Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 33

Evil User Yuri!

CH33: Evil User Yuri!

“… Huh… Huh… I can see it. I see it… A new style of revenge against the management…!”

I smiled at him in the middle of the training ground. There were hundreds of battered Scarecrows piled up in front of me like a mountain.

The training hall is a convenient place. You can order as many mobs as you want, and at the reception desk you can choose whether you want to use the general training hall or the individual training halls. You can also choose at the reception desk whether you want to use the general training hall or the [individual training hall.

The latter I use is for people who want to hone their fighting skills in secret. On the other hand, the former one is for those who want to compare their skills with others to get basic training. I heard that there are more than 50,000 new users, so it might be a good idea to visit the site to give some advice. Or teach a bowman to punch.

Well, let’s leave it at that.

“… My fighting style should be aggressive and attack after aggressive. It’s too bad that I have to go on the defensive just because my firepower has decreased and I can’t withstand a series of fatal blows.”

Yes! If you’re a man… you must attack. If you kill them before they attack you… they won’t attack you anymore.

So I’ve been looking at some of the damage boosting skills, but they just don’t seem to fit. I’m not sure what to make of it, but it doesn’t really feel right to me.

And after an hour of agonizing over it, I turned to a strategy site.

This damned site that screwed me over, but it’s still very useful.

The feedback section in some places says [Summoner, bow, extreme good luck value, update reverses from fucking cheat to garbage! Great Victory~!] I was biting my back teeth at the comment, [Strongest limited skill ranking.] I went to the page called [Best Limited Skills Ranking.

I scrolled down from the top of the list of most versatile things to the bottom of the list of least versatile… I found it. The one thing that could fix this… !


Summoner Only Skill [Armed Warding] Acquisition Event Points:150 (Extreme)

summons a weapon around you when your HP is less than 10%.

However, the summoned weapon will return to your item box in three seconds.


This is the limited skill set I got.

I don’t know about you, but for the average player, 150 event points for a skill that can only be activated in limited situations must be pretty tough. You have to kill that many players.

“Only Summoner can use [Armed Warding]. This is a very subtle skill if you use it normally.

I try to use it as the management expects. A summoner appears at my feet, and the newbie’s bow bounces out and disappears.

You’re supposed to use it to guard against enemy attacks.

It would be useful for a player with a wide greatsword equipped, but… When I created my character, I chose bow. Bow. It’s too thin and light to be used for defense.

Hence, at first I thought it was a shitty skill too, but then it occurred to me.

[I wonder what happens if you handle a weapon other than the first one you selected…] And.

So I bought a sword and picked it up… and funnily enough, it just popped right out of my hand.

It was pointless gripping it so tight. With the strength of will that would never let me equip it, I darted off in the right direction.

… And then it flew up like a rocket without even shielding itself in front of me.

I had an idea. [“What if instead of growing from under my feet…] And…

I got an interesting result. The sword flew forward as if it had been shot out.

The sword flies away and crashes to the ground without hitting the training scarecrow. Well, I thought it was inevitable.

But… [Then I could surprise him with a flying sword and eject Pontarrow and the others.] and he sends his sword flying with his bow in his hand.

Then, a funny thing happened. The effect of [Magic Bullet Archer] suddenly went off. This skill adds a homing ability to items that are thrown or ejected, and a sword that was supposed to be flying off at a random moment pierces the training scarecrow!

… I found an unexpected loophole. It seems that if you fly an object with a bow equipped, the system recognizes it as a projectile attack. The system thinks it’s a projectile attack.

It was treated as my attack, not as a result of being played by the system, and my damage boosting skills were triggered by the extra luck value.

At that moment, I thought. “This is gonna be fun!

And here we are.

Through trial and error, I’ve won back some of the firepower and manpower I’ve lost.

“Come out, Goblin King-in-training!”

[Gobble gobble!]

Ten Goblin Kings appear before you. They’re fake, but their stats are the same as the real ones.

They raised their clubs and came at me.

But now that my skill has been weakened, I’ll die if I get hit twice,

“I’m going to wipe you out. Activate the [Armed Warding] skill!”

At that moment, countless summonses appeared behind me like mandalas.

A super-heavy [Demon Sword…] or [Demon Spear…] and [Demon Spear.] and [Spears]. The Goblin King’s body is pierced one after another, and he also suffers from burns and poisonous conditions and is extinguished.

None of them contain the Living Weapon, but still… look at them.

“It’s done…”

This is the new use of power I’ve come up with.

There’s a limit to how many monsters we can summon. We can’t host Pontaro and his friends with every weapon we launch.

Then you can’t use the property [add the Living Weapon’s Strength to the weapon’s power]. is not available, so the damage you deal to your opponent will be low.

But then..,

“The weight of the weapon doesn’t matter because it’s the power of the system that makes it fly away. If that’s the case, then just send all your deadly heavy weapons and high quality weapons with abnormal effects flying around.”

I used event points to buy a bunch of high powered limited edition weapons to make them all my arrows. I used my event points to buy a bunch of limited edition high powered weapons.

I also had a lot of rare items due to my extreme good luck, so I sold them all and collected a number of top quality weapons from weapon shops all over the city.

This is the result. A new style of [Summoner, Bow, Luck Value]. Samonar, bow, and good luck.

I shouted “Yes! I shouted.

“Haha! I can only carry up to fifty items. It’s not like I can crush you with an infinite amount of stuff, but now you’re ready to fight!

We still have some work to do, but we can move forward now.”

I’m gonna put a menu window in front of you.

There is an announcement from the management, [In a week’s time, Battle Event: The Great Guild War will be held! Summon countless guilds to a special space and have them crush each other until their guild home is destroyed!] It was written.

The way they killed tens of thousands of people at the last event, it’s really bold of them to do what they do. It’s a bit of a mess, to be honest, but it’s my kind of sense of style, much to my chagrin.

“Well… I guess we’re gonna need a guild home for this. You got a guild home as a prize for winning. I got that as a prize.”

But the description of the guild system said that you would also need [land.] is needed for the guild system.

You have to get it from quests or buy it. From there, you can buy the more expensive [Guild Home Building Right…] and set it as your home. and then you can use various guild-only systems.

I turn off the menu window and make a decision.

“Any size land would be fine, right? Okay, let’s get a town. Let’s get a town!

I’m aware that I’m talking nonsense, but if you’re a man, your goal has to be big!

My grandpa (who runs a finance company), a very kind man who just likes Yakuza movies a little bit, said…

[“Don’t believe a word of impossible.” “Impossible.” “but if you squeeze it, you can get a lot out of it.] I guess… I’m sure it’s full of energy and guts.

Yes, if you work hard until your impossible goal comes true, your impossible goal will cease to be an impossible goal. The concept of “impossible” will disappear! You can do anything!

It’s all about spirit and perseverance! If you have that, you’ll be all right!

“As a brave warrior against the evil management, I’ll have to live in a big house so that I won’t be ashamed of myself! Alright, let’s at least try to get a castle!”

Then you’ll have a lot of success in the next guild event. Then I’ll get lots of event points, trade them for limited items, sell them off, get rich, and make the management pay me a lot of money by trading for real money! I’ll do my best!

I left the training hall with my heart pounding.


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