Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 145

War of Extinction Ragnarok]. !

CH145: War of Extinction Ragnarok]!

[Is this okay? Is this what you want?]

Azathoth makes twintails with teary eyes. The fact that the players said it was a rip-off of my game made him very upset.

“Haha… Well, silver hair and red eyes aren’t that rare in the netgames…”

In my case, it’s the result of random character editing, but there are many players who use this combination. Alice is one of them.

I guess the management probably thought that [if it looks like this, it won’t be off the mark.] They’re the ones who made it so. I’m sure they’re right.

[Damn… What a humiliation. Don’t say Yuri or I’ll kill you.]

“Don’t kill him. Don’t kill him. Your enemy is a goddess.

Azathoth (Twin-tailed) glares at me reproachfully, and I smile back.

The demon king’s side’s in chaos right from the start. I don’t mind this kind of stupidity and noise.

[All right… now let’s get back on track with the official rules of the War of Extinction.]

Coughing softly, Azathoth began to explain.

Here’s a summary of the contents.


1: Today only, the player on the Demon Lord side logs in to the land where [Yugoslav Tomb of the Demon Lords…] is located. on this day only. The Goddess player also logs in the place where [Yggdrasil, the sacred tree of the Goddess.] You cannot leave the city. You cannot leave the city and wait until the War of Extinction.

2: The battlefield is the entire Breski world. All mob NPCs and stray monsters in the world will temporarily disappear from the beginning of the war.

3: The method of victory is simple. The player who exterminates one of the teams wins. (*The defeated player will be transferred to a special area and can only spectate until the end of the event. Players who logged in after the start of the event will also be transferred to that area for today only.)

Since the beginning of the war, the edge of the world has mutated into an area of death. As long as you stay there, you’ll take damage at all times. As long as you stay there, you take damage all the time. The death zone is slowly eroding towards the center of the world. is slowly eroding toward the center of the world. Therefore, you cannot continue to hide in a remote area.


“…I see. The first rule is the reason why the city is in such a mess today.”

You look out over the crowded streets of Helheim. Nibbleheim, the home of the goddesses, must be noisy as well. the home of the Goddesses, must be noisy as well.

I’m worried about Alice, she’s gonna get drunk in a crowd. And Colin’s too small. He’d get crushed.

“I know it’s set all over the world and that it’s a war of annihilation. The rules about the damage area closing in were also mentioned on the official site.”

The fourth rule, I hear, is a standard in battle royale games.

However, it is said that where the damage area is approaching is always random until the game starts.

I’ve never heard of “Toward the center of the world” before today. I’ve got a lot to think about.

“Anyway, I know the rules. But there’s one thing I’ve been wondering…”

I’ll use the megaphone in my hand and ask the Witchking Azathoth a question.

“Hey Azathoth! So what’s your role in all this? Are you going to fight with us?

When I asked her that, her shoulders jumped.

The other players seemed to be concerned about that too, “Like a super strong helpful character? I want to see the Demon Lord in a good light!” they said.

And Azathoth was silent for a long time… ,

[Jeez… The truth is that since I’m a spirit, I can’t interfere in this world… I mean…!]

“”””” I mean -?” “”””

[In other words, my role is just to support you!]

I can’t use “””””, man!” “”””

At that moment, the hearts of the players on the Demon King’s side became one…!

“Fuck you!” is blowing through the city. The calls of “Useless!” are blowing around town. Who would’ve thought he was just a mascot after making such a grand entrance?

People are saying, “Can’t you at least use auxiliary magic? “You’re just a pretty face!” Yuri’s our leader after all!” Azathoth’s face turns red and he shivers.

[Shut up, shut up, shut up! It’s the same with Goddess Yumir, don’t blame her too much!]

Azathoth is finally starting to snap.

I get the impression he’s more like a barking puppy than enraged. What an adorable Demon Lord…

“Ha-ha-ha… It’s soothing, but it doesn’t give off the right vibe.”

I don’t have a choice… I step forward out of the crowd and make a summoning circle appear at my feet.

Many eyes are on me at once. Feeling them at my back, I call out to the void.

“Show yourself, [Vanishing Firebird.] .”

In response to the voice a giant bird of flame appeared from the summoning circle.

One of my partners is a boss monster named Chuntaro. He sensed our intentions and flapped his wings with me on his back.

It flies up to the heads of the players on the Demon King’s side.

[What the hell are you…]

You’re gonna have to be a little more quiet.


Silencing Azathoth, who was also in the sky, I looked around at the players.

And ,

It’s time to turn up the heat, boys. The time to kill each other is near.

Quietly, heavily, calling out.

At that moment, the air is tightened. The players’ faces change.

“Now, boys, think about it… The enemy has more than doubled in strength. On top of that, they’ve got countless assassin players and a bunch of guys copying my style. How can I win if I don’t think about it?

No one contradicted him.

We all know that. We’ve been outnumbered from the start, and there’s no way we can win.


“And yet you have gathered here on the battlefield…! You knew you were outnumbered. But you had the courage to fight!”

I’m so proud of that.

Anyone can choose to fight for an advantageous army. But not everyone can stand at a disadvantage.

I looked at those 80,000 brave men with the utmost respect.

Their eyes also shine with the pride of their choice.

“I hear this [Extinction Wars.] is said to be the biggest event in the history of online games. The battle will be broadcast live on video sites.

The audience will be thinking. If the Demon Lord’s side wins this, it’ll be a miracle.

Then that’s it!

“I’ll make a miracle happen! I’ll show you the moment we win!

Let’s carve a new legend in the history of the net game world, aaAA~!”


A great army howling all at once…!

Their roar shakes the earth, and the air is dyed hot.

All right… Looks like everyone’s fired up! I turn to Azathoth who mutters one last time. I turn to Azathoth and stick out my thumb.


That ain’t right. See, Azathoth, I warmed the place up, didn’t I?”

I make eye contact with crimson eyes.

Even if he’s an NPC and just the Demon Lord… he’s still the king. You’ve got some work to do.

“… You brought this war on yourself with your goddess, didn’t you? Then don’t let them take advantage of you. You may be helpless… but you’ll stand tall. And when I call the war, you will howl your own name.”

[You… [Ugh… Mm!]

Azathoth’s expression changed at my words.

She spreads her black wings and her voice rings with power.

[…the apostles of evil. The time of battle has come! Like bloodthirsty, fanged beasts… seize the weapons of your murderous intent!]

Oooooo! echoes through Hellheim.

The players with their weapons up. All of them are now armed with black steel.

The lines of blood-red magic in some places are ominous. That’s the mark of a player on the Demon King’s side. The proof of a player on the Demon Lord’s side.

Of course I had all my armaments modified. (*I had over a hundred of them, so my production unit almost died.)

Come on, Azathoth, I can’t wait any longer. Please give me the last word.

She nodded vigorously at me, her heart pounding.

And when you raise your arm… ,

[Very well. We will now begin the Extinction War Ragnarok. Let the Extinction War Ragnarok begin!]

The war is finally declared.

And so, the greatest battle of all time has begun…


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