Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 148

Farewell meeting end

CH148: Farewell meeting end


Cthulhu cries out in madness. He stares at the enemy army with countless eyes and raises his giant tentacles.

Isn’t that Yuri’s messenger?

“Why are you in the city of beginnings? Why are you here?

Suddenly, the wizards are in a panic.

They’ll turn on us and fire their magic at Cthulhu… but..,

[Giggles… Giggleshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!]

The forbidden dragon does not fall. It attacks the wizards without fear even as it sprays bodily fluids from all over its body.

Wielding tentacles with wild teeth, it eats people, crushes them, and reaps them.

Alice in the window grows impatient at the sight of it.

[What’s the meaning of this? I thought that monster could only be summoned to certain lands. It was protecting the city of Helheim… !]

“Hey, it’s just like Pendragon. [“I bought a plot of land in the city of beginnings.] I bought a plot of land in [City of Beginnings] and I let him possess it.

[What the…?]

I’m not a no man’s man. I’ve done everything I can.

“Of course I didn’t think [the city of beginnings…] “I didn’t expect it to be the center of the city. They’ll think Cthulhu’s in Helheim and won’t come near us. So we’ll sneak them out of the city. So I planted him there like a trap.”

As a result ,

“You’ve accidentally made the land where Cthulhu lurks your home! [“It seems you’re the unlucky ones!] I guess it’s your fault, huh?


Alice clenches her tiny fists. Meanwhile Cthulhu is on the rampage, devouring the wizards.

Oh, come on, Cujo. I’ve been waiting for a moment when the firepower of the magic forces would pull back so you wouldn’t die from a single blow.

So go on a rampage. Kill for your lives.


A spell was fired at Cu-chan. The swordsmen from the Goddess side slash at Cu-chan! enemy demons bite at Cu-chan!

…but it won’t go down. No matter how many wounds he sustains… my messenger fights on.

Now’s our chance. It’s time to fight back.

“Let’s go Demon King’s Army! Charge!


They run out at once with a shout.

Cu-chan’s efforts will not be in vain. We have to dodge through the sparse magic attacks and move forward, forward, forward, forward…

The distance of a few hundred meters is reduced in the blink of an eye.


Eventually, the communication function was abandoned.

I can see it from a distance now. Alice’s face on the high wall, breaking out in a cold sweat.

I’m closing in on her even more.

“You’re a very scary man. You know what you can do to me if you let me get to you.”

Cthulhu, covered in scars, reached out a tentacle toward Alice, who glared at him.

But… The little demon didn’t even look back… and shot out an extraordinarily destructive light from behind his back.

A huge hole opens up in the Evil Dragon’s body and he finally sinks into the earth.

“… Good work, Cujo. You did good. And you did good, Alice. Now I’m gonna kill you!”

Come on, come on, Uri!

I leapt at Alice with the same momentum I’d been running with.

The boss monster in your equipment [Majestie of Nitoklis…]. The correction of Ma-kun makes you jump up nearly ten meters.

Now Alice was close. But she couldn’t let me near her without telling me.

“…I am the fallen master of darkness. From the depths of the dark and cold hell I long for the end of the stars.] .”

A dignified chant of slaying. In the next instant an immense magic circle appears above Alice’s head.

“Come on fools, let’s be consumed by the light of your fury! .”

The evil light gathers.

Like lightning, energy surges through the magic circle and converges at the center.

Yeah, I can tell. The next attack you launch will wipe me out with a single blow.

Your clenching skills will be worthless if your entire body turns to dust.

“Crash, Yuri! The most powerful dark spell… [Starbreak Judgment] Starbreak Judgment!

And at last the ultimate destructive light was about to be unleashed..,

“Activate Special Action Arts. !”

I used the air as a foothold, my knees bent and tight.

Special Action Arts [Empty Space Kick.]. . This is one of the techniques you learn while touring with your master, and it allows you to catch empty air at a moment’s notice. In other words, it’s a technique that allows you to perform a double jump.

But not yet. I sent a friendship telepathy signal to Ma and ordered her to activate and activate [blink]!

“I call it… ‘Empty Space Moment’!”


And so the game is decided.

It all happened in a moment. A moment before the light of destruction swallowed everything in its path and I was right in front of Alice.

As they passed each other he reached out with his sword and slammed it into the body.


The little devil falls to the ground with a thud.

Just one blow was enough. Because she, too, is a wielder… Like me, she’s a respected player who’s given up a lot to become one.

Only “1” HP scatters and her body becomes a particle.

Proof of death in this world.

“Ha, ha… I didn’t know you had it in you. I lose… I know. But…”

I’ll beat you next time.

With her last strength, Alice told me. Her red eyes are beautiful as she fights back.

I’ll say something back to her.

“Come again, I’ll win.”

And the next one and the next one and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and I never lose.

At that moment Alice said “You really are a scary and strong girl…” and disappears in a flash of light.


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