Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 39

Let’s kill the Pope!

CH39: Let’s kill the Pope!

I’m coming in!

I kick down the huge door and I’m inside the castle.

Apparently no soldiers were deployed. Alone at the end of the red carpet, Pope Gregorion sits in his chair, looking very distinguished.

The moment he sees me, he narrows his eyes in disgust.

“What… I never thought my first guest would be a villain like you.

The actual “I’m not sure if it’s the effect of the [Evil Champion] skill, but Gregorion’s cheeks were slightly sweaty.

So he’s an NPC that the system identifies as righteous. [Monsters are evil just by being alive.] I don’t like it. I knew it.

I’ll order my sil and the others behind me.

“I’m sorry, but I need you to set up a perimeter around the castle. If he wants to go it alone, I’ll go it alone. I don’t enjoy beating up groups of people.”

“Ugggghh, I know this hurts my ears, but… But that’s okay. I believe you, Demon Lord.

Syl flips her red hair and the Summoners follow her. She nods in response to their trusting glances.

Now it’s man to man. I walked straight up to Gregorion.

“Let’s fight, Pope. If I win, this city will be a sanctuary for Summoners.”

That’s impossible. Ymir-sama’s blessing prevents the city from reducing your life force by any means other than execution.

“Ymir’s blessing”? Yeah… a system of operational protection…

Then all I have to do is kick you out of town. What kind of a governor are you, God help us all?”

Gregorion’s expression suddenly changes. His face turns red and he rises from his throne.

“Yes! Shame on you for cursing God! Then fine… I’ll use all the power I’ve been given by God as a higher existence against you… aaaaaaaaaaah!”

The room was filled with red light as he roared. The door closes with a roar, blocking our escape route.

More message windows float in the air, beeping warnings at me.


Player Yuri has entered an important base without permission. Gregorion, an important NPC related to the event, is about to be harmed.

We will now activate the emergency avoidance system.

The area around the target is indestructible and inescapable, and its HP is not reduced by the system protection.

In addition, it increases Gregorion’s stats to 9999999999 9 and gives him invulnerability to player and monsters.

If your HP is zero, your level is reduced by 10. If you are Yuri, your level is reduced by 10,326.

This area will not be released until the player dies. The only way out of here is death. Just give up and get killed.


“Guhahahahahahaha! This is the power of God yiiiiiiiiiii!”

Gregorion’s form is transformed by the blessing of an absolute god.

His body swelled up as if he were thermally inflated and his pure white cassock burst into flames.

Out of them emerges a hideous, scorching muscle mass. He’s grown many times taller and more monstrous than a monster, and he looks down at me. I can’t help but laugh.

“Ha ha… You’re good at this, aren’t you? You’ve got some serious protection for those important NPCs that can’t even be taken out of the city. Well, let’s see what we’re going to do about this…”

“Ha! You can’t help yourself, bitch! Take the blow of my divine punishment and spit blood from your beautiful lips!”

At that moment, Gregorion’s fist explodes at me from supersonic speed!

I have zero stats except for my Luck value. There’s no way I can withstand an attack with a total of over 900 million stats.


I blew up, spitting blood, just like he said!


Activate skill [Persistence]. You withstood a fatal blow with 1 HP!

Condition: [withstand more than 10,000 damage in a single blow]. Achievement!

You have learned the skill [Warrior’s Body]!

[Warrior’s Body]: halves the damage dealt by being blown up.

Condition: [Take over 5 million damage in total]. Achieved!

Skill [Body of a Warrior] has evolved into [Body of a Fiend]!

[Demon’s Body]: halves the damage dealt by falling and being blown away.

Condition: [Take a cumulative total of 500 million or more damage]. Achieved!

Skill [Demon’s Body] has evolved into [Demon King’s Body]!

[Demon King’s Body]:Zero damage when you fall or are blown up.


I hit the wall with a roaring sound, but I was not damaged except for the violent impact on my body.

It’s a blessing in disguise. Gregorion’s stupid attack power saved me from learning the skill [Demon King’s Body] and evolving it all the way to the final evolution.

You’d have to play the game for months to get over 500 million damage in total.

“Well, even if I hadn’t woken up to this skill. I could’ve used [trump card.]…”

Now’s not the time to be happy about this unexpected boost! I see Gregorion’s form blur and I immediately thrust my fist out in front of him.

At that moment, we collide with his oversized fist.


“Activate the skill [Fist of the God Killer][Demon King’s Wave]!”

No matter how powerful the enemy is, the skill is still effective. Gregorion, now a muscle-giant, bursts free and falls back several yards, clutching the floor.

“Chi… Why don’t you give up! By God’s grace I can never be hurt by you and I’m inescapable from this realm! How can you think that’s the end?

“Speak idiot. You can make it in this world if you just don’t give up… And the only thing I was worried about was how to kill you. I already have a way to get out of here in one piece.

What? Don’t lie to me!

“It’s not a lie… A sinner pays a price, and God gives him one blessing. The right to enter the city. To the city gates. Well, I didn’t choose it, and I beat up a guard.”

“Ahn? If you refused, that’s the end of it! Now go on and expose yourself to death!

Gregorion will come at me again. But I don’t owe you that.

I’ve already figured out how to kill you.

