Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 76

Everybody’s best friends,Blade Skill Online!

CH76: Everybody’s best friends,Blade Skill Online!

[…Thank you all for your hard work~! This is the end of the first round of the Guild Battle Event~]!

The voice of Nabbie, the little fairy who acts as the event facilitator, echoes through the air.

A few minutes after I killed Skinhead and Zansword, I was back in the City of Beginnings. I was back in the city of beginnings.

Of course, he was accompanied by his friends Grimm and Syl. Their exploits were also being broadcast on video, and onlookers were saying “That was really cool, Grim!” “Miss Sil! Please make me your apprentice!” and they looked so proud of him. They’re so smart…

I was getting a lot of compliments and strokes from the players, and I was smugly smiling, when Nabby, who was floating around in the air, started yelling.

[Okay, everyone, listen up! Well, I’m going to announce the top 3 guilds that have survived the longest and the number of points they’ve earned! Here they are!]


1st:[Guild of Yuri…]. Time to Destruction: …(Last Winner) Total Points Earned: 103,282

2nd:[Revolutionary Army of Production]. Time Until Destruction:48 minutes from the start of the eventTotal Points Earned:10,285

No. 3: [Let’s kill them all! Newbie Squad!!!]] Time to destruction:45 minutes from the start of the eventTotal points gained:8756


“…Wow. Demon King Yuri and his guild have too many points…”

“I mean, second and third place, seriously~…!”

“I’m going into production today!”

The results of the tournament were displayed in the air, and the players were all in awe of the results.

I guess you’re right. Even though I was watching the event, I don’t think anyone would have expected a production army and a newbie army to be in the top 3.

Well, that was fun in the end. After destroying all the guilds in Xansword’s hands… The three of us will form the Revolutionary Production Army. + [Let’s kill them all! Newbie Squad!] We had a big head-on battle with [Guild of Yuri! That was a lot of fun.

“Alright, I’ll play all the remaining games from the second to the fifth and try to get the first place…!”

And that’s when I was motivated.

There was a flash of light in the middle of the square, and the old man who had somehow arrived before I knew it appeared.

The king… Where the hell have you been? If you look closely, you can see he’s sweating…

The old man opened his mouth awkwardly, as many players were looking at him as I was.

[Gentlemen! That was a really fine fight! As the organizer… I’m glad to see the event so exciting!

Uh… It’s just… Some players have developed a skill that makes it difficult to steal items from defeated opponents. That, combined with the fact that missing items return after the event, has led to a limited number of items being… It’s not like it’s a bug or anything, it’s just…]

The old man in charge is mumbling something. Maybe something went wrong during the event?

And you logged out once to deal with it or discuss it. I see.

… I’ve been hating the management for pinpointing and weakening her, and for putting out a photo album without her permission, but I think I can at least give them a little credit.

Respect someone who’s trying. That’s what makes a man a man.

All right, let’s take this opportunity to put my feelings on the line!

[I’m sorry about the circumstances, but to be frank, I’ve forbidden Yuri-dono to participate in the second round…]

“Management! Thanks for always providing me with a fun game~!”

I told the management that I was going to say something, and I thanked them with all my might!

And the management froze in surprise. and froze. Then, he immediately throws out a bunch of thank you’s…!

“I have a lot of complaints, but I love this [Bladeskill Online.] I love this game! I’ve met a lot of new friends since I started this game!

It’s all thanks to the management. Thanks for giving me a place to stay, management!”

[Yuri-dono? I’m really embarrassed if you say something like that now…]

The manager is either embarrassed or in a hurry. The skinhead who has been standing by my side for some time shouts loudly at him.

“gahahaha! I thank you too, Operation! Thanks to you, I’ve found the perfect partner! Please continue to prepare a stage where I can make noise with Yuri!”

[Mr. Skinhead?]

The skinhead hugging my shoulder. Tens of thousands of players in the city of beginnings follow him and sing a chorus of thanks…!

“Thank you for all your hard work, Mr. Management! I want to get revenge on the Demon King Yuri, so please continue to work hard on the events!”

“[Production jobs are too weak, aren’t you trying to balance the management?] I’m sorry I thought that! I’m sorry I thought that! You’re a smart guy!”

“It’s a very high quality game and there are no bugs at all! I respect you so much! I want to challenge Yuri’s guild, so I’ll join next time!”

The players were shouting and yelling. The warmth of their voices filled the room, and the manager, perhaps overcome with emotion, began to cry.

He rubbed his eyes and muttered, “I can’t believe this is happening…! I never thought this would happen…! I didn’t expect everyone to thank me so much all of a sudden. That’s great~!

I wade through the players to the center of the plaza and smile, forcing myself to hold the red-faced manager’s hand.

“Come on, management, make sure that there are no bugs from the second to the fifth game!

I’m going to do my best and go on a rampage! Everyone seems to be expecting me to fight, so I’m going to participate in all the guild battles and go on a rampage!”

[Hi-hii-hii-hii-hii-hii-hii-hii-i? Okay, okay, I get it now!]

The excitement reaches its peak and he finally falls to his knees.

I got along well with the management, and I was able to play all the games with a great feeling of relief! I did it!


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