Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 29

Death battle,Settlement!

CH29: Death battle,Settlement!


Me and a skinhead went toe-to-toe in a blazing inferno of a city.

Run towards your opponent with all your might and clash your fists together!

“Blow me, skinhead!”


I was the one who won the first fight. In addition to my Fist of the God Killer, which nullifies all impacts, I also activated the Demon King’s Wave, which I gained by slaughtering over 10,000 players. I just bounced off the skinhead’s body as if I didn’t care that he had zero muscle power.

He somehow manages to get his feet on the ground but is forced back several yards. He smiles at me, holding his fists and smiling a wry smile.

“Ow! My arm hurts! Hey, Yuri, what the hell kind of impact is that? [Power Grappler.] I’m a [Power Grappler] and I’m getting blown up! You’ve got zero Strength!

It’s an effect of the Demon King’s Wave skill I just learned. I feel like a hero.

There’s no one as brave as you!

The skinhead reenters the room with a rude remark. His fist begins to emit an aura, as if his job is to be a power grappler.

Then I’ll fight as Summoner!

“Show yourself, Gobutaro! Urutaro! Chuntaro!




Three boss monsters appear from the summoner’s circle around you.

His body radiated a jet-black wave of evil. The effect of the [Demon Lord’s Attendant] skill has caused his status to always be on the rise.

That’s enough of a threat… but not yet!

“Activate Arts! [Hyper Power Burst.] Hyper Defense Burst. Hyper Magic Burst. Hyper Rack Burst. Hyper Speed Burst. !”


Boost all the stats of enhanced boss monsters by three times!

The wizards screamed like mad. They attacked the skinheads with clubs and fangs and flaming wings.

Nabby, who is playing the role of a play-by-play announcer, screams at the sight of the scene.

[You have no mercy at all! The Demon King Yuri is about to kill the heroes who miraculously returned alive without hesitation! Is this guy trying to end the event?]

That’s why I’m not the Demon King!

I swear I’ll finger-grab that little elf later and look at the skinhead.

And then he smiles, like he’s in trouble,

Damn… Yuri… you really are a demon king…

… I’ll give it my all! I’ll squeeze every drop of blood out of you!

At that moment, a red light bursts out from the skinhead’s entire body. The exposed muscles turn into a reddish hue, and like a heated sword, they begin to spark!

Activate Arts! [“Determination…] ohohoh…!”

The moment he stomps down on the ground, he turns into a red bolt of lightning and rushes out!

He dives at supersonic speed into the Goblin King’s bosom and launches a powerful uppercut into the air. He then hits the Firebird, knocking both of them down at the same time.

And he’s not to be outdone. He’s about to bite the Wolf King from behind when he fires a backhanded blow that blasts him back dozens of yards…!

… Come on, you’re so strong, skinhead.

Two horns sprouted from his head. Nabby gasps at the sight of his transformation.

[What strength! Reinhard Von… Long time no see, Skinhead! He’s managed to eliminate Demon King Yuri’s demons in an instant!

Yeah, but at a cost. He’s invoked his “Deadly Resolution.” is a double-edged sword that slowly reduces his HP and doubles all his stats! The horns on his forehead are probably the result of his Rare Skill [Demonification], which triples his power and speed but ensures his death in a minute! Once activated, it cannot be canceled!]

Nabby’s words amazed me. The skinhead was just trying to squeeze everything out of me.

There are still survivors out there. We’re throwing away our best chance of winning.

“Hey, you little elf! You’re a bad boy for explaining my tricks… It’d be a bit disappointing if you died without explanation in the middle of a fight. I guess I can’t help it if I want to get the crowd excited.

So what are you going to do, Yuri? If you run around for a minute, you win.

The skinhead says it to me provocatively. But there was a glint of trust in his eyes.

Oh… Great! You’re not a man if you don’t take it here!

“Ha, who’s running! Come on, skinhead. I’ll take all of you!”

“Kuhaha! I knew you’d say that, Yuri! I’m gonna put all my life into you, aaAAAAAA!”

With a ferocious grin on his face, the skinhead rushes off at supersonic speed!

I try to counter-fist him, but it’s no use. The skinhead is so fast that by the time I pull my elbow back, he’s already throwing punches!

A powerful fist explodes into my chest, blasting me hundreds of meters away in an instant…!

