Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 40

The management team being trained with board 10…!

CH40: The management team being trained with board 10…!

General Chat Thread 380 [to Guild Battles] [Get ready!]

1.Adventurer who runs through

This is a general chat thread.

Please follow the rules and post freely. Please use the dedicated party threads for partying, complaining, antagonizing, and exposing people.

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107. Adventurer who runs through

Speaking of which, have you guys created a guild yet?

I wanted to build a guild with my friends, but the land and the guild building rights… I wanted to build a guild with my friends, but the land was too expensive to buy…!

108. Adventurer who runs through


It’s about 30 million gold.

The guys who won first place in the last battle event are good – they all get it for nothing, right?

109. Adventurer who runs through


Yeah, that’s why it’s best to join the guilds created by the previous winners.

You can join a guild, participate in events, get stronger, and leave when you have enough money. You can start your own guild after that.

130. Adventurer who runs through


Skinhead, Zansword, Yalio, Kruttelio, and I don’t remember if Yuri was the winner.

Of these, it looks like Skinhead to Kruttaeloo have already formed a guild.

151. The adventurer who runs through


Skinheads: Muscle Warriors, Short-Term Fighting Type

Zansword: High Speed Combat Type

YARIO: Versatile type

Kruttelio: A changeable, surprise attack type.

Yuri: long-range attack type (but he also seems to like fisticuffs)

It’s a pretty good division of fighters. Each player should go where they see fit, right?

I can’t wait to see what kind of guild the remaining Yuri will make~!

173. Adventurer who runs through

Hey guys, this chick Syl just posted another new video on her [Player Kills Channel.] She’s posted another new video on her [PlayerKillChannel.

Now… What’s this? He’s breaking out of prison with Yuri. Awww!

176. The adventurer who runs through


I’ve been looking at the Far World Wide Web and it’s a rampage of holes in the management system. Awww…

I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes to the game.

179. Adventurer who runs through


The guards are being blown to pieces by the powerful monsters summoned by Summoner and his men…! The guards are being blown to pieces by the powerful monsters summoned by Summoner and the others…!

This is totally the Great Invasion of the Demon King, isn’t it? Yuri, what are you doing, seriously? Awww…

180. Adventurer who runs through


From the sound of it, they’re going to take the city to use as a guild base.

Oh, I remember, wasn’t there a limit on the size of the land… No, but you can’t just take over a city, can you?

240. Adventurer who runs through


Yuri just entered the Pope’s castle… and the doors closed.

… And something about the castle starting to burn AAAAAAAAwwwww, Yuri’s supposed to be inside and he’s bombing the place from the air. Awwwww!

What the hell is this? What the hell is this?

294. The adventurer who runs through


The Pope died screaming! Awww!

What’s really going on? What?

… Yuri, the Demon King, has really taken full control of the city!

310. The adventurer who runs through

So… the next event battle isn’t about killing each other, it’s about destroying the guild base and winning, right?

You can’t destroy a town like that!

In effect, Yuri’s got thousands of times more HP than the guy who just built a guild base in a single house… How can he fight like this!

315. The adventurer who runs through


Hundreds of summoners and monsters, all friendly. They’ve got a full complement of defenders.

I mean, is this even possible? I mean, everyone’s trying to sell stuff, buy land, and build guilds, and you go on a rampage and get a town?

It’s like the AI made the decision, not the management.

350. The adventurer who runs through


If the AI that runs it recognizes it… then it’s a given.

Otherwise, you’re just a fucking incompetent idiot.

388. The adventurer who runs through


I know. When they weakened Yuri in the last update, I thought “What the hell is this management?” I thought “What the hell is this management…” but in the end, Yuri came back as a fighter.

In hindsight, maybe they just weakened the parts that needed to be weakened in anticipation of what was going to happen.

400. The adventurer who runs through


Yeah, it was an inexcusable update and no apology from the shitty management,

It’s like, “No need to apologize. Because if you put your skills to good use, you can still fight!” Maybe that’s what he wanted to say!

