Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 21

Let’s make and play, Forbidden creature!

CH21: Let’s make and play, Forbidden creature!

“Well, today we’re going to do Pontaro’s race evolution…”


Day four of the game. I’m in the private room of Françoise, the dressmaker, and I’m fiddling with the menu screen.

By the way, I’m wearing a one-piece dress that I got from Françoise. The Gothic Idol Dress(?) that Françoise gave me had a very low durability value because of Gigantic Dragon Plant’s heat rays. which was given to me by Françoise, had a terrible durability value because of the heat rays of the Gigantic Dragon Plant. I’m having it repaired now.

… Françoise looked at me dead in the eyes when I told her I’d just finished cutting down his endurance in a day by battling a boss 10 levels higher than him solo… Why would you challenge him like that… And you win… You’re playing like a psycho…!” I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. I’m a reasonable guy.

“Oh, there it is. I think I just have to press this button.”

Press [Evolve…] on Pontaro’s status screen. on Pontaro’s status screen. A new screen appears.


Evolve Pontaro (Living Weapon). Choose where to evolve.

1:[Living Dead.]]

A skeleton cloaked in an aura of darkness. The living weapon that wished to live has taken on life and become a living being.

They have lost the ability to possess weapons, but they are more aggressive than normal zombies.

The HP regeneration rate is also quite high, so it is hard to die.

2:[Shadow Weapon.]]

A spirit with a growing aura of darkness. A living weapon with a death wish for its enemies.

He has gained the ability to temporarily create a low-status alter ego while retaining his weapon-possession ability.

HP depends on the durability of the weapon.


I see. So you have to choose between the two.

But I guess I don’t have to wonder about this one. [Living Dead.] has high attack and regeneration, but I’d definitely rather be possessed by [Arrow of the Beginner.] which has infinite durability and is immune to my damage boosting skills, is definitely better.

“Just out of curiosity, Pontaro, which way do you want to evolve?”


Without hesitation, Pontaro clicks on the arrowhead and yields to [Shadow Weapon.]. Pontaro clicks on the [Shadow Weapon.

His body glowed for a moment, and in the next moment he was a fiery jet-black light that grew more powerful.

Pontaro! If you were born a spirit you should aim to be a Shinigami! You’ve got to stick to one path if you’re a man!”

[kisha kisha! Kishasha!]

“Of course, sis! I’m not going to become a zombie now. I’m going to aim for the top as your weapon ever since that day you knocked me out in a fight with my sister. Pontaro Double Twin Mark Two Second (renamed to commemorate the evolution. Nice sense, me). He’s a really cute little brother.

Well then, next to Pontaro, let’s see if I’ll evolve too!

Open the status window again, and press [Job Evolution.] and press [Job Evolve. Then,


Evolve from Summoner. Select the job you want to evolve to.

1:High Summoner

Summoner’s Legitimate Superiors . Summoner can now leap-return to space from monsters without using the enables you to jump back to the monster without using the [Summoner Return.

And by combining materials and physical items of monsters, it is now possible to summon [Forbidden creature Chimera.] can now be summoned.

You cannot summon more than one Chimera. You can summon only one Chimera without spending a summon slot.

It’s HP is very low and it always dies in 5 minutes after it is summoned.

Also, the Chimera’s level is the same as the summoner’s.

2: Samon Tamer

A derivative of Summoner. It specializes in taming, and the chance of monsters becoming friends has been greatly increased.

The Arts that heal monsters and restore HP are now available.


What the hell? What’s a High Summoner’s Chimera creation? That’s so exciting!

“This is an instant decision! Pouch it at High Summoner!”

Then a fanfare sounds and [Congratulations on your job evolution! You are now a High Summoner!] Message congratulated me.

Unlike Pontaro’s, it doesn’t look any different. It’s a pity.

“Okay, I’m going to try to make a Chimera right now!”

I opened the status screen, and the description says that I can make and keep several Chimera. But if you put them on the field, the death countdown starts without question.

You’re a sad creature. But I aim to be a righteous hero who destroys all evil players, so let me be a disposable bomb for the sake of justice!

“Hmmm…hmmm…using high rarity materials will produce someone with that high of a status. I’ve got a good luck value, so getting rare materials will be a piece of cake.

Also, depending on the type of material, which stats will increase…”

For example, [stone.] and [rabbit meat.] I guess that would create a high defense rabbit with a skin covered with rocks, right? But that would sacrifice the speed of the rabbit, so I’d have to think about the combination. And it’s not cute.

“You’re disposable anyway, so [wall player.] [status attacker.] [Suicide attacker.]] I think it’s better to prepare Chimera specialized for each role.

Okay, if we’ve decided to do that, let’s go get some materials! I want to evolve Ponjirou and Ponjirou 11 from Ponjiro as much as possible before the battle event, so let’s go kill all the bosses out there!”

I don’t have much time until tomorrow, so I can’t go to all the high-level dungeons, but I can go to the ones that have already been beaten. The locations of the boss rooms seem to be written on the strategy sites.

Then we’ll have to move fast! We’ll get our gear from Françoise and then we’ll go on the rampage!


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