-san in the face, no questions asked.


I saw Yoshida-san roll on the ground.

I punched this guy in the face. -Was that bad?

Behind him are Rika Asada, Rinne Okita, Tsutsuuri Amamiya, and the “King” of Akiba, En Nakamichi.

I let out a deep sigh of relief and responded.

No. No?


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