High School Girl Warrior: How to Save an Apocalyptic World – Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Hunger Games

What was on my mind at the time was the fire magic I used yesterday morning when I left Masagayaka.

The burning pillar of fire that turned the zombies to charcoal.

Taking a sword may be terrifying, but casting a spell is not difficult.

And then the attack was like dancing in the dark, like two people tapping.

Ryoma’s bloodied fingernails are as sharp as small knives, and you can tell that each swing is a killing blow.

I had thrown away my sword and dressed lightly, carefully dodging his attacks and watching his movements carefully.

[grunts, sighs] [grunting, grunting] Fuck!]

This way, you can see it clearly.

Ryoma seems to really want to put his blood in me. He seems to be hurting his own fingertips and throwing blood at me.

What if his fluids are some kind of zombie venom?

To be honest, I was so terrified that I couldn’t stop shaking.

Scary… Scary!

The possibility that you could turn into something you’re not.

I’d still rather be killed.

Little by little, I backed away, careful to keep my distance so that they would not notice me.

[With you! For so long! I can’t believe we’ve crossed paths! I’ve been dreaming!]

I frowned as hard as I could at the disturbing tone of his voice.

I’m carefully timing it.

I was unarmed and on the defensive. I must have looked like I was on all sides.

But even if we can’t get hands and feet, we can still get some.

I took a deep breath,

“-Wow. !!!!!!!!”

That’s what he yelled.

I didn’t just yell for no reason. <<I used my <Yell> skill. My voice clearly had a physical impact, and I succeeded in temporarily scaring Ryouma-san.


Ryoma stops without a word.

I quickly cast a follow-up spell.

“-<<Pillar of Fire>>.”

At the same time, what appears to be a magic circle appears beneath his feet.

It makes a noise, and the light is as bright as daylight.

Okay, I won! Part three is complete!

I would have shouted that if I had had time to spare. However, I wasn’t fluent enough to be talking nonsense at that time.

In the flames, you can see a black figure.

Once I tried it on a “zombie” and it turned black in an instant…

[Ha ha ha! It’s hot!]

Oh, my God.

I don’t know if I can react to a comedian in a hot water commercial like that.

Ryoma-san laughed, a little bit well-done, as if he was trying to wade through the flames.

He’s almost impervious to physical attacks… and this magical resistance.

I know what it’s like to have amnesia.

That he’s a monster created to kill players.

This time I ran to get out of the alley.

This is the second time you’ve lost after Yagyu.

But this time, run backwards so that you don’t look away from your opponent.

We didn’t want Ryoma-san to attack Migoto-chan.

But I’m afraid my fears are unfounded.

[You don’t have to run away like a lizard in winter!]

I knew it.

I’m perfectly capable of taking the hate.

At least now Migoto-chan’s safe. Right?

I took another deep breath,

“-Wow. !!!!!!!!!!!!!”


[-gu, u…]

Ryoma stops his movement again as the sound is so loud that the walls of the back alley vibrate. Blood gushes out from every part of his body where he’s been stabbed by Migoto-chan.

Good thing I used this skill at the last minute.

This is so useful. I’ll use it forever.

So I finally manage to jump out of the alley.

You leave the street lit by the streetlights and head down the main street to the sound of radio songs.

There were still some guys I had healed earlier hanging around, smoking some kind of cigarettes.

Somebody help! Somebody help!

I shouted at them, and one of them looked at me with black and white eyes,

“Hmm? Who’s that? Why are you doing this?”

That’s when it happened.

Ryouma Kotoshiro, who’s been chasing me..,

[… Wait, wait, wait. “Warrior.]

They emerge from the darkness at a slow walk.

“Whoa, whoa! What the fuck?

Seeing him with knives in his ears and forehead and a little charred, each of the men ran away like spiders.

I was left alone in the middle of the main street.

That’s it.

If the word gets out, we can expect reinforcements.

[… Looks like we’ve got a catfish that lives in the mud.]

Ryoma had regained some of his composure.

It’s also kind of creepy.

[I just want to be with you and… You and… Um…]

But still… now that I think about it.

I don’t know how I knew this man before I lost my memory.

[What do I want to do with you?]

I replied in disgust.

I don’t know anything about that.


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