Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 32

Operation Rebellion begins, the bad guy who reboots!

CH32: Operation Rebellion begins, the bad guy who reboots!

Seven days since I started the game. Yesterday was a tough day when I couldn’t log in due to maintenance.

There was a school festival, and the girls in my class (plus some boys for some reason) took me to a costume shop called “masquerade shop…” where they lent me a costume for cosplay. and I was made to wear a women’s dress.

And then everyone was screaming and the senior member of the handicrafts club who made the costume said, “Oh my gosh! We’ve found a real gem!” and even tried to do my makeup.

And when he ran out of the way he collided with his burly and muscular homeroom teacher and fell over.

He didn’t know I was a boy in his class. You can go on a date with me after the festival if you want…?” He started to hit on me. Naturally, I ran away.

One day after that unfortunate experience. I logged into the game and was met with more misery.

“What the hell is this?”

The moment I landed in the town square, a message appeared in front of me. I screamed when I saw it.


We have made some balance adjustments to the combat system.

The main changes are as follows

1: A monster joined by a Summoner job is weakened by [0.8 times.] 1: Some players’ outbursts weaken the stats of monsters joined by the Summoner job by [0.8 times.

2:Due to some players’ outbursts, the time to summon a giant monster again has been changed from 10 minutes to [one hour.] to [one hour.

In addition, we’re sorry, but we’ve decided to reduce the power of [Gigantic Dragon Plant.] s laser attack has been reduced. Please understand.

3: Due to some players’ outbursts, only one boss monster of each type can join the game.

Also, only one boss monster can be summoned at a time, unless it is possessed.

In addition, I’m sorry, but the flight duration and altitude of the [Vanishing Firebird.] I’m sorry, but I’d like to change the flight duration and altitude of the [Vanishing Firebird.] to [5 minutes and 10 meters.] I really appreciate your understanding. I really appreciate your understanding.

4: In response to some players’ outbursts, the time to re-use the art [Runaway Summoner of Doom] has been reduced from 10 minutes to [one hour. is changed from 10 minutes to 1 hour. The number of monsters you can summon has been changed from 10 minutes to [one hour. Also, the number of monsters you can summon is limited to one hundred at a time. Please understand this (from Summoner Development).


“Oh, you fucking management! This is all just harassment against me!”

You’re saying some of the players are against me, right? What the hell is wrong with you?

… Well, after a day, I’ve cooled down a bit, and I’m aware that I might have gone a little too far, but even so, this is just too much. I know they’re trying not to make too many copies of me, but I didn’t expect them to be this thorough.

Further correction reports were still forthcoming.


5: The skill [Flight] of the possessed monsters you join is weakened.

Please understand that the homing ability of the arrows that carry the [Living Weapon.] will lose most of their homing ability, but please understand that arrows with Arrows with complex trajectories cannot be avoided.

Also, the skill [Shadow Weapon.] The skill of [Darkness Disintegration] is also weakened. Change the number of alter egos from 9 to 3. It is not a good idea to rain over 100 arrows on a non-MP consuming art. If you do that to Summoner’s job, the regular archer job [Archer.] The archer’s art also has a lot of arrows. Even the archer’s art is limited to splitting an arrow into ten pieces.

What was the Summoner dev team thinking? Please understand (from the management and archer development staff).

6:The multiplier of damage-up skills is limited to 10 times no matter how many of them are activated at the same time.

The system adds more skills as you move, and as more and more skills are added to the game, I thought, “Isn’t this going to inflate the player’s firepower without limit as the game progresses? I realized that it’s not good. I’m afraid that there are people who will almost certainly activate all the damage increasing skills every time.

Also, the skill [Root] is restricted to [Takes 5 seconds to reactivate]. is added to the [Root] system. It would be unbearable if you can activate it more than 30 times in a row with your luck value increased.

What was the status developer thinking when he came up with the good luck value system? Please understand (from the management and skill developer).

7: There is nothing special about the status changes. The other members of the team have done a lot of work on this, so there is no need to prohibit the use of the extreme swing.

The status devs and the samoner devs got a lot of flack from other people after that event, but I think it’s the lack of coordination between the whole team that’s to blame. I also think that the Summoner developer has done a lot more than me, don’t you?

I’m a victim (from the operation and status development staff).


“Don’t be so stubborn on the team! You’re a really shitty manager!”

I was the worst victim!

