Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 86

Boss Rush! [Goddess of the Dawn.] The Goddess of Dawn is cominG!

CH86: Boss Rush! [Goddess of the Dawn.] The Goddess of Dawn is coming…!

The black light is approaching. There’s nowhere to run…!

“What is this?


I stand in front of Zansword and activate [Armed Warding] as quickly as I can.

It calls forth seven shield pieces of equipment that will absorb the assault, but..,


Endurance limit! [Steel shield.] The shield has been destroyed!

Endurance limit! [The silver shield.] The shield has been destroyed!

Endurance limit! [Gold shield.] The shield has been destroyed!


“No, no, it’s attacking too hard!”

A loud “gagagagagagagagagaga!” sound is heard as the three shields shatter in less than a few seconds!

Damn it! The density of the attacks is too high! What’s 666 attacks in a row?

“I won’t be beaten! Defensive Arts [Flash Barrier.] Activate!

Four shining shields! I strengthen the rest of my shields with Arts that boost their defensive capabilities so that they can withstand the attack.



Endurance limit! [Shield of Justice Altena.] has been destroyed!

Endurance Limit! [Gialga the Shield of Evil…] has been destroyed!



The light of destruction of 666 is so intense that two more shields are lost…!

Damn it, then!

“[Flash Barrier.]”] [Flash Barrier.]”] [Flash Barrier.][Flash Barrier.]”] [flash barrier.] ! I’ll counter with multiple defenses…!

I’m going to use my arts to the utmost of my ability and strengthen my two shields!

“[Flash Barrier.]”] [Flash Barrier.]”] [Flash Barrier.][Flash Barrier.]”] [Flash Barrier.][Flash Barrier.][Flash Barrier. [Flash Barrier.][Flash Barrier.][Flash Barrier.][Flash Barrier.][Flash Barrier. ! Flash, barrier!

Two shields that grow brighter in the light of destruction .

One of the shields shatters and is blown away by a wave of darkness,

“… Well, I’ll be damned. I can’t believe you survived my attack on your first try.”

The sound of the assailant’s startled voice ringing in my ears.

So… I managed to prevent that unintelligible attack by consuming six shields and a lot of MP…!

I’m out of MP. I can’t rely on my arts from here.

“Ha-ha-ha…! How do you like that, you little loli…!”

“Lolita girl… I’m an adult in real life…

Alice laughs as she scratches her cheek.

That’s amazing. In VR world, the facial features have to be the same as in real life to avoid mental effects.

You look like you’re in elementary school. And your avatar’s only about 5’9″.

Well, anyway.

“A world where knights and demons kill each other, Darkness Souls Online. I think. I don’t know its system, but it’s still the same online game.

If he can do that many magic attacks, isn’t he sacrificing other stats?”

“… Yes, you are. I’m a demon with magical stats. I’m a [Demon]. I’m pretty sure I’d lose to a beetle if it got too close.”

“Oh yeah… then this is a dead end!”

I summoned my twin swords and ran at once towards Alice.

And he went to strike the blade against the slender neck… a moment later,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry, my knight. You’ll take care of it.

Yeah, you got it…

The next moment, with a gurgle, my twin swords are popped out of my hands! My twin swords are pulled out of my hands with a loud “GGIIIIIIIIINN!

“What the…?

That’s when it finally hit me.

“Good day, demon king.”

A white-haired woman was standing right in front of me…!

She has golden eyes reminiscent of dragons and a silver crown tiara and pure white princess armor. In her hand she holds a white sword of light that shines beautifully in the moonlight.

And ,


World News!

Yuri and Zansword have encountered [Pendragon, Goddess of the Dawn.] and Zansword encountered [Pendragon, the Goddess of Dawn.

She is the boss player of a group of assassins. You gain experience and items when you survive more than 20 minutes or deal a certain amount of damage.

Now, the public battle against the boss player will begin…!


“Another assassin? ! And here comes the boss!

It’s all a mess! I’m tired from fighting so many battles and the strongest one comes out!

“Hmph… You’re in a tough position, Yuri. Well, good luck in your fight. I love to see humans do their best.

“Don’t just come out here when I’m tired and say that!”

Glare at the boss player with a big smile on his face!

Damn it! I’m gonna do it!

I’ve beaten a lot of tough enemies in my time. I’ll be a fool if I run away!

“Brace yourself, Pendragon!”

I was about to call forth my new twin swords… at that moment..,

“It’s late.”

. ..a flash of light sword flashes in front of me.

And then a gush of fresh blood… I found my arms flying in the air…!


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