Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 57

(dead) production job, Yuri!

CH57: (dead) production job, Yuri!

Well, there are only two days left until the event. After hours of hunting, the number of monsters that have become my messengers is about to reach 9999. The other day I got the Forbidden Evil Dragon Cthulhu Replicator. The other day I got a [Forbidden Evil Dragon Cthulhu Replicator.

I guess it’s great that I got a second job [craftmaker.] is a big deal. The amount of items in my item box has increased, and the number of weapons I can use with [Armed Warding] has increased, making it easier to hunt monsters.


“Well, it’s the power of each shot that’s the problem. If it’s just a few monsters you can win by raining down a hundred sword blows, but in an event you’ll have to deal with tens of thousands of players.”

I was sitting in a restaurant in the town of Helheim, munching on a bowl of katsudon (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice) and thinking about it.

By the way, there are some Summoner NPCs with mohawks and end-of-the-century-esque naked jackets around them, and they’re eating their food. They’ve changed their appearance too, now that their personalities have turned evil.

Let’s leave these guys alone… Yeah, their projectiles aren’t very powerful.

I’ve got zero Strength and it’s just me throwing a weapon at you. Even if I increase the power with damage-enhancing skills, it’s still not very effective.

They’re trying to cover it up by shooting out a lot of very rare, heavy, and anomalous weapons, but I don’t think that’s enough when the enemies are so large that they outnumber the amount of weapons. Unlike monsters, players can also use accessories to protect themselves from the abnormalities.

“Even if the city’s defenses are perfect, that’s not enough to go on the offensive in the event. I think the only way to win is to destroy the enemy guild, so we’ll have to go on the offensive.

What do you think, owner?”

“Hey, hey? I’m a cook, I don’t know anything about that kind of thing…”

“I guess so.”

I asked the shopkeeper NPC who was watching me and Summoner and the others with trepidation, but no luck. I hope he’ll miss us now that we’ve terrorized and taken over the city for a bit.

Well, it’s no use asking a chef. All he does is cook. He doesn’t know anything about fighting… You want to cook?

“That’s it! We just need to increase the power of the weapon even more!”

I’ve come to a simple and rational answer! Yes, I’m a [production worker…] now! I’m a [production worker.

Why don’t you just use the high quality weapons and limited edition weapons and enhance them further?

“All right, I’m gonna go tinker with the weapons now! See you later, owner!”

“Eh, did you say that Demon Lord just became a craftmaker? Then you should be careful… I heard that weapons that amateurs tinker with badly can explode…

“Blah, blah, blah, explosion!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! That’s awesome!

I’m not wielding a weapon, I’m projecting it. Then I don’t care if it explodes! It’s more like a missile!

I thank the owner… Thank you!

“Thank you, Doctor. Thanks to you, I know the way…! We just need to build a missile and fire it!

“Sir? I mean, how did you come to such a crazy conclusion from what I said?

Samonar… you heard him! Thanks to this man, we can make mountains of corpses!

“Hugh! What crazy advice! You’re a real piece of work, owner! You’re a bloody war criminal!

“Yeah, yeah, yeah?”

Waving my hands in the air at the boisterous Mohicans and the (presumably) delighted teacher, I quickly make my way to the Grimm’s workshop.

He’s too busy getting the NPCs’ gear. I’ll just ask him for a corner and take care of my weapons myself.

All right, I’m going to work hard as a production worker!


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