Just looking at the text is annoying. Sometimes games put some jokes in the official description to make players feel more comfortable, but as someone who’s had to go through the damn fixes, it doesn’t make me feel more comfortable at all, you idiot! It’s just a waste of time!

You can buy in-game currency with real currency, and vice versa. and [with the implementation of the story quests, many cities have been implemented in various regions]. I quickly skimmed through them and drowned out the message window.

How can you enjoy new features when you can’t fight well anymore?

“Huh… So, to sum it up, it’s like this. Monsters are weakened, boss monsters can’t be taken out and overrun, bows lose absolute accuracy and numbers, firepower is limited, and obsession only fires once every five seconds.”

Well, that’s pretty tight.

As for the monsters being weakened, I can handle it. I learned a skill in the battle royale called [Demon Lord’s Attendant] that always multiplies a monster’s stats by 1.3. That’s almost zero pluses or minuses.

I’m going to give up on the boss monster rush.

Come out, Pontaro.


You summon an arrow that emits a jet-black light and it flies more sluggishly than usual. It seems unlikely that it will be able to make a sudden change of trajectory.

“Yuri’s sister got fucked by the management… I can’t do it anymore…!” I hug him to my chest. That’s okay…

Well, I can’t help that I can’t make it rain arrows anymore, but I think I can manage the hit rate.

During the battle royale, I learned a skill called [Magic Bullet Shooter] that gives you a homing ability on your projectiles.

You take out the item called [Dragon Plant Seed.] and throw it at the pigeons that were looking for food a short distance away. and throw it at a pigeon looking for food.

And then..,


“Oh, I missed…”

… The seed flew toward the pigeons, but that was all. It crashes to the ground without following the pigeons who fly away as quickly as they can.

“Ah, I see… So this is what you call homing ability. It can’t handle a big move if the target moves too far.

It will hit a stationary opponent, but it won’t do much against a fast-moving one.

Well, that was just a seed, and with Pontaro and the others’ few remaining flying abilities, their homing ability could be a little better, but it’s not going to be a sure-fire hit from now on.

I let out another deep sigh as I pick up the dragon plant seeds.

“Huh~… And finally, I can’t activate [Persistence] consecutively… This is really out of control…”

So you’re saying I can’t play with 1 HP anymore.

But if it’s not 1 HP, then skills like [Champion of Adversity] that boost your Luck value will be ineffective, and even if it’s not 1 HP, you’ll die quickly because I have zero defense. And even if I don’t have 1 HP, I’ll die soon because I have zero defense. What am I supposed to do now?

Should I stop swinging my Luck value to the extreme and swing it to other stats now? I haven’t actually shaken the status points I got when I leveled up a lot in the battle event.

With that in mind, I open a status window… ,

“…I’m going to do what I have to do, bitch!”

I twisted all my massive points into good luck values!

Okay, I’m ready. Even if I rearrange my stats now, I won’t have a decent stats structure. Then I’ll go for the extreme side.

And if I back out now, I’ve lost the game. They’re going to think that this change means that the summoner/bow/good luck combination is back to being garbage. I don’t think so.

“I’m going to get even stronger with this disadvantageous style. I’m going to show results in every single event and confuse the hell out of them…!”

And every time they try to pinpoint and fix it, I’m not gonna give up.

I mean, it’s a credibility issue when you have a series of overt restrictions on the status quo of event winners. It would certainly create a negative buzz, and players would leave in droves as [a game that makes you weaker for trying harder]. and players will leave in droves.

Well… If you keep on winning with spirit and determination… they’ll eventually lose.

I’m going to keep playing hard to get and shut them up. You can also sell all the items you get and use the in-game currency conversion feature to make some extra cash.

I’m not gonna be a man and just let them beat me up. I’m gonna be the real boss… I’m gonna be the real boss…!

“Watch it, you fucking management…! I’ll always be on top as the best player and I’ll enjoy this game a lot…!”

So, once you’ve made up your mind, get to it.

I remember that you can get limited items and skills by using event points.

The page from the menu says, [You can only get one of each type of item. You can only get one of each type of item and you can only set up to three limited skills.] It says “You can only get one of each type of item. This is probably to avoid too much difference from players who didn’t play well in the event.

“Okay, we’ve got a lot of points anyway. Let’s try something.”

I went to a place in the city where you can do battle. I went to a place in the city where you can do battle.


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