Blade Skill Online: With Trash Job ‘Summoner’, Weakest Weapon ‘Bow’, and Rotten Stat ‘Luck’, I Rise to Be the ‘Last Boss’! – Chapter 111

Extinction War Ragnarok…!

CH111: Extinction War Ragnarok…!

Hey, Yuri. You’re really strong.

“Hey, man. You’re a pretty good guy for a pink guy.”

“I’m all black now…”

You break the spell and approach the charred Merlin.

His body was already about to disappear. Well, a series of abnormal weapon projectiles and an outburst of evil flames and jutsu will wipe out all of its HP.

“So let me hear it before you disappear. About your timing. About…”

Oh, you don’t want to know why…?

“It’s enough that you know Pendragon. He sent you, didn’t he?

So what I’m wondering is… why did you make me open a new area and then betray me?”

Yeah. But if you wanted to kill me, you could’ve just taken me out in the field or something.

You didn’t even have to tell me about this new area with all these possible enhancements.

“[Cthulhu.] You’re not just gonna let me open the door with a piece of Cthulhu’s flesh and then litter it… That’s not the same thing, is it? If Pendragon and you were up to it, you could’ve gotten the item from Cthulhu yourself.

“Ha-ha… You’re right. We’re not the kind of people who’d do something so evil.

Then why? Why did you let me open the door and then kill me?

That’s when it happened. Merlin smirks and his body disappears in a particle of light.

I looked at him and said, “I must have missed the answer…” I clicked my tongue… and the next moment…


Hidden condition: Achieve the Soul Sacrifice (*Player Kills) in the Tomb of Yugoslavia. Achievement of Soul Sacrifice (*Player kill) in the [Demon King’s Tomb Yugosu]!

The steel machine is now officially operational…!


What the fuck?

At the same time as the message, the machines in the workshop begin to make noises.

The engraved magic circle glowed strongly and ominously as steam began to blow out from all over the place.

“What the… What is…?

I’m just a little confused by the sudden turn of events, when I suddenly realize…

Before I knew it, a pretty pink letter had fallen at my feet.

I picked it up and read it…

[Pendragon’s goal… is to start a war with you that will involve all the players.

The man is a genius. He hired thousands of players with real connections and real money and had them scour the tens of thousands of books that exist in Breski.

And in just a few hours, I’ve deciphered them all… I was able to determine the existence of the largest world quest and the conditions under which it would occur…]

“The biggest world quest ever… The biggest world quest ever…?

The aim, the method, the words that come out, all sorts of fancy and fucked up…

I think he’s really crazy… and read the letter to the end.

[The World Quest is triggered by two conditions. One is that one of the players must find the Demon Lord’s corpse and the technology he left behind in the hidden “Demon Lord Tomb of Yugos. and successfully activate it. I’ve been chosen to lead you.

And the other is a counterpart to it, the sacred tree of the Goddess Yggdrasil. And the other is for someone to sprout its counterpart. When those two things are accomplished… ragnarok will be revealed…]

…That was the moment I read that far.

A huge wind appeared in front of me with a massive earthquake, as if something had been thrown out of the earth.

There’s a…


World News! World News! World News!

All combat systems will be stopped for the next 30 seconds, and all players will be notified!

Player: [Demon King Tomb Yugosu…] is awakened by Yuri-sama! is awakened!

Player: [Yggdrasil, the Spirit Tree of the Goddess] has been awakened by Pendragon-sama! is awakened!

With both sides fully awakened, the condition has been fulfilled!

World Quest [The First Extinction War Ragnarok.] will now begin!

All players can either side with the [Demon King.] or [Goddess.] or [Goddess.] side from the menu window…!


“Ha-ha-ha-ha… Hahaha…! Pendragon’s really prepared a crazy battlefield…! !”

I’m just so turned off. I can’t help but laugh at how worked up he is.

But it’s fun… But it’s fun…! They’re going to pull out an end-content quest like this, and get all the players, who now number over 100,000, involved and let us go on a rampage?

“Okay… I’ll take it! Who else can experience something like this?

The final battle between me and Pendragon was about to begin…!


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