Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 70

The Demon King’s Army, Gathering!

CH70: The Demon King’s Army, Gathering!

A one-horse race against thousands of players. It was too reckless.

“Activate Magic Arts! [Meteor Shoot.] [Meteor Shoot]!

“Activate Slashing Arts! [Flying Swallow Blade.] [Swallow Blade]!”

Countless attacks are rushing towards me. I’ve managed to neutralize a few of them with my [Fist of God Killer] skill, but I’m literally out of moves!

He was outnumbered and he suffered a maiming from the fight with Colin. I don’t even have time to use an event recovery potion to heal myself. I don’t even have time to use the Event Recovery Potion to heal myself.

[Yuri the Demon King!]

“Ha-ha-ha, shit?”

A constant barrage of long-range fire. It killed me 30 times in the first dozen seconds of the war.

Sometimes you can throw an explosive weapon at them and kill one or two, but there are still too many of them.

“Well, what should we do now…”

You have tens of seconds until the skill [Armed Warding] is unsealed. Can you survive until then without dying?

I was beginning to break out in a cold sweat as I desperately tried to repel the attack with my remaining arm……,

“…Cover our Demon Lord!


I’m falling to pieces, and a thick voice rings out from behind me!

At the same time, countless weapons are thrown at the enemy players, and the moment they hit them, a huge explosion erupts.

“What the…?”

I thought this whole battlefield was enemy except for Sil, Grimm, and the NPCs… And that was an explosive weapon?

I looked in the direction of the attack with the other enemy players to see what the hell was going on,

Are you all right, Yuri? We, the Revolutionary Production Workers! We’re covering you.

“Oh… You’re a craftsman?

There he was, a senior production worker with shiny glasses.

Behind him were hundreds of other craftsmen from the workshop, all dressed like artisans.

Why are you…?

“That’s a silly question, Yuri. The motto of a production worker is to get along with everyone and cooperate with each other. Yuri is a member of that circle.

And above all… you said this to us. [Are we really going to let the fighting men take advantage of us?] And you said…

…and I don’t like it, so I’ve come all this way to be stubborn.”

With that said, my senpai stood in front of the enemy players as if to protect me.

The other craftspeople stood in line with their seniors one after another with confident smiles on their faces.

The enemy players were even more baffled by this scene than I was.

He howls at the production workers who suddenly appear on the battlefield, asking what the hell they’re doing.

“What the hell are you guys doing? You get in my way, I’ll kill you and Yuri!

“Go ahead and try it if you can! I’ll show you the true power of our production workers!

And so the battle began.

The enemy players regain their composure and readjust their weapons. They unleash their combat jobs’ unique slashing and magic arts, and try to destroy the production players who shielded them,

“Hahahahahahaha! Slow, slow, and weak!”

Here’s where things got even more confusing!

The production players, who looked so ineffectual, were moving around at a blistering speed, dodging the attacks of the enemy players!

He sometimes stumbles and is hit by an attack, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect on him, and he charges forward again.

The enemy players are confused by the sight.

“What the hell is wrong with these guys? Aren’t production workers supposed to be able to fight?

“Hahaaha! You’re wrong, combatants! We just didn’t have the means to attack!

Well… We’ve given up on the idea that even we can’t fight, and we’ve only been assigning Status Points to Defense and Agility values in order to focus on collecting Field Materials!

In other words, when it comes to stubbornness and speed, I’m better than you guys~!”


The craftsmen finally break through the rain of attacks, moving with a rustling motion in the face of the astonished enemy players.

Then they leaped in front of the enemy and all of them manifested huge swords in their hands! All of them seem to be blasting weapons, and they all have a reddish-black aura about them.

I… Wait, wait, wait.

“Wait, can you hold a weapon that big? I’ve only been raising my Defence and Agility… So my Strength is probably at its lowest point… What?

I was about to say that when I realized.

I know more than anyone in this game. I know what happens when you carry a weapon the system won’t let you carry… And the consequences!

“Hahaaha, did you notice that, Yuri-dono? The secret of making things is to steal other people’s techniques. I’m going to steal the Demon Lord’s special technique!

At the same time as the senior shouted, a number of large swords in everyone’s hands were shot out at once!

Yes, if you force yourself to carry a weapon you can’t carry, the system will play you.

The moment they make contact, a huge explosion is triggered…!

“Geeaaaaaaaah? What the hell is that?

Enemies are blown to pieces while screaming. The production workers fire their weapons at them mercilessly, turning the battlefield into a hell.

I couldn’t help but giggle at the sight…!

“Ha-ha-ha… Oh, you guys are so cool…!”

“It’s all thanks to you, Demon Lord. It’s because you kicked our asses that we decided to enter the war.

Now, leave this to me, Demon Lord! According to the information from my fellow production workers in the enemy guild, Skinhead and Zansword are at the Giant Rock Castle ahead!”

Huh… You’re really too good at leaking information to us, Production…!

I vowed not to make enemies with these craft makers as they laughed in their high spirits as they blasted their enemies to death.

Come on, let’s go while they buy us some time.

That’s when I was about to run out. I’m all smashed up by the blast weapons, but a few enemy players jump out of the flames.

“Damn it, I’m not letting you go, AAAAAA!”

We can’t stand on our dignity if we’re beaten by these production workers!

Those who come at you, scorched and blackened…

…but then another spear will claim their lives.

“All right, these guys are getting weak! Let’s go smash them up together!”


The next thing I know, there’s another group of them behind me.

With their shiny new weapons in their hands, they all jumped at the enemy player who had only a few HP left.

“What, what, what, what?”

“”””Wai~yai die eeeeeeeeee!””””

… They attack a few people with hundreds of them and turn them into countless pieces of meat with their spears and swords.

I’ve seen their faces before.

“… Hey, you guys look good.

[Ah, it’s the Demon Lord!]

A bunch of demons with a twinkle in their eyes when they see me.

Yeah, they were new players I played with.

I’m sure these guys didn’t get into any guilds. Why are they even in the guild wars?

But just when I was twisting my head, he came up behind me and said, “Come on, the enemy is getting weaker! Let’s go ahead and smash them to pieces!” came a voice from behind me, saying something elegant and cruel.

I mean..,

Françoise? What are you doing here?

“Hello Yuri, how do you do?

Ufufufu… I’ve heard that you’ve organized a small event for new players.

I couldn’t lose, so I hurriedly started a [Let’s kill them all! Beginners’ Guild!] I’ve decided to make a guild called [Let’s all kill each other!

Everyone is so happy!

Her white dress on the scorched battlefield looks very out of place, but she’s probably a high level player who got her second job, as she sometimes shoots laser magic from the umbrella in her hand to destroy the enemies. She must be a high-level player who’s earned her second job… She’s really scary…!

“Well Demon Lord, the guild members and us will take care of this place. Please enjoy the battle to the fullest!

“… Yes, of course!”

I nod vigorously at her words.

I ran to the skinheads with the thoughts of my trusty friends in my heart.


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