Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 42

Yuri’s photo book debut!

CH42: Yuri’s photo book debut!

Well, I’d better update my gear before the battle.

So I was back in the city of beginnings to see Françoise.

In Helheim, there was a thing called a “transfer tag. That would allow you to travel to any other city you’ve ever been to. I used it to jump from Hellheim to here.

It’s Yuri the Demon King!

“Oh, it’s real?”

“Wow, that’s beautiful~! It’s the same as the [photo book.] It’s the same as the [photo book…] that the management released!”

Wave to the players who are paying attention to you.

I’m a big celebrity now! I’m sometimes like, “I bought a photo book! It cost me 500 yen with real money, but the quality is really good!” The cut where the dragon plant burns her dress with a laser… it’s so erotic!” I can hear some of them, but I don’t know what they’re talking about.

I twisted my head and went to Françoise’s shop. I found her and a little girl arguing with each other. Both of them had blonde hair and looked like sisters, but Françoise was wearing a white dress and the little girl was all black.

The little guy strikes a funny pose and tells Françoise.

“Koo-koo-koo-koo! My eternal enemy, Françoise! I’m starting Breski Online today! I’ll do my best to make good products to keep the store afloat!”

“Eternal enemies, huh? Hey, Mr. Grim, who was it that loaned you all that money during the beta test?”


“I can’t sell any items at all!” she cried. I had no choice but to give her advice on how to make them and help her pay for the materials. Who was it who gave you the down payment for the store? I don’t think I’ve received almost all of it back yet…”

“Oh, well, I’ll pay you back someday… No! remember Françoise! I’m gonna be a better craftsman than you someday! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

… A girl called Grimm runs away crying after being smashed by a ragdoll. Françoise looks after her and her face relaxes.

Hey, Françoise. Was that your sister or something?”

“Oh Yuri, you’ve been watching me… He’s been coming at me ever since the beta test. [“Someday I’ll surpass you.] I’m going to surpass you one day.”

Well, he’s a very determined man.

According to Skinhead, Françoise is known as one of the best craftsmen in the game. He’s got a lot of fans because he crafts very realistic and intricate items with great design and performance. She even has a three-story shop now.

He’s really good at declaring a rivalry with a guy like that. Nice spirit!

That’s when I was evaluating the little guy. Françoise pulled out a magazine with a wry smile on her face. What’s that?

“I’ve seen it~ Yuri-san! The official management photo album [Tyrannical Beautiful Demon King Yuri~Floral Floral Rhythms on the Battlefield~]! ! Yuri-san wearing my outfit was looking so beautiful in it, I was so excited!”

What the hell is that?

What, is there a photo book of me in it? I haven’t heard about it.

I snatch the package from Françoise’s hand and flip through it. There’s a picture of me in the crypt fighting with a bunch of zombies, Gigataro’s tentacles in the forest, and the Pope in a fistfight with a monster…

And on top of that, under the shitty title of [If the Demon Lord Became My Girlfriend ♡…]. The title of the episode was “If the Demon King Became My Girlfriend ♡”, and the scene where he ate a hamburger with a skinhead was shown from his point of view.

What the hell is this? The guy who runs this place… He made this without permission!

“Hey Françoise, I just found out this is out. I didn’t authorize the release of this photo book.

“Oh really? But, I remember that there is a sentence like this in the terms and conditions… [The copyright of all graphic data, including backgrounds and avatars, belongs to the game’s management. The player’s appearance in the game may be used in promotional videos. Please understand that in advance.] .”


I opened the terms and conditions page from the menu in a panic at her words, and sure enough, there was such a statement.

… Wow, I probably skipped over that when I started the game… And even if I had, I’d be like, “So what?” I’m like, “So what?

You don’t think they’re going to put out a photo book, do you?

“No, no, no…! The management’s been playing a shitty business…!”

“Haha… Well, isn’t it a good thing that Yuri’s face has become even more popular? The review page of the photo book says… [I thought you were a fighting maniac… but you changed my impression when you were eating with a really cute face!] and [I hated her after she was slaughtered in the battle event, but now I see her beautiful face and her body is too naughty…]. The trauma of that day seems to be turning into a reward…!] I’m sorry…”

“I’m not cute and I’m not naughty, you idiot!”

Who the hell wrote that stupid review?

I wanted to smash the book on the ground in anger, but since Françoise had bought it (don’t buy it!) I couldn’t do that and had to groan in frustration and embarrassment.

I’m going to troll you again at the next event, remember that~?


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