“Don’t get me wrong, Gregorion. I didn’t reject you, I just… didn’t… choose… you…”

“What? I mean…

“God bless you, God bless you! That’s why I’m leaving!”

So right before he killed me, I tapped the “Transition? which had been waiting for me out of the corner of my eye.

My vision is instantly filled with light and I find myself at the entrance to the city.

I’m gonna have a good belly laugh at the result.

“ahahaaha! I’m glad I saved it. I found another hole in the system.

Well… Thanks for the beating. I’ll finish you off, Gregorion.”

a huge magic circle appears at my feet.

From there, a giant dragon tree over a hundred meters long emerges, with numerous ivies growing out of it…!

Come on, Gigataro! Let’s go burn the servants of God!”


My most powerful messenger, Gigantic Dragon Plant, roared out!

As the residents of Hellheim scream at the sight of him, Gigataro causes seven giant flowers to bloom on his back, then converges the moonlight and unleashes it towards the castle!

“Eat me, Pope! [Genocide Seventh Laser.] !”

And the light of destruction shines brightly. It explodes into the castle of God, which has been transformed into a special area by the system, and turns it a scorching red.

The light’s probably inside, too, and whoever’s inside won’t be safe.


[Hahahahahahahaha! You idiot! By the blessings of the gods, I am immune to damage not only from you players but also from monsters! Well, I’ve had my defenses strengthened to the utmost limit, so this amount of light is no better than sunlight!]

The Pope’s voice echoes from within the castle. What, has his voice gotten louder along with his body? That’s good news. Now let’s hear him scream.

To my disappointment Pope Gregorion’s laughter gradually faded. What I heard instead were screams.

[It’s hot! What the hell is this? What’s going on? Wasn’t I blessed with invincibility by the gods?]

“I know you can’t hear me, but I’ll tell you. Gigataro’s laser attack has the effect of turning Gigataro’s laser attacks have the effect of turning the target into a [Scorch Zone!

Yes, you’re only immune to damage from players and monsters. So why don’t you just kill me with field damage?


Screaming Gregorion. This is how to defeat a creature that’s grown to over 900 million in total stats.

No matter how much your defense value is, the burn zone has a fixed damage effect. no matter how high your defense is.

I think it does 1% more damage per second than its maximum HP. So no matter how much HP he has, he’s always dead after a hundred seconds.

But I won’t let you live that long. I’ll have mercy on you and I’ll get rid of you as soon as I can.

I jump down from Gigataro, who disappears due to the time limit, and summon a boss monster in mid-air.

Show yourself, Taro!


The next one summoned was a Burning Firebird. Next was a burning bird.

He’s been clinging to me like a little chick since the skinhead almost killed him, but he seems to be back on his feet.

I spread my burning wings and carried him up to the castle. Around the castle Syl and the others cheerfully wave to me.

“Stay away from me, you guys! I’m gonna burn the Pope! Come on, Chuntaro, let’s start the air raid!”

Countless flaming bullets shot out from Chuntaro’s wings in response to my command!

It burns the burning castle even more fiercely, turning it reddish-black like lava.


Damage of fire attribute exceeds 300%! Damage area [Burning Zone.] has been changed to [Burning Zone.] is now worse!

Every second, 5% of your maximum HP is dealt!



Gregorion’s exclamations became more violent. But this is a game of man against man. It would be rude to cut corners!

I activate my skill [Armed Warding] and pierce the castle with my fire-afflicted sword, which inflicts a fire spreading anomaly. The castle begins to glow white like the sun.


Damage of the fire attribute exceeds 500%! Damage area [獄炎地帯…] is [浄滅地帯…]. has been deteriorated to [Joumon Zone.] has been worsened to [浄滅地帯]!

Every second, the damage is 20% of your maximum HP!


[Oh, please, AAAAAAAA! Oh, please, AAAAAAAA, get me out of here!]

“I’m sorry Gregorion, but I can’t do that. That realm’s only unlocked if I die, isn’t it? So if you’re going to hold a grudge… hold it against me!”

[No way! Oh my god! Get me out of here… Get me out of here, you son of a bitch!]

Gregorion raised a cry of rage against the gods. Those were his last words.

A huge message appears in the sky above Helheim at the same time as the sound of an egg exploding in a microwave oven.


An unexpected situation has occurred in the holy city of Hellheim! Pope Gregorion, a very important NPC related to the upcoming events, has died!

The cause is determined to be terrain damage. Player Yuri is determined to be the mastermind behind this!

Report to management team, report, report… No response. Therefore, we will now begin judging by the bug-fixing AI [Pendragon.] to start judging.

Judge… all clear. There was no evidence of tampering with the system. All actions are within the system’s specifications.

Yuri who wins the battle against the lord NPCs will be given all the land rights of his domain [Helheim.] to Yuri who wins the battle against the lord NPCs.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Player: Yuri, please continue to play the game with peace of mind.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Summoners, this city is ours from now on!

[Wooooooo! Long live the Demon Lord! Yuri-sama banzaaaaaaaaaay!]

Your friends roar with joy. With this victory, their likelihood of liking you goes up to 100, 200, 30 0 and on and on.

And so it was that I, along with a number of my men, succeeded in taking the city.

Well, I’m looking forward to the guild war in 5 days!


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