Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 20

BBS5,Dark Fallen Heroine Yuri!

CH20: BBS5,Dark Fallen Heroine Yuri!

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1.Adventurer who runs through

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107. Adventurer who runs through

[World News! Yarrio, Majikko and Krutteluo’s party defeated Jumbo Merman for the first time! Dungeon: Great Cave of Sandy Beach, fastest attack completed].

[World News! Zansword, Fouko, Aide, and Leitei’s party defeated the Wolf King for the first time! Dungeon: Wolf’s Den, fastest attack completed].

[World News! Reinhard von Edelfeldt defeated the Gachinko Gorilla by himself for the first time! Dungeon: Muscle Forest, fastest attack completed].

↑upI’m getting more and more attack news!

I mean, Reinhard von Edelfeldt (long time) also achieved a solo attack!

And what’s a gangly gorilla or a muscle forest?

108. Adventurer who runs through


I bet that guy was so desperate not to lose to that Yuri guy, right?

I’m pretty sure it’s Yuri’s friend, Reinhard Von Edelfeldt, who was a member of the fastest attack party that came to the thread last time, right?

With a name like that, I bet he looks like a noble knight…

109. Adventurer who runs through


He didn’t tell me about Yuri’s status or anything, but he said she’s really pretty.

I bet he’s a handsome guy to match! I hope he’s not a muscle-bound skinhead!

[World News! Yuri defeated Gigantic Dragon Plant by himself for the first time! High Level Dungeon: Insect God’s Forest, fastest attack completed].

↑I’m not sure what up is, but I’m getting a little bit of a kick-aaaaaaaaaah?

130. Adventurer who runs through



No, no, no.

151. The adventurer who runs through


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

173. Adventurer who runs through

Yuri again? ! I mean, it’s really impossible!

176.The fastest and solo attacker, Reinhardt is here! 

gahahahaha! You see that, Yuri? I caught up with you!


I’m not sure if it’s a AAAAAAAA????! (´;omega;omega;omega;omega;omega;omega;)

179. Adventurer who runs through


Awwwwwww, they’re overtaking us again in an instant. Awwwww!

This is not funny!

180. Adventurer who runs through


Oh, my gosh, this Yuri guy!

But what’s a high level dungeon? I haven’t played the beta test version, so I don’t know.

240. Adventurer who runs through


It’s a dungeon where the proper level to attack is 35 or higher!

The beta test version of the game was a bit of a trial and error, and it wasn’t until more than half a month after the first day of the game that anyone was able to beat the game.

And there were really only a handful of solo players during the month-long beta test!

294. The adventurer who runs through


And you do it on the third day? That’s too much!

I mean, is this really a cheat? Has anyone sent an investigation request to management?

310. The adventurer who runs through


I sent it right away!

But they immediately responded, “There is no evidence of tampering with Player Yuri’s data.” I got a reply right away.

Seriously, is this guy going crazy with jobs, weapons, and status combinations? I want to copy him!

315. The adventurer who runs through


I thought there was no way I could win against such a devilish boss, but it seems Yuri is more devilish than me…!

I mean, seriously, how did you win…


I actually worked with Yuri a little bit in the Forest of the Insect God. I was actually with Yuri a little bit in [Forest of the Insect God], but you shouldn’t imitate him…!

350. The adventurer who runs through


Ohoooo! I know Yuri!

I asked my beta testers and they all said “I’ve never heard of Yuri.” I thought he was the most powerful NPC the management had prepared. It’s like they’re trying to force you to do something.

Just give me a rough idea of what you really look like and what you’re like!

The person who achieved the fastest and soloest strategy seems to be pretty and nice, but isn’t she lying? Is that right?

388. The adventurer who runs through


Yes, she’s very beautiful! I thought you were an idol with your fluttering gothic dress!

He’s got a bit of a crazy personality, but he’s saved me a lot of times when I was in danger, and I like him because he’s so open and easygoing.

The only thing I’d say is… her eyes are kind of dead, or maybe they’re just…

So, like, a heroine who fell into darkness. Like a heroine who fell in the dark.

400. The adventurer who runs through


Heroine who fell in the dark? !

412. The adventurer who runs through


What do you mean, a heroine who has fallen into darkness?

Oh~ I’m seriously too curious about this Yuri guy!

I can’t wait to see you at the battle event!


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