Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 159

Fake Yuri’s Army!

CH159: Fake Yuri’s Army!

I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you! We’ll kill every last one of them!

I’ll stand over Gigataro and tell him to kill you.

Go, Gigataro! Kill anyone who opposes you!


The Radiance of Annihilation [Genocide Seventh Laser.] Gigataro turns his head around the clock tower as he fires a [Genocide Seventh Laser.

The flocks of hellbirds that had been approaching from all directions are swallowed by the light and explode one after another.

Wahahaaha, that feels good!

“All right, we’re not done yet! Summon Tamer Squad, I’m counting on you one more time!”

I waved my hand toward the ground and found my Samoan friends already there waiting for me.

They look at each other and nod.

[Activate Special Arts… …!]

The depths of the extended manifestation time spun again .

This allows Gigataro to maintain his physical form and fire lasers as he pleases.

“Ushi, once we’ve eliminated those in the sky we’ll have to go to the ground! Come on, Gigataro, let’s go one more time…”

And then… I felt a burning qi approaching from behind me. I deployed my seven shields as quickly as I could. is approaching from your direction…!

What the hell?

The finest shield herd creaks.

This destructive power… This pure white brilliance, there’s no doubt about it.

After the light subsided, I stared in the direction the attack had come from.

There, against the red mist… ,


Gigantic Dragon Plant]. .

The same kind of individual as my Gigataro was towering in the distance…!

“Haha… Finally, someone who even has a giant monster as a thing…!”

It’s not funny anymore. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to get that monster to join us.


“To join the Gigantic Dragon Plant, you’ll need to break through not only the strength requirements, but the hidden requirements as well.”

You have to make the caterpillar monster eat all of your friends. That’s how he’ll finally become one of us.

If even one player on the Goddess side has figured it out…!


And the next instant… More familiar roars came from six different directions!

The earth cracks open and heads fly out. Seven petals bloom in the heavens.

And I’m like, “You’re gonna do it!” I laughed.

“…Gigantic Dragon Plant, a set of seven gorgeous figures is too much to expect… I’m not expecting that…!”

Seven dragons stare at you. A total of forty-nine petals converge in the light of Doom.

This is the terrible thing about online games. The advantage that only you had will eventually be revealed and unraveled, and others will get it too.

It doesn’t matter how hard it is. Gamers with fire in their souls are immortal. They will try and die over and over again, and eventually they will succeed.

The proof of this was now spread out before my eyes.

“I’m totally stumped, man… Now everyone’s gonna get a Gigataro. Hell.”


The tree dragons standing in full siege roared. They’re finally going to unleash their destructive light all at once!

Oh… And the threat of more enemies is not over. A swarm of chimerical genocide birds… flap their wings in all directions once again!

There’s nothing strange about that. They’re artificial creatures that can be created as long as they have the right ingredients. [You can only summon one at a time with Forbidden Summoning, but there’s no rule that says you can’t stock up on them. You can prepare countless of them in advance, and when one is defeated, just release the next one.



A swarm of bio-weapons howls. Giant dragons turn their petals like cannons and birds of prey turn into suicide bombers and fly through the sky.

If you look closely you’ll see a group of white-robed men [fake Yuri’s army] gathered around the heads of the dragon plants. I saw a group of white-robed men [fake Yuri’s army.

Their hands glint in the magic light. I’m a Summoner. I can see what they’re doing.

“Those guys… And to top it all off, they even used a more powerful support spell called Hyper Magic Burst…! As a final push, they even used an enhanced Support Magic [Hyper Magic Burst…!”

The petals on the verge of firing glowed even more fiercely. The wings of darkness flared up to explode. They’re going to end the event completely.

And now… it’s time to strike.

Seven bolts of Destructive Light were released at once. The flock of hellbirds accelerated for the last time!

You can do whatever you want. I saw the enemy Yuri and his men laughing like the Devil King. I see them laughing like the Devil King.

“Ha-ha-ha… You’re really gonna do it, man.”

A small murmur of doom.

Yeah, that’s what they’re trying to do.

Even though you’re following me, I know you’ve worked hard to get here. I applaud the quality of this game, which has improved since the last outpost a few days ago.

No one will call you fakes anymore. Your spirit is real. You’re gonna win.


“Hey. You don’t really like hard work and grit, do you? You hate it, don’t you?”

You’d like to turn that look of triumph into one of despair, wouldn’t you?

The moment I asked that question… You know exactly what I mean!] A girl’s evil voice rang out.

Thus the result is twisted.

The absolute Juryu’s fierce light was repelled by the body of the [Invincible.] s body.

The mortal birds of Hell were beaten to death by the Immortals. They were beaten to death one by one by the [immortal.

“What? I could see the fake Yuri’s army was staring at me in astonishment.

The wicked king smiles upon them.

[It’s so good! I love that atmosphere of despair that can be felt from afar! Did everyone enjoy the surprise where victory turned into defeat?]

A girl doll in a clown costume appears at my side. Every time she moves her fingertips, the threads of her magic move intricately, and the twelve human beasts slaughter their enemies at super-speed.

She’s the one… No, he’s the EX Boss Monster! .

A rule-breaking sorcerer who controls 12 immortal puppets.

He was giggling and twirling me around.

[You’re a bad person, aren’t you king? He’s trying to kill me with his immortal puppet soldiers!]

“Ha. Shut up, King. I don’t like to be harassed like you. I just like to win…!”


Laugh with the newest and deadliest messenger.

Prepare yourselves, Fake Yuri Squad. I’ll do my best to show you the power you haven’t yet grasped…


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