“Gugag? Gugga!

My HP is being cut down over and over again as I break through the many houses that dot the city of beginnings.

And every time I did, my obsession kicked in and I lived on while I died.


Activate [Persistence] skill! Survive with only 1 HP rather than being mortally wounded!

Activate [Persistence] skill! Survive with only 1 HP rather than being mortally wounded!

Activate [Persistence] skill! Survive with only 1 HP rather than being mortally wounded!

Activate [Persistence] skill! Survive with only 1 HP rather than being mortally wounded!

Activate [Persistence] skill! Survive with only 1 HP rather than being mortally wounded!


Damn it! This isn’t good!

He slams his fist forcefully into a house behind him and activates his skill [Fist of the God Killer]. Applying its shock-neutralizing effect, he hits more than thirty houses, but then holds his ground.

But there was no time to relax. Suddenly, I looked up at the sky to see a shadow, and there was a skinhead holding a huge tower! There’s a skinhead with a huge tower!

“gahahahahaha! With less than half of my HP, I’m going to activate my Strength-enhancing skill [Fireworks’ Foolishness]! I’m going to hit you with a big one!”

That’s not good. If you’re crushed under it, you’ll take continuous damage and it’ll be the end!

Then now is the time,

“Forbidden summon! Chimerical Machine Goblin! Chimerical Machine Goblin!

A hideous jet-black summoning formation appears before your eyes, and a man-made Goblin King emerges from it, his rusty gears creaking.

The Goblin King’s flesh and a rare item called the “Remnant Machine of an Ancient Super-Civilization. and a rare item called the Goblin King.

Its stats are all defense and nothing else. He was born to die as a shield.

Please, die for me!


The Machine Goblin caught the massive tower, gas spewing from every pipe in its body.

Cracks underfoot, sparks erupt from shattered gears everywhere, but the mechanical goblins are unmoved. They’ve shown their mettle and guts to protect me behind their backs!

Oh, what if I don’t answer it? I’ll put my foot on the back of a broken machine-goblin and run backwards through the unleashed tower!

Let’s go, skinhead!

“What, are you gonna run backwards through the tower or what?”

The skinhead at the top of the list looked at me with a horrified expression on his face.

Of course I’m not the only one who can do this. The armor knights in my boots have been able to accurately detect the slight bumps in the ground and use them as footholds.

[Goggit, gosh… Gosh, gosh!]

The cheers of the machine goblins echoing from behind you, and the sound of destruction as the tower crushes you.

“Forbidden Summoning! Chimerical Lightning Wolf! Chimerical Lightning Wolf!

[Woah woah woah woah!]

The man-made Wolf King, who emits white lightning from all over his body, appeared like a bullet while screaming.

The Wolf King’s Flesh… and a rare item called the [Divine Thunder Lodestone].

Like the Machine Goblins… it has a high Agility value and no other stats. He’s a bullet created for a single purpose.

Lightning Wolf knows this, and runs backwards through the tower, literally lightning-fast at the skinheads.

“Get out of the way, you little dog!”

Skinhead cracks the jaw of the man who was about to bite him with an uppercut to the jaw.

But now the objective has been achieved. As Lightning Wolf’s neck breaks, an electric current shoots through the skinhead’s body!


The skinhead falls from the top of the tower, his body trembling. His body trembles.

This is the Lightning Wolf’s ability. Paralyze. [paralyze]… That’s the only reason I created this thing.

I finally climb the tower and summon the last Chimera to face the falling skinheads.

“Forbidden Summoning! Reveal yourself, Chimerical Genocide Bird. Chimerical Genocide Bird!

A summoning circle unfolded. A nightmarish Firebird emerges from it, emitting dark-colored flames from all over its body.

Firebird Flesh… and a rare item called the [Hellfire Lodestone].

Its stats are magic-laden. The way to use this thing was even simpler than the Wolf King’s.

Genocide Bird, fall on him!


A suicide mission. It was his only and most powerful attack… so specialized was his power that he could scorch his own flesh.

And I’ll show no mercy. I leap from the tower, bow in hand, and launch Pontaro and the others at the falling skinheads!

With the skill [Darkness Division], the eleven arrows multiply to 110. Nabby, who was playing the role of a play-by-play announcer, screamed at the sight.

