Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 113

Days leading up to the decisive battle

CH113: Days leading up to the decisive battle

“…Alright senpai! I’ll take care of everyone’s weapon modifications!


Everyone from the Production Workers’ Alliance… who used to fight with me, answered my request by raising their voices in unison…!

World Quest [Extinction Wars Ragnarok.]. The Day After Liberation.

I was in a new area in the tomb of Yugoslavia. I’m getting ready for a decisive battle in the new area.

Oh, by the way, Yugosu has a transfer function, which allows you to move to the basement of the land owned by the player who liberates it.

So now, my home base [Hellheim, the City of the Sacred Top…] is in chaos. is a chaotic place, with 9999 captured monsters roaming freely in the upper city, and a forbidden development site in the basement.

And on top of that..,

“Wow! There are so many machines! Hey, teachers, have a look!”

“Hey, hey! We’re in front of Yuri, the man who took care of us! Don’t make so much noise!

Here and there, in the dowdy new area, there are players who wear shiny equipment and frolic about, and there are those who admonish them.

These are the guys I used to play with. I used to play with, and the rest of them.

Now the newbies of that day have grown up to be great warriors and are teaching the new players like us before them.

“You’re the man. Thanks to all of you for coming out…!”

The Production Workers’ Alliance and the Newbie Squad. And to all the others who have decided to join the [Demon Lord’s side…]! I’d like to thank all of them for deciding to join the [Demon Lord’s] side!

Especially to my guild mates!

Thanks for coming along, Grimm!

“Of course, my Lord. I’ve been on your side ever since the moment you picked me up that day!

Grimm, you’re too kind to say that while puffing your chest out.

I’m going to stroke her smooth blonde hair like that!


“Ha-ha-ha! Thanks a lot, Grimm! I’ll make sure everyone’s gear is up to snuff, okay?”

“Uh-huh! But… But the only thing I can modify to make it into a weapon is a weapon. I’m not very good with weapons so I’ll have to leave that to my seniors…”

Grim then gazes enviously at the members of the Production Workers’ Alliance (*who all wear glasses for some reason and have a ghosal tone of voice).

… I think it’s Mago… and [Sacred Iron] are both metals that contain the divine energy of Demon Kings and Goddesses. are both metal that contains the divine energy of the Demon King and Goddess… and can only be used as weapons.

“I want to be more useful to the Demon Lord…!”

Grim grunting.

I’ll pat the head of such a healthy fellow once more.

What are you talking about? In Breski’s system, there’s only one basic weapon, but there’s six equipment slots, including accessories. Grimm’s got more work than you do. You’ve been very helpful.”

“Demon Lord… But even if you say so to a Demon Lord who uses several weapons, it doesn’t sound very convincing…”

Ugh? This little guy’s hitting me right where it hurts… What?

I nodded, failing to comfort him, but he smiled brightly at me.

“Fufu… Thank you, Lord Demon King! For trying to cheer me up!

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s all right. I don’t like to see my friends disappointed.

And, uh…

“… From today on, it’s just me and Grimm. It’s gonna be just me and Grimm from now on.

“What the…”

Grimm, eyes sad and downcast.

Just a few minutes ago… To send Sil on her way.


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