Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 77

Board 14, the management team of Lamentations…!

CH77: Board 14, the management team of Lamentations…!


[Guild Battle] General Chat Thread 730 [Otsukarezama!]

1.Adventurer who runs through

This is a general chat thread.

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107. Adventurer who runs through

Good job everyone~!

Well, it was a lot of fun again!

108. Adventurer who runs through


Good night!

Yuri beat you in the first round, but you managed to prevent him from winning in the second and fourth rounds.

109. Adventurer who runs through


We all did our best, so in the end, Yuri’s place only won the first and fifth rounds.

No, it’s funny that he’s been targeted by tens of thousands of players and won twice.

130. Adventurer who runs through


The NPC army led by Syl is very strong, and the guild home with Grim and a lot of monsters is impossible to attack.

What surprised me was the great performance of the production workers.

The third time around, that production guild won.

151. The adventurer who runs through


Hey, I’m really sorry I licked you…!

The production workers say that Yuri found the value in it, but I wonder if the management set it up from the beginning so that you can fight if you try hard enough.

173. Adventurer who runs through


I’m sure. Breski’s management seems like a governor, but they’re actually thinking things through!

Some people say, “It looks like it’s a little bit loose, but it looks like it’s really well thought out, but isn’t it?” I believe it’s the former!

175. adventurer who runs through


Me too! Yuri was weakened like a bully, but there’s still a way for her to become the strongest again, especially when you look at how the production workers are going on the rampage this time, they made it so that you can become strong if you think about it!

By the way, the management is going to make another update in a day, seeing how this event is going.

I wonder if the [Armed Warding] that the Demon King Yuri uses is restricted?

176. The adventurer who runs through


That was a bad idea…about 200 explosive weapons flew out of the sky and it was crazy…

Well, since it’s Yuri, I’m sure he’s going to be a Warrior… (Trust)

177. Adventurer who runs through


I’m sure you’re right.

I’ve been playing the game for a while now, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to it.

179. Adventurer who runs through


Yeah, the first part was really slow.

I just got tired of the quests that kept asking me to give XXX to XXX, to be frank.

I’ll have to level up for the event, and I’m halfway through.

180. Adventurer who runs through


It’s a common online game to get sluggish in the rush of Otsukai…

180. Adventurer who runs through


I’m sure the top event guys like Yuri, Skinhead, and Zansword are just so focused on leveling up that they neglect their quests.

182. The adventurer who runs through


I think Mr. Xan Sword is doing a good job with his quests, don’t you?

Because he’s been logged in all day. He’s got time on his hands!

Well, thanks for the event anyhow!

Next time we’ll beat the top teams!



Multiple eerie lamentations echo through the development room.

The sound of the keyboard clacking and clacking at a crazy speed keeps echoing along with it.

The time is midnight after the event. [Blade Skill Online.] The management team was in tears as they worked to adjust the balance of the game based on the results of the event.

“Damn that beautiful girl demon king…!”

…As expected, the player Yuri has been giving me trouble this time too.

Her combination of explosive and item-grabbing skills have now amassed tens of thousands of items in her possession.

The results of which threw the management team into chaos. At one point, they almost decided to remove all the items Yuri had acquired… ,

“Damn you, Yuri! He thanked me in front of everyone!”

“We can’t be careless anymore. The first update weakened him so much that he was able to fight, and he gave production workers a way to fight, so the players have a lot of faith in the management!”

“The people who run the game have thought this through… Damn it! Damn it, they’re not thinking too much!”

The management team is screaming for a fix.

If they make an update to target individual players like bullies again, they might disappoint the players saying “I knew it. If they do it again, they will let players down.

As a result, [the skill of item taking cannot take an important item for an event, and it does not apply to an opponent whose level is lower than yours. And since the item is stolen, only the original owner can sell it for money.] I have settled on the following settings.

…….to wipe out all of Yuri’s items……. It’s a very strange move for the players who don’t know anything about the game, but it’s a very good idea.

With these two additional settings, there is no more chance for high level players to attack low level players with their item grabbing skills, and there is no more chance of a hellish gold hunt.

It is also a good motivation for players who have gained the skill to take on higher ranked players, and since looted items cannot be sold for money except to the original owner, the looted player has no choice but to keep it. The player who has been looted has a chance to negotiate to get the item back.

Without realizing it, the adults continue to work with tears in their eyes. they cry out as they continue their work with teary eyes.

“Damn you, Yuri! You’ve made the game more exciting, but I can’t go home on time anymore, damn it!”

“[Armed Warding] is a skill that you can get by spending a lot of Event Points, though I’d like to make it completely useless. I’ll think of the other players who’ve acquired it, and allow them to be weakened to an acceptable degree…!”

“Now, instead of making Yuri weaker, I’m going to increase the difficulty of the game!”

“Yuri won’t be interested in the low level field anymore, so let’s just leave it the way it is. On the other hand, make the monsters in the high level fields have more motions and more power-ups and more unique monsters that are even more awesome, and make the story quests have cool and powerful enemies that would make Yuri look like a ghost…!”

…With their hatred for the thuggish Demon Lord, the management team is (unknowingly) elevating [Blade Skill Online. to a game with a lot of bite.

And so their sleepless nights continue…


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