[FAAAAAAA? ! He’s so merciless! Yuri the Demon King… not only did he strike them with the Chimera he created for his suicide attack… He’s created a torrential downpour of arrows by combining a possessed monster with a “bow. It’s coming at the paralyzed Skinhead!]

Genocide Bird and Pontaro and his friends are on their way to kill the enemy.

But just before he came under heavy fire, the skinhead’s eyes lit up. The red fighting spirit that filled his body swelled up even more, and he began to move even though he was paralyzed!

“Guhahahahahahaha! Ah, the condition has been fulfilled!

Activate Skill, [Runaway Attack Prepared to Die] ohohohoh!”

At that moment, the skinheads explode!

Or more precisely… it came hurtling into the sky with a blood-curdling blast from its back.

Yeah, I’ve seen that when I’ve been on the attack site.

Skill [Runaway Attack Prepared to Die].” This skill can only be activated in a limited number of situations, such as when your HP is below 30% and you are in an abnormal state.” Once activated, it heals all abnormalities and charges towards the enemy while decreasing HP by 1% per second. It was a skill that existed only for the purpose of repaying arrows.



The skinhead who squeezed the life out of him was a monster.

He grabs the beak of the Genocide Bird that was coming towards him and throws it to the ground at the speed of sound, as if he’s going to throw it on his back. With that, the poor Genocide Bird explodes into a huge explosion, blowing away all the players in the corner of the plaza who were trembling, “I can’t join in a fight like that…! and the players in the corner of the plaza are blown to bits.



And the skinheads don’t stop. He comes towards me, kicking away the approaching Pontaros with supersonic punches.

Even if it’s just for that, he’s activating [Determination.] which will reduce his HP. He won’t last ten seconds.

If that’s the case… ,

“… Come on, skinhead! I’m gonna finish you off with my fists, aaAAAAAAAA~!”

“Get out of here, Yuri! It’s my fist that decides the match!

He throws the bow in his hand as fast as he can and we collide in mid-air!

Fists collide with fists. The Demon King’s Wave no longer stopped the skinheads blasting out from behind us. We hit each other again and again in the air… and we were headed for our deaths.

“I’m the one who wins!”

Every time I get hit by his fist, my HP drops to zero again and again.

“No, I’ll win!”

Every time my fists explode, a skinhead moves closer to certain death.

We didn’t even know each other existed anymore. All we knew was how it felt to swing our fists, to hit and be hit.



And for the last time… I duck under the skinhead’s hard fist and deliver a powerful blow to its abdomen!


Skinheads leaking blood breath. Oh, I won’t let this moment pass! I squeeze my fist and deliver a crushing blow to his face!

This is the end!

Zupaaaaaaaannn! sound echoes from the skinhead’s face as he is slammed to the ground with a mighty thud…!

At that moment, a message window appears with a great fanfare…!


Congratulations, Mr. Yuri!

You have successfully defeated the last player! You are the winner of the first Battle Royale event!


“Ha, ha, ha, I did it… “Yes…!”

I was the one who won the last few seconds…!

But I’ve reached my limit. I’d scream out in joy, but my mental faculties have been exhausted. I can’t even summon a messenger, and I fall onto the body of the nearly vanished skinhead.

The moment it hit his chest plate,


Skill [Persistence]… Failed to activate.

Your HP is zero.


… I failed to trigger it. I die from the fall damage before I can even let out a yell of victory.

As my body slowly fades away, the skinhead underneath me laughs at me.

Don’t die on a dead body! I mean… if I’d twisted one more fist into his head… wouldn’t that mean we’d have won?”

“Ha, you’re such a sore loser… You got a problem with me, skinhead, I’ll deal with it.”

“Hey. Let’s do it again, Yuri…!”

He and his friend grin at each other as their bodies disappear together.

The cheers of Nabbie and the crowd echoed back at us. [They’re both so awesome!] [It was so hot at the end!] [I’m gonna be a Summoner, too!] and “Explode, skinhead! I could hear some mysterious shouts of “explode skinheads! I hope you’ll forgive me because my back was actually exploding.

Thus, my battle royal ended with a lot of applause and voices…

“Oh, I’m going to be in every battle royal from the second to the fifth, so please be nice to me!”

[[[[Please stop, Demon Lord!]

The crowd stopped him at once. I don’t understand…!


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