Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 83

Assault, the attacker from another world!

CH83: Assault, the attacker from another world!


“The sword?”

The tragedy occurred amidst the falling cherry blossoms.

Zansword’s torso cries out as he spits out blood. Both of his arms are cut off without mercy, and he falls to the ground with a resounding thud…!

I tried to rush over to him, to get the restorative out, but… ,

“Oops, you’re blocking the way. I won’t let you recover!

You son of a bitch…!

The mysterious woman who slayed Zansword stands before me.

She looks like a prostitute with a gold pipe in one hand.

But the blood of the zansword splattered on his cheek and the sword in his other hand had changed his glossy appearance into a horrifying impression.

“What the hell are you…! You attacked Zansword out of the blue!

“Dirty”? That’s why I don’t like stupid girls. Surprises and assassinations are the norm in Sengoku Rikudou Online. Isn’t it normal then?”

“[Sengoku Rikudou Online.] …?”

The moment you’re about to mutter “What the hell is that?” the woman throws a super fast thrust at you.

“How can you do that in the middle of a conversation?”

You manage to half turn your body away from her, but she doesn’t stop attacking you.

“wahahahaha! We’re in Sengoku Rikudou Online. Then attack is communication! Die, die, die, die!”

The mysterious woman relentlessly targets the neck, chest, wrists, and legs… places where a cut would make it difficult to fight.

You can’t get away with this.

The tip of the sword has snagged her many times, and the dress she’s wearing is being torn to pieces…!

“Damn it, stop it, you mystery woman! You’re too fucking revealing. “Oh, God…”

“You can afford to worry about your outfit!”

The mystery woman who stares at me with a reproachful look on her face.

I give him a quick smile and answer him.

“Yeah, I can afford it. Because I have a friend in the war I can rely on…!”

And the next moment.

I’m sorry.


The resurrected Zansword slashes the mysterious woman from behind…!

“Xan-sword-han… When did you…?

The mystery woman lies on the ground. Xanthord answers her.

“The restorative arts [zazen.] I’ve been allowed to use it. Well, I don’t know if you can call it sitting when you’re in a prone position with only your upper body… Anyway…”

He broke off and his gaze sharpened.

“…Why are you here, Kirika? [“Why are you here, Kirika?] The top player of Sengoku Rikudou Online.


Kirika doesn’t answer Xanthord’s question.

But his eyes are filled with hatred and he has the most resentful expression on his face.

“Hey, Xanthor… I don’t know what’s going on here… but are you sure he’s someone you know? And what’s this “Sengoku Rikudou Online. What’s that? I’m gonna miss you.

“Oh, I’m sorry. [Sengoku Rikudou Online.] is the name of a versus-specific game that came out in the early days of VRMMOs…”

Zansord only scratched the surface of what he had to say.

The setting is the Warring States period. The player is a departed soul who escaped from the abyss to the everlasting world, and he/she first chooses which world he/she has escaped from, such as the hungry demon world or the Shura world, and then he/she gains abilities accordingly.

And by killing other walker players, they gain strength… In other words, you level up.

“…here’s an interesting system. Whoever kills an enemy player can absorb all of that player’s levels.”

“What the hell is that? So a beginner can become a top player in one shot?”

“That’s what I meant. That’s why there were mob monsters for the time being, but everyone was enjoying hunting down lower-ranked players and attacking higher-ranked players en masse, rather than trying to gain experience. Just like a pariah.”

Wow… That’s one hell of a deadly game.

That’s why this Kirika girl attacks like she’s breathing.

“It’s a bad game, but it looks kinda fun…!”

“Yeah, it was fun. It’s just… a system where you lose everything in one death is too exhausting to play for long.

So many people retired. Eventually, I, too, sought a new battlefield and ended up here in Breski, that I did.”

Huh… Internet gamers have a history.

I remember when Zansword attacked us out of nowhere. And he attacked in a cave where it’s hard to open the distance, any other bowman would have died.

“If you think about it, you can’t blame Kirika for attacking us by surprise. It’s not normal for her to slash at you in the dim light, isn’t it?”

“Well… It can’t be helped! I was a pariah at that time, that I was!”

“What’s the degree of exile?”

What’s that mysterious word that just popped up…!

And that’s when I twisted my head around to see what she meant. Kirika was lying on the ground. she yelled. She’s so cute! (She’s so cute.)

“Zan-sword-han, you just ran away after all! You’ve fallen to the level of a pariah by making out with a beautiful girl player in such a simple game!”

“What’s the degree of exile?”

And I’m not a pretty girl player. And I don’t do flirting.

You shut up. So Zansword-han… I’ve come… I’ve come here to deal with you who abandoned Sengoku Rikudou Online. I’ve been recruited by the management here to deal with you…!”

“Recruiting”? (And what’s a pariah of pariahs?) .”

So while I was puzzled, a reddish-black wave was emitted from Kirika’s entire body!

I can’t help but back away from her and Xanthor. The next thing I know, she’s floating in the air…!


World News!

The event [Assassin from Another World] will start from 0:00 now!

Yuri and Zansword have encountered [Kirika of Shurado.] have encountered [Kirika of the Shura Road.

Now, the public battle against the assassin players will begin…!


What the fuck?

A huge window with a message displayed in the sky above.

There was an image of me, Zansword, and Kirika with our blades ready….


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