412. The adventurer who runs through


The fact that the player can own a city doesn’t mean that the setting is a mess or anything, it just means that there’s a lot of freedom!

I want to rule this town too! If I take away all the land rights, that would mean I get all the profits from the shop too, so Yuri must have made a lot of money!

I bet you’re demanding a hell of a lot of money for a real money trade right now, aren’t you? Do you think they’ll be able to pay it?

413. The adventurer who runs through


You idiot, I ain’t giving you a city if you don’t pay up!

Even if it’s a decision made by the AI, it’s an official decision of the management since the AI was created by the management.

“We lured customers with the new element of getting real money, but in fact, we can’t pay…” That would be a real crime.

415. The adventurer who runs through


Then we’d be finished, wouldn’t we?

Well, they’re a team of geniuses from a famous university, so they can’t be that stupid!

Okay, I’m going to get a big piece of land just like Yuri!

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“…how did this happen?

“AAAAAA, it’s over, AAAAAA?!”

“The Pope, who’s going to appear in a lot of events and story quests in the future, is dead? Why is Yuri taking over the city?

The management team’s screams echo through the office in the morning.

When they arrive at the office just before the start of the working day, everything is in a mess…

Pope Gregorion, who was supposed to have put absolute administrative protection on the city, is dead, and the entire city of Hellheim is now Yuri’s property.

I looked back at the in-game footage of Yuri poking and prodding holes in a number of systems.

And the bug-fixing AI that I left to deal with late at night, Pendragon. who was entrusted with the late-night response, admits all of this. It’s true that he didn’t use any cheats, and that he simply did what he could rather than using bugs. But this is just too much.

“Emergency rollback! All data in the game will be restored to the state they were in at midnight yesterday!”

The AI may have made a decision, but if you decide to deny one player’s profit, you’ll be scolded by the Consumer Affairs Agency. ?!”

“Damn it, damn it! Yuri and his lackey Sil have been spreading that video again during the night! We can’t even take back the city now…!”

The management team is going to scream. “It’s your fault.” “It’s his fault.” But they can’t afford to do that anymore.

They hurriedly took their seats and decided to reinforce the holes in the system that Yuri had discovered at a rapid pace.

“We’ve always been a bicycle operator. [As long as we have the technical skills, we can make some money.] We started the game with a few hundred thousand yen in capital. Now that the number of players and the amount of money they’re paying are increasing, we can’t afford to lose the game for as long as we can! Finish the emergency maintenance in 30 minutes!”

“Alright, I’ll adjust the transfer right in the prison to activate immediately! I’ll also make sure that you can’t redeem Event Points in the prison!”

“I’ll revise the protection so that important NPCs don’t take terrain damage too! And fix all the events that mention Pope Gregorion’s name… Oh, this won’t be done in thirty minutes!”

“I’ll help you, so stop complaining!”

The management team is working on the computer seriously without any quarrel or laziness.

They are fucking incompetent and stupid in terms of personality, but their brains are nothing short of geniuses. [They started a company with a few hundred thousand yen in capital because they were tired of job hunting and didn’t want to be flattered by their bosses.] They started up a company with a few hundred thousand yen in capital and developed a VRMMO with perfect graphics and sensory experience, except for the fact that the detailed setting is a bit of a mess. I’m not an expert.

With their brains fully engaged by being cornered by Yuri, they quickly improved the quality of their game.

But then..,

“Ahhh? The player Yuri said he wants to turn 10 billion gold into 10 million yen with the Real Money Trade System. He said…!”

“AAAAAAAAAA? Ah, that devilishly beautiful girl, she’s already taken the city’s gold!

“AAAAAA, we were making so much money because everyone was charging so much~?

“Damn it, damn it, demon king Yuri! I’m going to use you to my advantage and make a lot of money!”

The management team, with tears and snot dripping from their eyes, screams out in vindictiveness and despair.

They were taught the harshness of society, and at the same time, Yuri successfully robbed them of a large sum of money…!


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