Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 84

Clash, Kirika vs Yuri-kun-chan (+Neet Samurai)

CH84: Clash, Kirika vs Yuri-kun-chan (+Neet Samurai)

Event [Assailant from Another World] occurs.

The message appears out of nowhere, and Xanthord and I are confused.

A public duel with an assassin player?

“Yes! Didn’t we get a message in the update? The message was that an assassin will be unleashed against the higher level players!”

You mean that thing…!

I thought they were going to unleash some special monsters on us, but I didn’t expect them to call the top players from another game.

They’ve done something drastic.

“By the way, we’ve been given special avatars as boss characters. For example, we can do things like this…!”

Kirika claps her hands together.

A moment later, countless summonses appeared around me and Zansword, and hundreds of skeletal warriors crawled out of the summonses…!

“What, is this the Runaway Summon of Doom? What? ! Is she a Summoner job too?

“No, it’s a little different, Yuri! This is a technique that can only be used by high level Shurados in Sengoku Rikudou Online. This is a technique that only high level Shuradou warriors can use…!”

Xan Sword speaks in confusion.

I see… It’s true. can only summon up to a hundred monsters. And yet Kirika’s summoned nearly 600 monsters.

And I’ve never seen a skeleton warrior before.

“So that’s what a special avatar is. So the assassin player can use powers from another game?”

“You’re a quick study, young lady. You’re right. So let’s torture them both to death!”

With a shout from Kirika, hundreds of skeletal warriors attacked at once…!

The warriors of hell are approaching, their bare jaws trembling.

Yes… so many! The sight of those bone-dead ones jumping at you with swords swinging would make any normal person cower.


“I just got attacked by tens of thousands of players the other day. This is nothing…!”

Just before you are swallowed by the warriors, you draw a huge summoning circle around your feet.

And the next moment, he summoned a huge monster [Gigantic Dragon Plant…], a hundred meters long, with me and Zansword on its shoulders! The next moment, he summoned a hundred-meter-long monster [Gigantic Dragomund] with me and Zansword on its shoulders!



The skeletal warriors are hurled away by the huge body of the dragon tree that stretches to the heavens.

Apparently, they are very numerous but not very durable, and many of them just disappear in a single breath.

“Come on, Gigataro, let’s give our visitor from another world a shot!”


Gigataro’s seven petals glow in response to my words.

Thus, the next instant, a special move of the strongest class in the game [Genocide Seventh Laser.] was unleashed against Shura no Onna…!


“Don’t lick me! Onkirikiribasaraunbattattat…….Use your demonic power to exorcise the demons! Shurado Spell Technique [Zanma no Tachi…] I’ll do it!”

Kirika cried out, and the infernal light flooded out from the blade of her sword…!

And then, as soon as it’s in front of him, he catches Gigataro’s [Genocide Seventh Laser.] Gigataro’s [Genocide Seventh Laser.

“Ahahahaha! This doesn’t work at all!”

Kirika smiles triumphantly.

In fact, the magic light that is supposed to destroy everything splits in half the moment it touches her blade and can’t even cause a scratch.

“I see, it’s an art that nullifies magic…!”

He’s got some really useful moves, I hope Breski gets them too.

Gigataro’s attack is blocked for a few seconds. The giant summoner can only materialize for about 10 seconds, and Gigataro gradually fades away… Gigataro gradually fades away as he lets out a regretful cry…!


“Xan sword!”


While Kirika concentrated on defending herself against the magic light, her comrades-in-arms had already moved into action!

She activates her Ultimate Fire Enchantment. and slashes at her like a bird of fire…!

“Come, Kirika! Take my blade, which I have refined in this world!”

“I’ll take that as a yes!”

The two collide in mid-air, making a gurgling sound.

The hot flames from the sword burned Kirika, but she still smiled. But still she smiled, as if she really wanted to be hurt.

“A spell that constantly burns enemies that get close to it! That’s nice, there’s a good technique in this null game too!”

Yes, of course! And there are enough walkers in this world to finish you off!”

There’s no one like that!

Kirika roared. And then she does everything she can to push Zansword out of the way… and at that moment..,

“Yes, there is. There is a demon lord who has defeated me twice…

Xanthord relaxed at once.

It pushes Kirika aside and she falls from the night sky like a scattering leaf.

“What, why…?”

Kirika is puzzled by the fact that she has been caught in the act.

Then she looks at me, but it’s too late…!

I’m sorry, but I’m ready for you.

A flying messenger [Vanishing Firebird…] tells Kirika while scaffolding as a scaffold and tells Kirika.

I was gripping my sword in both hands and activating my skill [Armed Warding] to deploy the seven great swords behind me…….

Until now, you couldn’t use [Armed Warding] unless you were holding a bow,

“On second thought, you didn’t have to hold it in your hand. Right, Ponju?”


He roars as he floats in the air [beginner’s bow…]. .

Yes. I had transferred one of my shadow weapons to my bow as well as the twin swords in my hands. Weapons of the Pon clan gain the property of flight.

That makes nine. Nine tips pointed at Kirika… and she scoffs. she sneers.

“What? It’s no big deal at all! I know, I saw the video. Before the update you had dozens of weapons flying around, but now it’s just a bunch of crap!”

Kirika erupts in hellfire. She grips her long sword and closes in on me at high speed…!

“You stupid son of a bitch! You can’t beat us like that!”

Yeah, you’re right. We do miss them a lot.


“If that’s the case, why don’t you just increase the attack power of each and every one of them by many times! Activate Arts! !”


And so they’re unleashed in a swarm of swords clad in shining light.

Her new special move of nine simultaneous Arts attacks swallowed the surprised Kirika…!


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