Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 68

Come on, Colin!

CH68: Come on, Colin!

ZDONG! I land on the ground with a thud. Thanks to my skill [Demon King’s Body], I took no damage from the fall.

“Damn it, Colin…! How the hell did you get on top of Taro?

That’s when it happened. I thought I saw a shadow over my head, and then Korin’s fell down to kill me!

Ha-ha-ha. No time for small talk. He’s really motivated.

I face her as thousands of enemy players close in from nearby forts.

“Come on, Colin! Let’s do this!

“Yes, I’m going to kill you and take your place as the top player!”

I took up my bow and fired several arrows at once in an attempt to shoot down Colin.

Her only weapon is a single dagger. It’s hard to hit her with all of them, and she can’t move in the air, so it’s hard to avoid her.

Well, let’s see what happens now,

“Activate Skill,[Lightweight]! And activate Magical Arts,[Wind Shot.]! !”

At that moment, Colin became a bullet!

I wonder if he chose a wizard for his second job. He can use the wind magic he’s gained from it and shoots it out behind him as a thruster.

I used my small body to cut through the gap just before a rush of arrows came down on me…….

Please die, Yuri!

“You can’t die when you’re told to!”

I tossed the bow aside and slammed my fist into her dagger.

The skill that makes your fist invincible [Fist of the God Killer] and the skill that generates impact [Demon King’s Wave] are activated at the same time and my arm becomes a weapon even though I’m still alive.

The moment the blades collided with each other a strange sound echoed through the battlefield. A strange sound echoed through the battlefield.

“Ah… I knew it wouldn’t be so easy to defeat it!”

The collision is instantaneous. Colin spins around and lands on the ground.

It’s probably the effect of the [Lighten] skill, but you’re as light as a cat, not even a footstep.

“I see… So with the combination of Wind Magic and Skill, you were able to fly up behind me in the sky…”

She nods at my answer and shows off her shining blue blade.

“Come on, Yuri, my [Spirit Sword Futsunomitama.] is strong! It’s a weapon that can only deal 1 damage no matter how you pierce it, but instead it can randomly seal skills!

Well, there’s a condition that if your opponent’s defense value is too high compared to your strength value, the effect won’t work… You understand, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I’ve got 1 HP and zero defense, so this is the perfect weapon to take me down.

. ..and you’ve been told by a skinhead.

[If you can kill him, you can kill him. But if you can’t, then you and the thousands of other players you’ve saved up can rush Yuri into using his special attack, “Runaway Summoner of Doom.” “and…] …and…”

“What the…?”

Her relaxed expression hardened slightly. It seems she was right.

Damn that bastard… He’s going to kill me any way he can.

You’re a real stick in the mud, you know that? You’re a son of a bitch, and I love you.

“Uh-uh… You’re right. If I couldn’t seal the [Obsession] skill with the first few shots, I was going to weaken it by killing it second…”

“Anyone who suddenly starts blabbing about weapons is either trying to buy time or is just an idiot.

I was half bluffing, but I’m glad you were right.”

“Whiggle, whiggle, whiggle… What? Then how come you got every word of what Mr. Skinhead said right? I’m rather surprised by that!”

“Oh… I don’t know why. It’s like I can communicate with him without talking to him.

What’s that?

I don’t know why I’m blushing, but I’m like, “Don’t say embarrassing things!” Colin scolds me.

Well, where’s the shame in that? I’m just saying he’s a good friend of mine.

I twist my head, and Colin asks me.

“… So, Yuri. Why are you still chatting with me when you know what I’m trying to do?

[Yuri’s going to slaughter us all again.] The group of players that Skinhead-san had been saving up for is already approaching, isn’t it?”

“Yeah? Of course I’m doing it. …to confront him and, most importantly, you, head-on.”

And so I manifested a super mass of summoners.

As Colin’s eyes widen in astonishment, I launch an oversized Art.

“Activate Special Arts, [Ruin Runaway Summoning.] ! Now, monsters, attack the player’s army!”


And a hundred monsters are unleashed. All of them are high level to begin with… and all of them have been enhanced by the experience I’ve given them. They may be outnumbered, but they won’t be easy to defeat.

I look away from the monster army and face the blindingly aware Korin’s.

“Oh no… That move should take forever to reactivate, right? So why…?

“I told you, Colin. I told you I was going to run into you.

You’re just gonna give up after the first few shots you didn’t get? You’re done with that? You’re happy to do the skinheads’ bidding and just take out the rest of their forces?

No, you didn’t. When you said you were going to kill me and take my top spot. I know that’s what you meant.”

“What the…!”

Colin gripped the dagger tighter when I pointed it out.

Her big round eyes begin to fill with the will to fight again.

“You’ve been trying to figure out the right combination of arts and skills to get stronger and get more respect, right?

You want attention like I do? You want to feel good?

Then come on! If you beat me, you’re the best from this day forward! Let’s kill each other till we burn up, Collin!”

“I’ll do it even if you don’t tell me… I’ll do it even if you don’t tell me.

With a roar, Colin ran off at once.

And so begins a heated killing spree with the girl I saved one day.


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